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JoeMorrisseysSperm t1_jea6626 wrote

More self storage pls I never see enough of them wherever will I store all my shit


chasetwisters OP t1_jea7z5a wrote

I was hoping for a car wash personally.


Danger-Moose t1_jea89pq wrote

Maybe a vape shop!


PimmentoChode t1_jeaam2q wrote

Don’t forget the catchy name seafood boil!


whorootbeerdatbe t1_jeabu9e wrote

We have enough of all of these, how about an urgent care center?


OverlordSnacks t1_jeaaqtj wrote

Plenty of people drive like assholes in that parking lot. Seems like it would be great fit for a TJ’s there


brimpol t1_jeao0tp wrote

Tj Max you mean? Isn't Ross literally right across the parking lot?

Edit: sorry I'm dumb, forgot that TJ is short for Trader Joe's 🤦🏼‍♀️


fusion260 t1_jeacw5u wrote

Giant parking lots without curbs separating lanes = bumper car derby!


Danger-Moose t1_jeag24p wrote

The biggest problem there is the weird little "street" that is not a street. It's just another piece of the parking lot that is disconnected from the parking lot and is just another place for a car to have contact with a pedestrian.


remus989 t1_jebiwct wrote

That whole parking lot is terribly laid out and feels dangerous every time I drive or walk through it.


nailpolishbonfire t1_jeaczv8 wrote

It's gonna turn into thunderdome getting in and out of that parking lot lol


ThatChildNextDoor t1_jeaar3g wrote

It would be so funny if a dollar general popped up here.


brimpol t1_jeaoarz wrote

There was a family dollar down the street that closed up and was replaced by that vet's office that was previously across the street in a much smaller location.


cmyk412 t1_jebuv20 wrote

The real estate company told me it's going to be a TJ Maxx / Trader Joes / TGI Fridays collab


uid_0 t1_jeaxvr0 wrote

It's Spirit Halloween. I guarantee it.


Henhouse808 t1_jead0l1 wrote

Oh I’ll speculate. I’m in Lakeside just about equidistant to the TJs in Short Pump and in Midlo. Neither are convenient.


MediocreDriver t1_jeaxb3m wrote

That’s a bummer.

Also, for future reference, there ain’t no Trader Joe’s in Midlothian, bub. It’s in Stony Point within city bounds.


goblin_in_a_suit t1_jeb656o wrote

Seriously, if anything, you’d call it Bon Air.


MediocreDriver t1_jeb9ui7 wrote

I was going to do exactly that until Google maps said otherwise. Bon Air ends at Huguenot Rd, according to our Google overlords. Apparently it’s not even Stony Point, it’s “Huguenot” which I never considered it.

(Throws up hands) I just know it’s not Midlo, lol.


Henhouse808 t1_jeb9ajw wrote

I grew up in Midlo, bub. It’s all the same to me south of the river.


ExtremeHobo t1_jeacvgi wrote

What's up with all these mystery tenants? This place and the mystery grocery store across broad from there. JUST TELL ME


himynameisjay t1_jeajwk0 wrote

They’re not gonna put another grocery store in the same shopping center as Kroger; I’m sure they have a Grocery Exclusive provision in their lease.

It’s gonna be a Super Raising Canes


RVABourbonRunner t1_jeag2a9 wrote

The TJs rumor is for the shopping center across the street from Target, not here


chasetwisters OP t1_jeax0e6 wrote

Any announced mystery tenant location in RVA is a rumored TJs


PINKPEG9 t1_jechmz4 wrote

Can confirm this, my husband works in construction and development and got plans for it being a TJs.


coalmines t1_jeaza0t wrote

Yes, but that’s not been confirmed and this news just came out. Thus speculation will now commence for this spot as well.


Danger-Moose t1_jea63st wrote

Either there or across the street - just make it happen!


VomitEverywhere t1_jeat6eq wrote

I heard it was going to be a Bennigan’s. I will not disclose my sources.


