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Looking for that delicious hole in the wall. What do you know RVA?


EDIT: Pho Tay Do for lunch yesterday. Can't thank you enough Reddit. Out of this world good.



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Gamegis t1_jea5z2y wrote

Pho tay do and it’s not close in my opinion or my Vietnamese in-laws opinions


sleevieb t1_jeah9jw wrote

I tried em all and the broth delta is WIDE.

Plus Denzel is a legend and I want to sit with buxom river ladies or Elvis.


verbalddos t1_jebjwud wrote

They are not open past 6pm or seemingly whenever they feel like it. I've tried multiple times.... Someday I will get to sample this seemingly legendary broth


themadnooch t1_jea6uuf wrote

It's Pho Tay Do, especially since you want hole in the wall vibe.


m0arpepper t1_jeaap5k wrote

Been fan of pho so 1 since the 90s. Pho so 1 and pho tay do (are they still cash only?) are the OG pho restaurants.

Try the grilled pork chops if you haven’t.


7SlotGrill t1_jeaiccm wrote

Came to say this, but haven't been in a minute. Are they still off Horsepen?
Edit - wow it's been a LONG time...they're now Pho Thien Phat off of Horsepen, wonder if they're still as good.


T-Rowe-Price t1_jeal8kc wrote

There’s one up in the West End as well, close to India K’ Raja


m0arpepper t1_jeb6wx2 wrote

Pho so 1 moved to the old david's bridal across where food lion changed to new grand mart.

Haven't been in awhile, but pho thien phat was just as good the last time I went. Was always curious what happened there.. seems like some sorta feud.


goodsam2 t1_jebh08q wrote

I went there a lot when they changed. They said it was just a rebranding and it was the same people but something felt off and IDK what it was but the pho wasn't as good the next time.


lexhell7 t1_jeacg2f wrote

Pho 79 on Staples Mill. This is one of those places where the outside looks a little sketchy but the Pho is very good.


T-Rowe-Price t1_jeaf30k wrote

Yeah. The more run down the place is, the better the food 😆


lexhell7 t1_jeag9kr wrote

They asked for hole in the wall 🤷‍♀️ and I’ve found that is often the case, some of the best food I’ve ever had has come from the most unassuming places. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover.


albertnormandy t1_jeantje wrote

There used to be a pho place in Norfolk called “Speedy Gonzales Tacos”. They had philly steaks on the menu, but it was by far the best pho in Norfolk.


BobbyFuckingB t1_jeccqek wrote

Eddie’s(I believe) in Hampton was a pizza shop that some Vietnamese guys bought to make a pho place, but they decided to just keeping making pizza too.


cloudk1ds t1_jeal5gk wrote

This place used to be decent. I went there a month ago and it was hot garbage. Everything tasted like it was almost spoiled. Everything had that slightly off taste. I thought for sure I'd get sick, but I didn't. I use to love their bahn mi.


jswizzly21 t1_jed4nwc wrote

100% agree. Their broth is sooo much tastier compared to Pho Tay Do imo. They also put bbq in their summer rolls!


toocapak t1_jea780x wrote

Truely one of Richmonds best establishments. Tay do pumps out amazing flavors.


toocapak t1_jea7euk wrote

Oh, and do yourself a favor and try their other soups. Bun bo hue is Pho’s less popular little brother, that I prefer. Their pork based soups are heavenly.


rdt69420 t1_jeaev7a wrote

Haven’t tried all of the pho places, but Pho Tien Phat II is fire and good quantity/monies ratio.


goodsam2 t1_jearzcz wrote

Vietnam 1 does good work.

Honestly between pho thien phat, Vietnam 1 and pho tay do they all do good and similar tastes and like blocks from each other.

Stuff away from there hasn't been as good.


orcawhales t1_jea8inz wrote

pho lucas was so much fun


kayaker83 t1_jebaivk wrote

I really enjoy Pho Luca's as well. Their broth is amazing. I like that there is a vegetarian option.


goodsam2 t1_jebha0k wrote

Cries in Phoenix garden. I'm still a little surprised they made it that long.

They had some of the best chicken and it was all vegan/vegetarian.


Asterion7 t1_jeau5oj wrote

Vietnam 1 or pho tay do are top tier. Sen and pho Luca are good but not on the same level.


Alex_Caton94 t1_jebs8ef wrote

Pho Tay Do. Bring cash, get the Goi Du Du (papaya salad) as an app, & don't skimp on the Thai basil or fish sauce. 🤤


ExtremeHobo t1_jeadqxh wrote

It's not the best but if you want to punish yourself go to Mekong and get the Super Bowl. I don't think there is a bigger pho in RVA.

The big thing Mekong has going for it over the (better) other places is that you can drink really good beer with your pho.


Rake0684 t1_jeb1i9v wrote

Not sure why you’re getting downvoted here?


ExtremeHobo t1_jeb44bb wrote

I'm not sure either. As I said it's not the best but it's huge and they have great beer. There is a place for it on any pho list. It's not bad by any means.


Seanaldss t1_jecb9pt wrote

Great pho (not claiming the best) great all around menu and regularly rated best brew pub in the nation.


justblahetoday t1_jecb5bk wrote

On Midlothian there are fewer options now but “A Kitchen” is really good.


BobbyFuckingB t1_jeccjq6 wrote

Tay Do if you want the absolute best, no beer, and want to pay cash.

Vietnam 1 if you want very good with a beer and want to use your card.

Pho Luca if you want almost very good, want a beer, and don’t feel like going to horsepen


aabsentimental t1_jeen406 wrote

I have eaten at nearly every Vietnamese restaurant in Richmond at least twice. Pho Tay Do is a staple, the ambiance is UNMATCHED and their broth is top tier but overall best is Vietnam 1. Lately my favorite place has been Tay Ho up Broad St. They have some harder to find items and their bowls are perfectly portioned.

Also I never go to Mekong FOR Pho, but if you haven’t tried their soft and crispy rolls your doing it wrong.


gleepgloopgleepgloop t1_jeeny1t wrote

Adding Pho Que Huong at VCC in Glen Allen. It is consistently good with nice staff and a decent atmosphere (used to be a Famous Dave's BBQ).

My go-to is Pho 79 on Staples Mill.

Pho Thien Phat 2 has an interesting decor. I thought it was good, not amazing.

I won't return to Pho 95 (Willow Lawn).

I haven't been to Pho Tay Doh yet.


BabyBat07 t1_jefgcuk wrote

Pho Tay Do for life!!


Wh1teMike88 t1_jeah0br wrote

Sen Organic has really good pho also

Edit: eating it for lunch in about 10 minutes after seeing this post


a_copacetic_frenzy t1_jead7i1 wrote

We personally think Pho Saigon in the West End is very underrated. Always on point with the Pho!