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lunar_unit t1_jdzxhsl wrote

I think you might need to specify a time frame. Restaurants have been closing since restaurants were invented.

But some that I liked from the early 2000s to now:

RIP Cafe Gutenberg

RIP 4th St Diner

RIP Cafe Ole

RIP Azizas

RIP Pelon's and your voluptuous burritos 🥹

RIP 23rd and Main and mimosa brunch on the patio

RIP Nota Bene

RIP Camden's Dogtown Market

I could go on. So many RIPs...


amandavis25 OP t1_je1ll1k wrote

Early 2000s works. Thanks for your input! I had no idea 23rd and main was closed.


ErikF t1_je045nv wrote

RIP Exile

RIP Harvey Hardware

RIP Paragon Pharmacy

RIP Jade Elephant

RIP Rockitz

RIP Newgate Prison

RIP Scandals

RIP Mama Zu's

RIP Video Fan

RIP The Flood Zone

RIP Pink Cadillac (Shop)

RIP The Pyramid (Venue)

RIP Bidder's Suite (Coffee Shop)


wtfareyounow t1_je0lahw wrote

So many of the places on your list were most active in the 80s. So much fun.


TripawdCorgi t1_je2bc2r wrote

My personal RIP's: Phoenix Garden, K-Town, Strange Matter, Hang Space, Nota Bene


geneb0322 t1_jdzto9o wrote

Castanea. The food was amazing, but they never could get any of the rest of running a restaurant right so not surprised they went out of business.


Soigne-Pilot t1_je065o3 wrote

RIP Pasture RIP Alley Katz RIP Nancy Raygun RIP Adam’s Barber Shop RIP Pasta Luna


xTiredSoulx t1_je08sbk wrote

O’Briensteins Aunt Sarah’s Soble’s


ExtremeHobo t1_je06g85 wrote


7 Hill Brewing - they were a level beyond awful. Terrible service, bad food, bad beer.

Cannon and Draw - I had no complaints about them

Twisted Ales - very mediocre on all counts. Replaced by Basic City which still isn't my favorite but isn't bad.

Champion Brewing - I was surprised about them. I thought they had good beer and it was a cool venue. I'm guessing it was that location that is now Sandman.


ExtremeHobo t1_je05cw8 wrote

Kitchen 64 (the new place is completely mid)

The Mill