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bmg1090 t1_j6fpjcw wrote

Bbq exchange in Gordonsville


GmanX64 t1_j6fyebm wrote

They aren’t the same. Zzq is Texas BBQ. Bbq exchange is more Carolina Style.


I_AM_RVA t1_j6fz5v9 wrote

Thus better in all respects


bmg1090 t1_j6g7hcw wrote

Agreed. Give me all the vinegar 🤤🤤


Kriznick t1_j6i5b23 wrote




jwjody t1_j6i0r3a wrote

Zzq for beef. Bbq exchange for pork.


scoobiemario t1_j6frq01 wrote

Yes. This place is great. And ZZQ is great too.


noodleyone t1_j6fuidh wrote

It's also about half the price of ZZQ.


scoobiemario t1_j6fwh3b wrote

Yeah. Location. Gordonsville is cheaper than Richmond 😏


khuldrim t1_j6hx6v5 wrote

And I doubt they're using the same quality meat either. They probably aren't sourcing Duroc.


needsexyboots t1_j6iueco wrote

I don’t know if BBQ Exchange exclusively gets their meat from Autumn Olive Farm but I know they at least have in the past


VCUBNFO t1_j6i5ojw wrote

I love to hit this place up on the way back from hiking old rag


Mr_Boneman t1_j6hvsly wrote

Yup. I bypass richmond all together and eat there. Used to go up there for work and made sure I ate there everytime.


Original-Quarter1833 t1_j6fhprl wrote

Unpopular opinion; ZZQ is overpriced and really not that great. They’re good, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not great.


IMicrowaveSteak OP t1_j6fmc9d wrote

Can’t make a comment like that without saying where has better bbq!


cookiekid6 t1_j6fntnb wrote

I’ve been meaning to go to this place called redemption barbecue. It looks really good. They source local high quality pork from olive farms and some place in North Carolina for their grass fed brisket. Again I haven’t gone but it looks really good.


manyamile t1_j6fvpla wrote

I used to make rolls for Redemption. Quality food, great conversations. John is passionate about life and it shows.


Thirtytw031 t1_j6g5kpn wrote

I live right down the street from Redemption. It’s fine, not even in the same conversation as ZZQ.


cookiekid6 t1_j6g5wc9 wrote

Honestly Richmond just doesn’t have that great of a barbecue scene. If you want good bbq you got to go down to North Carolina or Tennessee.


Thirtytw031 t1_j6g80j4 wrote

Yea definitely doesn’t compare to other places, but ZZQ is really good and I make my own bbq a lot too so it’s fine lol.


cookiekid6 t1_j6g8gy9 wrote

Making your own is probably the best way to do it. Barbecue is just too expensive for me for what you’re getting. I’d rather just go get a steak.


Thirtytw031 t1_j6g9j3l wrote

I only get it every so often, mainly because I would die of a heart attack if I ate bbq regularly, so I when I do I don’t mind paying the premium. Feels like a treat


wlight t1_j6kddmt wrote

You underestimate the amount of contrarian asshats in this sub with nothing real to add.


PimpOfJoytime t1_j6fkpzp wrote

Just so we may all understand more fully the perspective this hot take has come from… what in your opinion is “great” bbq?


WashCaps95 t1_j6fnrpt wrote

I’d say it’s hard to find a better brisket anywhere else, also their Rib Candy. But other than that, I don’t think any of the other menu items stand out to me


[deleted] t1_j6fkcfm wrote



StandClear1 t1_j6g2tfw wrote

Agree that it’s too expensive. It’s very good relative to Richmond


Charlesinrichmond t1_j6ihd9m wrote

they have been great. I'm not sure they are anymore. Consistency on the pit has kind of gone to hell


Silent-Net-7290 t1_j6fmw41 wrote

I only get the brisket at ZZQ, which I think is excellent. Their other stuff is ok. Their prices are stupid high.


momthom427 t1_j6fwqp3 wrote

That brisket is like candy. I had it last week and I’m still dreaming about it.


jracka t1_j6g6b7g wrote

That's me too. I love the brisket, some of the best I have ever had, but the pork is just average, so just brisket for me.


