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Waste-Reading7080 t1_j6bd11o wrote

And that folks is why we move out of Richmond. Also it’s my 21st birthday and thinking about getting robbed by someone that is 5’6” is fucking hilarious


SmileyRylieBMX t1_j6bla0n wrote

If someone is pointing a gun at you, do you really care how tall they are?


Arviay t1_j6blikx wrote

It’s their birthday, so it’s funny.


Waste-Reading7080 t1_j6bljb0 wrote

Obviously not I was just joking clearly not a good joke though my apologies sick gaming setup though.


ThatChildNextDoor t1_j6blla3 wrote

What an asshole response.


Waste-Reading7080 t1_j6bly78 wrote

My apologies to everyone in this subreddit. I made a joke that was clearly not funny to the crowd in here. I drank 6 margaritas my first time drinking I’m clearly not the brightest stick in the field


tornadogenesis t1_j6dcbm1 wrote

You are too young to know how naive, arrogant, and foolish you sound.


jacksonwarg t1_j6bs3xo wrote

It honestly is unnerving how dangerous it has gotten. My one friend moved into his new house and found people squatting inside. He called the police but they said "too bad," and the squatters keep eating his cereal and looking at him. I also have ten friends that were robbed and murdered at VMFA- believe it or not- all separate occasions. At the last funeral the grieving family stole my catalytic convertor. I've just about had enough. /s


dalhectar t1_j6cg6nc wrote

And someone attempted to steal your girlfriend at southern railway...crime is crazy out here.


Waste-Reading7080 t1_j6bs7qj wrote

Richmond police are as much as cops as I was playing cops and robbers at age 11


JoeSabo t1_j6cnnoz wrote

Nah, they kill innocent people sometimes.


jacksonwarg t1_j6c02ob wrote

That was satire I was disagreeing with you about this being reason to leave richmond, although it is a shitty situation. But you aren't wrong about the cops.


_R_A_ t1_j6dl37n wrote

Funerals ain't cheap. Gotta grab that sweet sweet cattie money while you can!

Next time paint it pink, everyone knows thieves don't steal things that are pink.

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