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solostinlost t1_j6fuw8s wrote

the google reviews and replies from the owner on this spot are… very entertaining and cringe. there’s one where someone says their wings weren’t crispy and the owner’s response is “please help us understand what ~you~ consider crispy” 😱


gravysealcopypasta t1_j6g0ln4 wrote

Also half the reviews saying the chicken was raw lmao. Such a bummer, I had Fatburger when I lived on the west coast and it was genuinely good.


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6ghev4 wrote

😂😂 yea it sucks that it can be so hit or miss depending on management at the location. I had a pretty horrendous one near my old place which was a bummer because it was close enough to walk to. Like…I didn’t even wanna go inside it was so gross. But luckily there were other ones that were a lot nicer not too far from me. I honestly never ate there until they came out with their vegan menu…I remember how awesome it was when they announced that. Now if only they could get a del taco out here I’d be set


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6fv6x7 wrote

Welp I have been 4 times now since moving here and haven’t had a bad experience yet and I’ll definitely keep going back until there’s another place that does better vegan burgers and shakes


solostinlost t1_j6fwa22 wrote

you do you! usually more people are inclined to review when things are negative than positive which skews things. that said, somebody that works/owns the spot is real salty about the feedback


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6fx74i wrote

Oh owner responses to bad reviews? I’m all about that. Gonna go read some reviews now lol


Jasons_Argonautalis t1_j6gzp74 wrote

Boulevard Burger and Brew.

Both of their vegan burgers are great. The KeenWah is my favorite. I do vegetarian so I can't speak to the vegan shake but my friend says it's good.


Quirky_Contract_7652 t1_j6hxezm wrote

philly vegan on hull st


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6hydph wrote

That’s the one place I have yet to go to—I tried Luther burger and their shake was like cold milk and the cheese on the burger was not even cooked at all. From what I can tell philly burger is the only other place around where you can get a vegan burger and shake in one spot, so I def plan on trying it out soon. What kind of burgers do they use? House made or beyond burgers or something similar? And how are the shakes? I’m not a fan of house made burgers anymore because IMO beyond and Impossible just taste so much more authentic. I had Fatburgers out by where I used to live so it was great to see a place I was familiar with that I already knew had the kind of vegan options I was looking for. Especially since there really aren’t too many fully vegan places out here


Quirky_Contract_7652 t1_j6i0m0n wrote

I haven't had the burger, I've only had the cheeseburger quesadilla and cheesteak. The quesadilla is insanely good & get the onion rings. It's not expensive either just try it.


retrohaxgod t1_j6i7r5d wrote

God bless you, I had a blast reading all the reviews this morning. Worth the rabbit hole.


Intrepid-Branch8982 t1_j6f6cjx wrote

Overpriced AF


DeezSaggyNuts t1_j6fbu0n wrote

I mean how much does it cost?


geneb0322 t1_j6fcfaz wrote

Went there several months back. It was $50 for 2 burgers, 1 order of fries, 6 wings, 2 drinks and a kid's meal (I don't recall what was in that). The burgers were pretty good, everything else was just tolerable. Definitely overpriced. If it had been $30 total I think it would have been fair, but it was not worth anything near $50.


GMUcovidta t1_j6fsysk wrote

That's literally just what things cost anymore


Impossible-Oil2345 t1_j6i9k3i wrote

My family and I are good at Texas Roadhouse for a little less then that. I ordered a big steak, GF ordered chicken,and mom and sister also had steaks.

Between that or some this I'd pick Texas Roadhouse every time


GMUcovidta t1_j6ifrdc wrote

You had four meals at Texas Roadhouse for under $50? It's fast food quality steak but I still find that hard to believe.

$50 would be $12.50/person including taxes and tip but the cheapest steak I see on their menu is $13, chicken meals also start at $13.


gideon513 t1_j6ipd2v wrote

Their lunch menu can be cheap from what I remember but I also have a hard time believing this


DeezSaggyNuts t1_j6fconv wrote

Yikes. That's disappointing really wanted to check em out.