Danger-Moose t1_jecfppy wrote

Monte Cristo and a Turkey O'Toole, please.


ohshadowless t1_jee1rdg wrote

Cheddar’s makes a good Monte Cristo. 🤤


chasetwisters OP t1_jeempxz wrote

Why isn't there a good Monte Cristo in town? I shouldn't have to drive to Fredericksburg or Newport News for one.


ohshadowless t1_jeen3ht wrote

I feel you. My parents live in Newport News, and they love Cheddars.


chasetwisters OP t1_jeev2br wrote

They announced they were going to build one in the mid 2010s by Wegmans in Midlothian but the plans fell through. Woulda been nice.


sandandrew t1_jeaf6gu wrote

You could fit a lot of mattresses into that mattress store!


xRVAx t1_jed116d wrote

Willow Lawn needs another Chick-fil-A


greedy_new_truth t1_jeao8bd wrote

I've heard talks of a new distribution center between Richmond and NoVA to accommodate an aggressive expansion schedule focused on the East Coast. Assuming any of that is true, I imagine more Richmond locations are an inevitability.


turnipmeatloaf t1_jeadexz wrote

Oh please no. I’ll never be able to stick to my budget if TJs is in a convenient location


Danger-Moose t1_jeag6nq wrote

I feel the opposite - if there's a TJs close, maybe I won't feel like it's a special trip each time I go and have to buy $500 worth of snacks, because I'll be there again next week.


nitsual912 t1_jebwxdm wrote

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that does this 🤣


HatefulDan t1_jeapeqn wrote

I have a dream. A dream that TJ will be there. A dream I've dreamt 100 times. But every time I open my eyes. It's WF or a Publix I see. Maybe TJ was not meant for me.


rngrffth t1_jebh816 wrote

Pretty sure I’ve heard it’s going to be an Ulta


opienandm t1_jebphhi wrote

It’s not going to be a Trader Joe’s or any other grocer. The hints are in the story.


Danger-Moose t1_jecglaz wrote

Now I'm going to be up all night. Retailer "swooping" in, is it an American Eagle? It's already been "scooped" up, is it going to be a Ben & Jerry's? Faison is expanding nearby, is it going to be an easy coast Reddit HQ and swag shop?


e2787 t1_jebbwjn wrote

Don’t tell anyone it’s actually coming to Danville


hollowcaverns t1_jeap5eh wrote

Oh yeah, tried going to that dollar tree a few weeks ago and it was straight up abandoned. Then again, shouldn’t exactly be surprising for anyone who ever went to that location


Much-Support-938 t1_jecs783 wrote

They accidentally did a “everything .50” sale at the end of February- it was wild in there and they were just throwing stuff in bags at the register and not even scanning. Next day there was a leadership looking person yelling it was a mistake and everything is still $1.25


RVAPerson01 t1_jecoalz wrote

I’ve heard there will be an Amazon Fresh in Willow Place as well as a maybe. TJMaxx but doubt a TJ


chasetwisters OP t1_jeel9br wrote

HomeGoods is confirmed there but the grocer there is still a mystery. Someone posted here a week or so ago that the owner of Huang's Express told them it was TJs, but IMO Amazon Fresh makes more sense.


RVAPerson01 t1_jeeobc8 wrote

Actually I heard Amazon Fresh from another tenant so who knows but the developer has a relationship with Amazon - they have the Whole Foods on Broad, so it made sense to me.. most tjmaxx/homegoods are either in the same space or not in the same area..maybe TJ at Willow Lawn would be great!


Miss_Marna t1_jee5mvm wrote

hahah. Parking on that side is shitty (note perfect) for TJ parking craziness. Between the people getting Five Guys, ladies returning DSW, and all the Old Navy sales. Yeap. Perfect. I'm actually getting 'nam flashbacks of my WeHo TJ's.


DyreTitan t1_jebxhnh wrote

Hopefully it’s another Walmart. Always need more Walmarts, they really help raise property values


Asterion7 t1_jeb7bd5 wrote

Your reminder that trader Joe's is overpriced and green washed TV dinner and snack foods. Not a grocery store.


nitsual912 t1_jebx8ce wrote

Disagree. Their frozen meals are so much better than frozen meals by any other brands I’ve tried (Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Amys, Evol, etc, etc). And their snacks are delicious. Especially dried fruit and nuts. No where else offers TJs prices for that stuff, except maybe Lidl/Aldi and it’s also better.


thefugginhanz t1_jedergf wrote

Apparently the owners of tj and Aldi are brothers!(karl and theo albrecht)


Danger-Moose t1_jecg2pa wrote

Your TJ hate is and always has been unwarranted. If one can call "we never have the 1 basic necessity you are looking for" Aldi a grocery store, then TJs can most certainly be a grocery store.


Asterion7 t1_jeck7f3 wrote

Trader Joe's is for people who don't actually like to cook. It's snacks and TV dinners. It's good snacks I'll give em that.


7SlotGrill t1_jeagmle wrote

Whole Foods - Amazon gotta whore out that triple priced prepared food