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instantcoffee69 t1_j6fkwd4 wrote

Genuinely funny, BUT..

Sadly, many people actually think this, and many more support policies that are in line with this.

If Richmond is a popular and attractive place to live, we should... Build much more housing, attract more business, upgrade infrastructure, blow tons of money on public transportation.

The best thing for the city to do is capitalize on the boom of people, and not resist it.


BloodyRightNostril t1_j6ftkj1 wrote

Oh you mean SERSHALISMS?!


madmoneymcgee t1_j6hvffh wrote

Depending on the neighborhood it’s either socialism or it’s capitalism run amok.


nilsrva t1_j6gyato wrote

We should have rent control. The biggest complaint about outsiders coming in is that they raise the cost of living. Building more housing is great, but long-term residents should be able to keep their homes. When the lady next door who has been in there 17 years cant afford the rent and some DC tech bro moves in, then you repeat this pattern for the whole block you have an aspect of Richmond that is now dead and give credence to the sentiment that people from NOVA are strangling us.

I will sound old and crochety here, but I no longer know or speak to almost any of my neighbors. I have been in the same spot nigh on a decade now and used to know and communicate with most of the block. We would garden together, I would salt the steps for people in winter etc.. I only know the few hangers-on at this point. I have tried starting a conversation with the people next door and you'd think I was asking for their kidneys.

I should also add that I moved to RVA from NOVA in 2010 as an 18y.o VCU freshman; which is as stereotypical an experience as I can craft. Although it was some time before I would tell people I'm from Richmond because it takes some time to feel that way. Now I don't think anyone would say I am not a Richmonder (and go fuck yourself if you do.)


terenn_nash t1_j6hvhfm wrote

18 year old moving anywhere is never an issue - you nailed it with the tech bros. its remote workers with DC money moving here and pricing people out because rent suddenly isnt 5k for an 8x8 box.


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pocketdare t1_j6ihsug wrote

I'm assuming that you have more people in this sub in the "renting" stage of their lives than the investment / landlord stage of their lives. So naturally they'll be hostile to any argument like this because they don't anticipate what it will be like when they're actively looking for ways to grow their wealth for retirement. I'm with you 100% and many of them will be in 20 years ... but not today :)


ddm2k t1_j6k9ipd wrote

Simply the case that in bigger cities with HCOL, adults in general tend to rent longer, because they HAVE to.

In small, (cheap) sleepy southern town about 10 years ago, where the 21 y/o cop and nurse were the “power couple”, two young adults could buy a house immediately after they got married with no down payment on a USDA loan, and seller paid closing costs.

No renting necessary.


Diet_Coke t1_j6ill8y wrote

Maybe they shouldn't have a speculative investment in housing then


Charlesinrichmond t1_j6j27i9 wrote

you think the fan and Museum district would be better off if there were no rentals? I can see this take, but it's unlikely to be a big hit


cathistorylesson t1_j6igyyk wrote

Won’t somebody please think of the landlords 😢


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okcknight t1_j6izhof wrote

No way dude, shelter is a basic human right. Therefore landlords should be obligated to rent an apartment in the fan to meee for $500 :)



ddm2k t1_j6k9qqb wrote

There is no such thing as a completely free market and shouldn’t be. Quality of life actually regresses when you have a city who chews up and spits out those who aren’t in their working prime in hot sectors.


Asterion7 t1_j6k3t2t wrote

Lol. No. Saying landlords won't make repairs is not the argument against rent control you think it is.


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Asterion7 t1_j6k735w wrote

I think there is a whole lotta room between charge maximum amount and raising rents every year and so low there is no profit.


ddm2k t1_j6k9w05 wrote

More 3 generation households, duh ☺️


Charlesinrichmond t1_j6ijokt wrote

better yet, think of the math or do some reading on it. Paul Krugman is a famously leftist economist who is good to read on rent control


ddm2k t1_j6k93i8 wrote

No sympathy, you knew exactly what you were buying.