Impossible_Bill_2834 t1_j6fnipe wrote

Compared to 5 Guys or Carytown Burgers, the prices are almost identical - unless you're doing vegan. Fries are $3, a shake is $5, and a 1/2 burger is less than $10.


geneb0322 t1_j6fgghs wrote

If you go in there and just get a burger and nothing else it shouldn't be too terribly bad... They're expensive, but the burgers actually are kind of good. Not quite worth what they cost, but worth trying at least.


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6fjzit wrote

So meals for 3 people plus an order of wings—I think $50’for that is pretty normal esp for vegan food today. Not saying I’m a fan of paying that much but I gotta say that I’ve paid that same type of price in other places. But the plus side of this place is that their shakes are actually thick shakes made with ice cream. Lots of vegan shakes I’ve had here are just made with milk and ice or are just super thin. It’s awesome and rare to get legit vegan burgers and shakes in one spot. Hopefully vegan prices will continue to even out over time cause we need more vegan options in general out here


OkAd8430 t1_j6fljnv wrote

How do they make vegan shakes with ice cream and milk?


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6fm1s8 wrote

They use Craig’s ice cream which is a vegan ice cream that’s actually pretty good. I think they’ve got chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and a Maui-banana flavor shake but I’ve only tried chocolate


geneb0322 t1_j6flm2o wrote

We didn't get vegan food. I understand that you would expect to pay more for that. I certainly won't be going back to Fatburger, though. I could feed the whole family for $30 (after tip) just down the road at Sergio's and it would have been a lot higher quality. I just can't pay $50 for what we got there. If it was all really good, then maybe. Other than the burgers, though, it all tasted like buffet quality food.

I will say that we didn't try their shakes, though, so I can't speak to those.


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6flq73 wrote

Oh ok yea that makes more sense then for sure


t-flex4 t1_j6hrc71 wrote

Literally any other burger place, including fast food, has better burgers than Fatburger. You're paying airport prices for no quality or flavor.


wizer1212 t1_j6fzs15 wrote

i thought it was just me but it was like $19 for a veggie burger and i had to go behind the counter to grab ketchup (not like i care but no service)


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6g4m2c wrote

12.99 for the impossible burger and 18.99 if you get it with fries and a drink. But yea it sucks that the vegan burger is $5 more than a regular one. That’s pretty par for the course when it comes to places serving regular + vegan stuff


ExtremeHobo t1_j6jfzz8 wrote

Generally only for places selling corporation made vegan burgers. For example at Citizen Burger Bar it's cheaper to get their house made vegan burger. Which is how it should be.


Power_Blaster t1_j6fzcq0 wrote

That will be $25 please. (spins ipad around for 20% tip)


lady_laughs_too_much t1_j6g3u3t wrote

I've been meaning to check out this place. I'm a vegetarian but I'm curious about the shakes.


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6ghl15 wrote

Try the vegan shakes—they’re pretty good


theguru1974 t1_j6fxjrr wrote

Went there once with my wife and 8 year old. It was over $40 for 2 reg meals and a kids. Food wasn't any better than typical fast food. Haven't been back since.


The8thHammer t1_j6ihkmd wrote

burgers are the #1 thing I refuse to eat out anymore. burgerflation is by far the most ridiculous of all the flations in restaurants right now.


[deleted] t1_j6g7dqp wrote



Freseper t1_j6gkgc8 wrote

The franchisor of BurgerIM ran off with all the company’s money and is hiding out overseas, leaving all franchisees orphaned without any support system. The local owner is the same but the “money problems” were not his.


Shitpad t1_j6iyzc4 wrote

The owner has had “money problems” since before burgerim. He’s completely incompetent and pays his staff shit wages. I’m sure this place will just be the next on his long list of failures


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6g8wik wrote

I never ate at burgerIM but I do know that johnny rockets and fatburger have the same owner, which is why their menus are exactly the same. There was a johnny rockets and fatburger directly across from each other where I used to live and they both had the exact same designed signs in their windows advertising the new vegan items lol


gumandcoffee t1_j6gfg9j wrote

Is the burger real meat? Are you going for a dairy free thing because thats what id be in it for


