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ManBMitt t1_j6d4lw8 wrote

Reply to comment by FARTBOSS420 in Just a heads up by that-fn-guy

It’s definitely not bullshit - but we also aren’t experiencing what most experts would call an economic downturn right now.


CantBan-TheSnowman t1_j6dg8ud wrote

We’ve been in a recession for months. You and your “experts” can try to rewrite the dictionary all you want, but we’re in a recession and everybody knows it.


ManBMitt t1_j6dmiwk wrote

Real GDP growth has been positive for the last two quarters - I don’t know of any definition that says we are currently in a recession.


AnnPoltergeist t1_j6eauu6 wrote

All of the official definitions of “recession” are blind to the daily reality of the working classes, and are provided by people whose entire professional life is dependent on unsustainable “growth at all costs” capitalism. GDP growth is largely irrelevant as a measure of a country’s economic health when the majority of economic gains are distributed to a tiny percentage of the population.


khuldrim t1_j6hwynr wrote

"I don't like the actual scientific and official definition or a recession so I'm going to substitute my non-expertise for generally accepted correctness for political reasons"


AnnPoltergeist t1_j6i2jot wrote

lmao here is some light reading for you, sweetie, from the Harvard Business Review, written by two lovely Indian economists with impeccable credentials. Hope this isn’t too casual for you. much love!


khuldrim t1_j6i3t0c wrote

We’re not talking about “human well being” sweetie. wee talking about the accepted definition of recession and how we’re not, by definition, in one.


AnnPoltergeist t1_j6i4qlv wrote

that’s not what my original comment was about. I am not arguing about what the accepted definition of a recession is, i am saying that the accepted definition misses the point. Kinda like how you missed the point of my original comment. Lmaooooo


Trepeld t1_j6lcddc wrote

Interesting how much this is being down voted… it would take a lot of squinting to see a recession from our economic numbers, which has absolutely nothing to do with the extreme inequality, dismantling of our social net, and unfettered capitalism that is depressing wages and mimicking all the negative aspects of a recession that people are experiencing