Landlords bought a property knowing it doesn’t CAP?


Urlilpetal t1_j6iejnq wrote

This is me about to get priced out of a building I’ve lived in for two years in the name of granite countertops and silver appliances and I’m so stressed out about it.


Asterion7 t1_j6hw9gr wrote

Moved here in 2008 and lived here longer then anywhere else. Definitely consider myself a richmonder.


H-Resin t1_j6gzfhx wrote

100% on the nose. Unfortunately this city and most of this state is completely broken. No change will come, and private interests will suck the population dry. For a majority democrat state we have an atrocious record on actually taking care of our residents


verinthebrown t1_j6hjmc0 wrote

I moved from Nova to RVA the same year. Neither of us are Richmonders.


Lokky t1_j6hd6g3 wrote

The city by and large isn't seeing additional tax revenue tho. The vast majority of new construction is in the surrounding counties so us living in the city are just going to choke on the added traffic without seeing any infrastructure upgrades.


easternjellyfish t1_j6i0u5n wrote

End the annexation moratorium


Lokky t1_j6i27ra wrote

This really needs to happen but I don't think there is the political will to do it, especially under trumpkin there is no way we are gonna take power away from suburbanites and give it to the city.


H-Resin t1_j6gz75h wrote


Been here long? Not gonna happen with this broken ass city govt.


7SlotGrill t1_j6hxrna wrote

Not with the current Mayor and idiots in control of the purse strings.


RoddyRicch4Prez t1_j6jqrgr wrote

Sure but the inflation since 2019 is crazy. Wages don’t represent the rising cost of rent.


FlexRVA21984 t1_j6gf43n wrote

As an RVA native who has lived here my entire life, I agree 100%!! The number of ppl I’ve known that would talk like they were Richmonders, when they were transplants, is truly staggering. 😂 I always call em out 🤣


ddm2k t1_j6ka2xd wrote

I mean do you expect them to pull luggage and take pictures everywhere they go? 😂 what are they acting like


FlexRVA21984 t1_j6kuw7n wrote

Where are you getting that from my response? I want to see the city grow. I just recommend folks don’t walk around acting like something they’re not. A transplant can certainly become a Richmonder, but VCU kids from NOVA don’t get to claim that. If they stick around for a decade or so after graduating, then sure.


RefrigeratorRater t1_j6gljwo wrote

What if people are content with the way things are? I don’t want to live in Arlington or Tysons Corner.


FromTheIsle t1_j6hral3 wrote

The way that you get nova is by continuing to build more suburban sprawl. Unless you can convince no one to ever build another house are going to want to start advocating for more middle density at the edges of the city and in the counties.

Personally I think it's far too late and several decades of building only single family homes and strip malls has already caught up to us. We aren't going to just be "like NOVA"...we are on the cusp of being absorbed into the megalopolis that stretches from Fredericksburg to DC to Boston.

All that NIMBY-ism delivered the opposite of what people wanted.


fractalflatulence t1_j6hsgr1 wrote

The cusp? That ship sailed like 10 years ago.


FromTheIsle t1_j6ht7sx wrote

I believe technically we are not yet part of it. But with the completion of the HOV line to Fredericksburg and all the new developmemt around Fburg, I agree we are pretty much there already.


fractalflatulence t1_j6htek5 wrote

That’s where we differ. I think we’ve been there and for a while, shit like infrastructure is just catching up to the demographics

Edit to add: the one element I forgot to mention and people usually do is air travel within the northeast corridor.

I can take the 6am flight from RIC and be in Boston or NYC for a breakfast meeting

The megalopolis is real


madmoneymcgee t1_j6hwiw4 wrote

Richmond and Arlington are already pretty close in terms of population and population density. Arlington is a bit higher but also covers a much smaller area.

Outside the narrow strips that run alongside metro Arlington is pretty suburban overall.


DanSRedskins t1_j6jybjc wrote

What's wrong with Arlington?

I get Tysons corner but Richmond isn't a suburb.