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lunar_unit t1_jebzk5e wrote

Not sure what you mean by soaking. Usually tint is removed with a heat gun, and maybe a razor blade if adhesive gets left behind on the glass.

FWIW, if you just have two windows, it's a little tedious to do, but can be a pretty easy DIY project. A heat gun or even a blow dryer is all you really need.

Here's a randomly selected video (one of many) that shows the process.


mallydobb OP t1_jec32s2 wrote

I’ve seen some videos online and some of them show using soapy water or ammonia, others use a dryer or heat gun.

I’d rather pay someone to do it right than have to go out and buy all the supplies and take the time out to do it myself. I’m not without resources but I don’t have the things that would be needed to DIY it.