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OMGEntitlement t1_j6ct7iv wrote

Reply to comment by Ditovontease in Just a heads up by that-fn-guy

I've lived here since 1991 and my partner has lived here even longer. I just asked him, "Do you know where the Capital Market across from Helen's is?" and he looked at me like I'd grown a second nose and said, "What? No....."

So uhhh, no. You can tell who's an asshole from your reply, though.


mikeq232 t1_j6cvv6e wrote

If you've lived here since 91 and you don't know Helens you need to get out more.


Ditovontease t1_j6cvzbl wrote

ex Black Swan books


OMGEntitlement t1_j6cwel5 wrote

I understood that reference.


Ditovontease t1_j6cwoxw wrote

yeah after it was revealed that the owner is butt buddies with Steve Bannon it closed and I guess a convenience store replaced it


OMGEntitlement t1_j6hpw9g wrote

All of the people downvoting me can meet me at the intersection where Thalheimer's, Price Club, and Best Products used to be, about half a mile as the crow flies from Parker Field, and we can discuss it.


Standard_Bat_8833 t1_j6e37wv wrote

Lol I moved here 3 years ago and knew that one prob after the first few months. You guys must not get out much