Charlesinrichmond t1_j6igzyu wrote

I've had very good pork there. And great brisket. And not so good brisket.

ZZQ is getting less reliable sadly


memorex00 t1_j6foxpa wrote

Oh, brother. Here we go again.

BBQ has numerous regional variations and it’s not possible to compare ZZQ with a generic BBQ spot. They specialize in Texas style. They should be compared against different joints who does Texas style.

As for prices, it’s expensive because ZZQ is on East Coast. They use USDA prime briskets and it’s lotta easier if someone is near or in Texas where there is a steady supply of beef.


I_AM_RVA t1_j6fzeqf wrote

There’s a steady supply of beef on the east coast, Man. This ain’t 1890 when we are all waiting for the next boat filled with Argentine leather and beefsteaks.


memorex00 t1_j6gepyn wrote

“The four big states for beef production and packing production are Texas, Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado,” Savell said.


I_AM_RVA t1_j6gwg0j wrote

Yes everyone knows where cattle are raised. It’s not all consumed in those four states. We have a man amazing and dynamic system of delivering food all over the country. It’s great. If you get a chance, check out a “supermarket.” Trust me you’re going to love it!


memorex00 t1_j6htsl0 wrote

I think the point keeps being missed. I’ll do an analogy here. Brisket is akin to gas. The price varies from a location to a location due to logistics/transportation costs. Anyone can get a select or a choice brisket but high quality such as a prime from a reputable source (typically in these four states) will have to pay extra costs. Any Texas style BBQ joint worth their weight won’t be skimping on that particular area.


khuldrim t1_j6hxeae wrote

You do realize that it actually is a lot cheaper in those places because of proximity yes, despite what you think.


I_AM_RVA t1_j6i6mw3 wrote

Oh cool it’s Econ 101 time. There’s a steady supply of beef everywhere in the Us. Saying otherwise is idiotic. Is it cheaper some places? Sure! Is there a steady supply? Yes.


khuldrim t1_j6i9a6b wrote

Here’s a little Econ for you. A good or item is cheaper when you don’t have to pay the costs of overhead for transnational shipping and storage. When it can roll right from the abattoir to wholesale packing to the small bulk buyers like Texas BBQ purveyors, yes, it definitely is cheaper. Know how I can tell you’ve never been to Texas?


memorex00 t1_j6iln99 wrote

He should visit a HEB store. The selection of meat alone is mind-blowing.


I_AM_RVA t1_j6ixlrr wrote

I grew up in Texas but whatever bud.

Edit: also why are you going on about it being cheaper? Who said it wasn’t cheaper? There is a steady supply of beef on the east coast. That’s all. Why are you so defensive about a place you don’t even live and that isn’t even the point? It’s weird.


memorex00 t1_j6jmavf wrote

I might have not been clear or direct about the statement, “steady supply of beef”. It was with implications that if a BBQ joint wants to use a reputable source, they would have to pay higher costs due to being further away (proximity).

Strictly speaking in general sense, yes, there is a steady supply of beef all over the country. One can get a brisket anywhere but it tends to be either select or choice grade.

It is more convenient (cheaper) for BBQ joints to use reputable sources when they are near to them based on the proximity. Further away, the cost goes up. I’m referring to high quality briskets (prime grade), not the supermarket version.


Too_Many_dBs t1_j6l3ooa wrote

Jesus STFU all of you.


memorex00 t1_j6l8qap wrote

No, thank you. I do enjoy exercising my freedom of speech here in this subreddit.


gleepgloopgleepgloop t1_j6oe6bu wrote

I'm guessing the argument could continue forever. Someone Will say they can source Texas-bred prime beef at the same price in Virginia as it would be in Texas and someone else will say it's not hand selected quality, quality degrades with shipping, etc. Someone else will say that it's a little bit more but not to justify ZZQ price, and someone will retort that it's all about supply and demand, etc etc. Someone else will say that beef from Texas is not a better than good quality beef. From Virginia, etc. Etc etc


Thirtytw031 t1_j6g5w15 wrote

Good BBQ is super expensive everywhere and I don’t think ZZQ is anymore expensive than any other legit bbq spot. If they use quality meat and smoke for appropriate amount of time, it’s a ton of cost to cover.


