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etulip13 t1_jd38wyk wrote

Ah, thought you spammed me with the same link over and over since the post was downvoted. Thanks for sharing these.


shalomfromus t1_jd395dr wrote

Nah. It’s a pretty common question. Click the links. I’m sure you’ll find some good options.


etulip13 t1_jd38bb9 wrote

That post is from almost a year ago, forgive me for asking for updated information. It also doesn’t really contain any good information about spots.


shalomfromus t1_jd38mvw wrote

You’re absolutely correct! I searched the word “remote” and just glanced at that post. I THINK the other 6 posts I linked might help, though.


[deleted] OP t1_jd3b907 wrote



jodyhighrola t1_jd3eboz wrote

It can be rude to the business, and to who is on the other end of your call. It can also be neither if you use common sense. Information security is the same, use common sense.

Dont hijack a spot in a cafe all day. Keep it moving after a little while. These places have very limited seating. Never take important calls in public if you cannot control your environment. If you have a loud ass speaking voice, being on a work call is as bad as someone facetiming with speakerphone on. Common sense defeats all of these issues.

Source: remote worker of 4+ yrs


Danger-Moose t1_jd3wrnl wrote

> Not only that but are you not concerned about proprietary information visible on your screen?

I don't do anything near interesting enough to have that be a concern.


jodyhighrola t1_jd3z2be wrote

For real. 9/10 people would look at my screen and be like, “I literally have no idea what this is”. They may get a glimpse of my wicked Slack meme skills though.


WontArnett t1_jd3e5rw wrote

Ah, the beauty of capitalism is nobody cares about your opinion. It’s the cost of doing business with an open space.


plummbob t1_jd3xfih wrote

>the beauty of capitalism is nobody cares about your opinion.


fun fact, markets do indeed care about people's opinions.


wordyshipmate82 t1_jd3cgr6 wrote

You can spend all day for free in a public library; the only limitations are that they often do not open until 9 or 10.


jodyhighrola t1_jd3egvv wrote

Henrico libraries are basically free WeWorks without all of the fluff. Highly recommend. You can reserve rooms if you need to be on calls.


7SlotGrill t1_jd38gr8 wrote

When I go to Panera sometimes there are remote workers. I'm sure any place wouldn't mind you purchasing food/drink and working for an hour or so. I think they would frown upon sitting there for hours though.


SilentSlayz t1_jd3c54n wrote

You can try capital one in carytown. They have dedicated study areas with desks and power outlets.