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6gg2ss wrote

Nope the burger is vegan. It’s an impossible burger (you can buy them at grocery stores, like beyond burgers). They have a vegan cheese you can put on the burger and they also have vegan milkshakes with a vegan whipped cream on top. So yea, if you’re looking for something dairy free you can definitely try those


saintdemon21 t1_j6gu58o wrote

How are the fries? What type of oil do they use?


t-flex4 t1_j6hqtn5 wrote

That place is over priced for burgers with less flavor than a chain fast food restaurant.


zeelab2021 OP t1_j6hxeuu wrote

Fatburger is a fast food chain actually—they’ve been around since the 40s and started out in CA. Their prices are pretty similar to a lot of other burger chains today, but for me it’s a big deal because they are a non-vegan place offering great vegan options (can’t speak for how the non-vegan options taste)


moonpeachburritofunk t1_j6fc6cj wrote

Just eat a salad. Vegans need to stay in lane and eat vegetables not elaborate meat reproductions


twelvesteprevenge t1_j6fe74i wrote

Vegan gatekeeping?!? Shocked face.


moonpeachburritofunk t1_j6fexo6 wrote

I just prefer vegetables to elaborate expensive highly processed meat substitutes. Pro veggies not snacks tarian


twelvesteprevenge t1_j6ff2w2 wrote

I see you’re allowed to have your own preferences. Now take that concept and apply it to everyone else.


greedy_new_truth t1_j6fmd2k wrote

The concept of meat shaped vegetables is absolutely stupid. Going out to eat or sourcing veg(an) friendly alternatives is not monetarily incentivized. Is animal agriculture that big of a machine that it equalizes the profit margins which necessitate the price of acceptable meat to be so low and veg alternatives so high? To generate a similar price at restaurants, grocery stores or other sources feels like price gouging for the sake of being able to do it. Does an impossible burger equate to a steak in terms of cost of production and a McSandwich to a bag of salad in veg world? Surely not.

As a non meat eater for environmental reasons, I find it ridiculous that the mental appeasements that exist out there for satiating carnivorous desires cost the same or more in comparison to animal products. Maybe denormalizing the idea of vegetables reformed into meat simulations is a good first step at drying out the demand for these products, thus forcing the price to drop? It just seems silly. Or we have reached peak societal complacency and whatever is determinably the price for these things is fair so the machine is further lubricated by consumer money for the detriment and eventual doom of us all.


twelvesteprevenge t1_j6fmkxz wrote

The only thing more stereotypically vegan than gatekeeping is pointless moralizing.


moonpeachburritofunk t1_j6g9j9x wrote

I prefer to not censor my self to comfort their mass delusion that their industrial snack cuisine that looks like meat is the peak of veggie experiences. I think that it’s a public good if everyone wants quality fresh veggies then resteraunts have lots of great options instead of stinkin meat like veggie Pattie’s that are junk food.


SadieSellsSeashells t1_j6hjhiq wrote

Imagine throwing this big of a tantrum because someone dares to like a food you don't like. Do you also stomp and scream when someone buys a bag of chips that aren't your favorite lmao 🤣


moonpeachburritofunk t1_j6jp511 wrote

I’m def not having tantrum just for mainly saying my opinion. I don’t care honestly. I just will judge u is all. I’m living my best life. You are missing out on fresh veggies, your loss.


twelvesteprevenge t1_j6kva9t wrote

You presume to know what people’s dietary habits are just because they think you’re a bossy, pompous ass. All this acting like you’re better than everybody else and you were eating flesh less than a year ago. Fuckin clown.


moonpeachburritofunk t1_j6kwj54 wrote

Lol, I’m not the one stalking through years of my Reddit comments to dig up dirt. You sweaty try hard


twelvesteprevenge t1_j6kz5jm wrote

LOL, not like it took any effort to click on that public profile link. You mad bc you’re exposed as a ham sandwich eating hypocrite after all the self righteous puffery.


SadieSellsSeashells t1_j6meuzy wrote

Yes, because eating the total of 1 Gardein nugget means I can never consume a vegetable again or my body will explode. 🤣🤣🤣