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m0arpepper t1_jeaap5k wrote

Been fan of pho so 1 since the 90s. Pho so 1 and pho tay do (are they still cash only?) are the OG pho restaurants.

Try the grilled pork chops if you haven’t.


7SlotGrill t1_jeaiccm wrote

Came to say this, but haven't been in a minute. Are they still off Horsepen?
Edit - wow it's been a LONG time...they're now Pho Thien Phat off of Horsepen, wonder if they're still as good.


T-Rowe-Price t1_jeal8kc wrote

There’s one up in the West End as well, close to India K’ Raja


m0arpepper t1_jeb6wx2 wrote

Pho so 1 moved to the old david's bridal across where food lion changed to new grand mart.

Haven't been in awhile, but pho thien phat was just as good the last time I went. Was always curious what happened there.. seems like some sorta feud.


goodsam2 t1_jebh08q wrote

I went there a lot when they changed. They said it was just a rebranding and it was the same people but something felt off and IDK what it was but the pho wasn't as good the next time.