Submitted by mallydobb t3_126z8p5 in rva

My current Jeep had driver and passenger windows tinted when I purchased it. There are a couple of areas that indicate where it will fail at some point and overall I am not a big fan of these windows being tinted, makes driving at night or dim areas not as ideal. Any recommendations for a professional business that can remove tinting without soaking the interior of my vehicle or making a general mess of things? Doesn't need removal now but I would like to do it sooner rather than later.

Would prefer to keep it closer to Ashland, Glen Allen, or Short Pump/West End side of the area but I am looking for someone to do it cleanly and correct.



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Hangrycouchpotato t1_jebzctw wrote

I'd imagine that any shop that does window tinting can also remove window tinting. Not that I'm recommending this method, but I had a used car in college with tint that was too dark. I peeled it off in one sheet and used goo gone to remove the adhesive. Took like 20 minutes so I wouldn't imagine it's a huge job for a pro.


cleverocks t1_jee2h49 wrote

Black Optix did great work for me.


lunar_unit t1_jebzk5e wrote

Not sure what you mean by soaking. Usually tint is removed with a heat gun, and maybe a razor blade if adhesive gets left behind on the glass.

FWIW, if you just have two windows, it's a little tedious to do, but can be a pretty easy DIY project. A heat gun or even a blow dryer is all you really need.

Here's a randomly selected video (one of many) that shows the process.


mallydobb OP t1_jec32s2 wrote

I’ve seen some videos online and some of them show using soapy water or ammonia, others use a dryer or heat gun.

I’d rather pay someone to do it right than have to go out and buy all the supplies and take the time out to do it myself. I’m not without resources but I don’t have the things that would be needed to DIY it.


Hiltson87 t1_jefsai9 wrote

Get a cheap clothing steamer wand. Hit the edge enough to peel it with a razor blade, enough to grip it. Then slowly pull with the steam wand between the glass and tint. Steam releases the adhesive easily. 100% do not listen to anyone telling you to just peel it with a razor blade.