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xDocFearx t1_j6bsdpy wrote

Why are they able to describe the man behind them way better than the one who originally walked up?


SirAsksALatte t1_j6cu5zh wrote

Maybe because the original guy had a hood on. But also the original guy had 2 descriptors, the other man had 3 descriptors. That’s not really “way better” lol.


FARTBOSS420 t1_j6bwn60 wrote

Maybe the behind guy had a more striking look. Said tall and "gaunt" which I googled, means thin or emaciated. So I guess it was just some not so notable 5'6" guy, then a tall "gaunt" Slenderman with a more striking appearance?


xDocFearx t1_j6g4pjn wrote

Lol imagine reading your description in the paper and it’s “slenderman appearance”. Dude would off himself


GingerBawls t1_j6c0gmc wrote

You're dumb