Rogleson t1_j6ftxnj wrote



LouieKablooie t1_j6fz18j wrote

I heard Ronnie's Mac and cheese being celebrated on NPR recently.


khuldrim t1_j6hx9pl wrote

If your bbq restaurant is known for its mac and cheese you have failed.


Charlesinrichmond t1_j6ih588 wrote

people really love to downvote you lately, but this is a fact


khuldrim t1_j6ik5r7 wrote

I guess I’m just that cantankerous X-ennial that calls em like I see em.


Charlesinrichmond t1_j6ivybg wrote

yep. there's a group here that hates that. But it means your points are landing. And it's obvious they are facts


BubbleWrapGuy t1_j6ge9ac wrote

Had Ronnie’s recently and was pretty disappointed with most of it. The pulled pork was fine, but everything else was meh including the mac & cheese.


SecureCap6661 t1_j6g6yqq wrote

I honestly like Deep Run Roadhouse better. 🤷🏼‍♀️


tasgetius22 t1_j6hy2iy wrote

it’s more towards williamsburg, but i used to love going to pierces bbq off of 64. apparently they specialize in tennessee bbq, news to me! but i remember the pulled pork always being pretty decent


notnot_athrowaway t1_j6kbabm wrote

Pulled pork at Pierces is about the only decent thing there. Everything else is mushy slop, that place is way overrated.


halfghan24 t1_j6lrdg3 wrote

Pearce’s excels at the BBQ sauce more than most


seize-theday t1_j6futym wrote

Carter’s Pig Pen in Mechanicsville has great Virginia- and Carolina-style BBQ


gleepgloopgleepgloop t1_j6obaat wrote

Definitely! Underrated given the concentration of barbecue joints in Richmond City. Very good sides, as well.


t-flex4 t1_j6hsbps wrote

It is not on the same level as ZZQ


dustynegatives t1_j6fw8zv wrote

Monk’s BBQ in Purcellville.


JAX_HAZ3 t1_j6fzfm6 wrote

Second this. I really liked this place


PeppyMinotaur t1_j6hyhd7 wrote

Came to say monks. I dunno if it’s better necessarily but you won’t be disappointed. Usually a nice beer selection too


Diet_Coke t1_j6gnqgz wrote

You have to go to Texas for better


elgro t1_j6frqz6 wrote

Check out redemption bbq. Their brisket isn’t going to match up to ZZQs but their other offerings are very good


LemonCaperRVA t1_j6ho514 wrote

To me Virginia bbq in lakeside is top notch


Intrepid-Branch8982 t1_j6fmfw0 wrote

I love Allmans in F’Burg

I do not like ZZQ


epluribusanus4 t1_j6fu25r wrote

The Feed Store. Out past Oilville on 250. Get the 1/2 chicken with Alabama white sauce. You will not be disappointed.


trampoliningisfun t1_j6fw21a wrote

I believe they closed. Was sad to hear it because of all the positive reviews on Reddit!


sleevieb t1_j6fyecj wrote

Yeah this was the saison guys


epluribusanus4 t1_j6g3f5h wrote

Damn!! I didn’t realize that. Thanks for letting me know before I trekked out there to major disappointment. That chicken and white sauce was so good man…


GmanX64 t1_j6fyvwe wrote

I know people that swear by Q daddy’s in Smithfield. But can’t verify personally.


JPSouthampton-v2 t1_j6iipk1 wrote

There we go. So glad to see this.

