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jdbug100 t1_jdd7tgj wrote

Providence, Hanover, Hunting Hawk, Belmont, The Highlands, Independence (semi-private $$$ on GolfNow), Mill Quarter


UntrainedFoodCritic OP t1_jdd81ul wrote

Belmont is just a pat 3 right? I think I’ve scheduled some times and just found out it was only pat 3, Providence I love but it feels like the only true public course in Richmond so they never have available times, today included. The others don’t even come up on google searches so lemme check those lol


wickedwoobie328 t1_jdd8h20 wrote

Belmont has a par 3 course and a “normal” course that’s 12 holes. You can play them combined for 18


UntrainedFoodCritic OP t1_jdd8p99 wrote

Oh wow that’s way better than I thought, thank y’all for the help. Luckily got on at sycamore creek in goochland, still it feels like there aren’t as many courses as even Roanoke to play at.


wickedwoobie328 t1_jdd95gf wrote

The big difference is driving from downtown Roanoke you hit open land way faster. So where something like blue hills is 20 min away, the same course/rate combo is 45-50 minutes away from rva. Hanover and Dogwood trace are very nice courses with reasonable rates.


UntrainedFoodCritic OP t1_jdd9iwm wrote

You know, you’re exactly right I didn’t think of it like that lol. Explains why there are legit like 7 you can play within 15 minutes of downtown Roanoke, near blue hills there’s 3 within 5 minutes lol


wickedwoobie328 t1_jdd9ryq wrote

Roanoke has a fantastic network of public courses in great shape. Definitely one of the things I miss, that and Texas tavern.


jdbug100 t1_jdd97vr wrote

Forgot about Sycamore, probably ok during the week but it's a 7 hour round on the weekends.

Royal New Kent and Vinaterra are other options if you're willing to drive a little bit.

I'd recommend downloading GolfNow and then calling the available places to avoid the GN fees.


UntrainedFoodCritic OP t1_jdd9qko wrote

Vinaterra kicked my ass when I played it, left with no balls after 12 lol. Thanks, I’ll definitely do that


big-ski-guy t1_jdd8tdv wrote

I recently moved here and have been in the same situation of trying to find a new home track. I ended up finding Hunting Hawk and I really can't recommend that course enough. I paid $35 for 18 and a cart. Obviously it's the off season and I'm sure that will raise during the summer, I heard only to $45/55 though. Overall it's a pretty sweet spot, MUCH nicer than a course that would normally charge $35. Not super far out of town as well.


UntrainedFoodCritic OP t1_jdeonwj wrote

Gotcha. Need to try that. I personally like providence a lot but they are usually pretty full. Same with sycamore creek, definitely need to try hunting hawk


RVAperson9 t1_jdftuyn wrote

Hunting Hawk originally was fantastic. Was one of the best new public courses in the country, then went downhill. Became more concerned with hosting corporate/association tournaments. Then they thought the land would be developed for houses, so they gave up on the golf course. And even though the development got shot down, they still just let the course go. It's a shame compared to what it was.


RVAperson9 t1_jdendht wrote

Public golf in Richmond is pretty terrible. It's either a shitty course for an affordable price, or super expensive for Independence. Providence is ok, but still not great. Best quality course for a reasonable price I've found is Viniterra in New Kent. You can get cheaper rates after like 2:00 as well.


UntrainedFoodCritic OP t1_jdeoj87 wrote

Yeah I like providence for the price personally, I’m still learning. That said, viniterra kicked my asssss when I went lol can’t do that


CallousedPhallus t1_jdew39b wrote

The Hollows is a fair priced 27 hole course up in the Ashland area. between $35-45 for 18 and a cart. Went last week and the course is in excellent condition for the time of year.


smellymob t1_jdex6oa wrote

Highly recommend Pendleton, it’s just up the highway and very well kept.


RVAperson9 t1_jdfthwh wrote

"Just" 45 minutes up the highway


smellymob t1_jdfuuir wrote

Yeah, just past the King’s Dominion exit, the exit with the Flying J and Pilot gas stations


whowasonCRACK2 t1_jddtis7 wrote

There’s Windy Hill down Midlothian Turnpike towards Powhatan. But that might just be par 3, idk I’m not a golfer


koshertacohouse t1_jddudad wrote

They have a 9 hole par 3 and a 9 hole "lake course" with par 4 and 5s, so you can do a kinda lopsided full 18.


7SlotGrill t1_jdhdjn5 wrote

In RVA - Belmont, Providence, The first tee

Surrounding areas: Independence, Par 3 Windy Hill, Crossings (semi-public), Sycamore creek (semi-private)
There are others but there is a list >2-3 :)


WontArnett t1_jdfstyo wrote

I swear to god people on Reddit don’t know how to use Google.


UntrainedFoodCritic OP t1_jdftrsi wrote

It’s actually funny that your last two posts in this sub…. Could’ve been googled lol. Dumb fuck


WontArnett t1_jdfvgoj wrote

How would you google either one of my posts and come to a legit conclusion? Gtfoh

You’re really reaching to troll me huh?

You’re looking like the “grumpy” person here.


UntrainedFoodCritic OP t1_jdfwis0 wrote

Did you just learn how to italicize lol


WontArnett t1_jdg1k8u wrote

Does it help you understand?


UntrainedFoodCritic OP t1_jdid1ca wrote

Help me understand why you’re an asshole but go on other posts asking why people are such assholes? Nah lol. Almost all of your comments have a tone that you think you’re better than everyone, doesn’t take long to see that.


UntrainedFoodCritic OP t1_jdft67o wrote

You enjoy being grumpy huh? Don’t like when people ask for recommendations? If you look through the comments, multiple people comment how Richmond itself doesn’t have many public courses, whereas google doesn’t differentiate between the two. So when I could only find 2 18 hole public courses within 20 miles, I came to Reddit. Grumpy fuck lol