Q daddys with locations in Smithfield and Wakefield right off of 460 E is the best bbq I’ve ever had in my life


Professional-Win2171 t1_j6gakcj wrote

If you’re counting MD, Andy Nelson’s has the best collards I’ve ever tried


GiantTacoSalad t1_j6hqi6l wrote

Andy Nelson's in Cockeysville MD has the best BBQ North of the Carolinas. Their brisket, pulled pork and even their pulled and smoked turkey are absolutely incredible.


fatzen t1_j6j55z0 wrote

Lmk if you find it.


tipadisdick2016 t1_j6g2tml wrote

If we’re counting Maryland? 2Fifty in Hyattsville is the best


squeeepp t1_j6g4x6k wrote

Went to Ronnie’s for the the first time Saturday. Got the sampler box. I like the ribs probably the best.


ZombieForward5784 t1_j6ga4hi wrote

The truth is…. ZZQ has the best brisket on the east coast. However… their other offerings have competition. The pulled pork could be better.


AquaRaven t1_j6gyjfi wrote

If you are willing to go south, Bubba N Frank's in Hampton, Country Grill & Smokehouse in Yorktown, and Smoke in Newport News are all pretty good.


Ditovontease t1_j6hy0nl wrote

Liberty bbq in Falls Church

They have char siu which, YES (including the normal tx/Carolina style)


MrPlowThatsTheName t1_j6iq0ki wrote

Rocklands in Arlington is pretty good. It won’t knock your socks off but it’s consistently good.


againer t1_j6jwj0p wrote

Yeah, I make it.


Realtorandy t1_j6ke5yu wrote

Pork bbq at apierces or Kings bbq in Petersburg is on point though I have not been to kings since it reopened


rabbiferret t1_j6ksryt wrote

I apologize in advance for dodging your question by saying better is subjective, and also ignoring your geography requirements, but have ya'll tried Saucy's BBQ Brisket in Petersburg & Hopewell?

My first trip I got the pulled pork, which was good but nothing crazy. The second time I chose brisket and I'm still thinking about it. So unexpected and so delicious.


thatguynamed85 t1_j6kztvg wrote

If you want great bbq you need to drive to Edinburg in NW VA and hit up Beans downtown there. We have some customers we service in that area and anytime I'm up that way, it's the place to go. And quite frankly I'd prefer Saucys in Petersburg to zzq.


Subject_Respond_7886 t1_j6o3d3r wrote

Saucys bbq in Petersburg is my fav. The cue balls are great too.


scoobiemario t1_j6frts2 wrote

Also. Dixie Bones in Woodbridge was good. But haven’t been there in Years


PeppyMinotaur t1_j6hynn8 wrote

Why is Dixie bones getting downvoted? I haven’t been in prolly 10+ years but it used to be legit


Carpenter_520 t1_j6fvt8x wrote

Yes but it's not for sale yet...smoke signals


bruxalle t1_j6g1vm0 wrote

Hill country in dc is pretty on par with zzq I’d say. Not sure it’s worth the money though.


PeppyMinotaur t1_j6hyrhr wrote

It was insanely expensive even before all the supply chain and inflation issues that are causing crazy prices nowadays. I can’t imagine how expensive it is now haha


bruxalle t1_j6ixylk wrote

Yeah I haven’t been since before COVID and was already planning to never go back. The food was great, just not $60 a plate great.


Evil_Clown69 t1_j6kbv64 wrote

I know I’m in the minority but I have been to ZZQ 4 times and it’s mediocre at best. No smoke flavor at all. And who uses a vinegar sauce in a Texas style restaurant? Or that sticky sweet rib sauce? Or the flavorless burnt ends? i can go on, but it’s the most overrated joint in VA. Oh, and the owners are less that cordial.

Better options:

Smohk which is like a block or two away. Buz N Ned’s. King’s (it’s in the wrong direction from the request but it’s solid). The Pig and Steak in Madison Allman’s in Fredericksburg Ronnie’s in Varina Hill Country in DC—can be inconstant but when it’s on, it’s great.

I’m told Redemption BBQ is great, but I’m not paying $28 a pound for pulled pork or chicken.


kwoodall t1_j6gj1px wrote

So many many better BBQ in and around Richmond. Deeprun Roadhouse is my fav, but Buz and Ned's rules too.