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pcptornado11 t1_j6dc5mu wrote

Reply to comment by fractalflatulence in Just a heads up by that-fn-guy

Right on brother, let's go Brandon or something


fractalflatulence t1_j6dcxsd wrote

Sounds like you’re assuming some shit about me so that it’s easier for you to stomach the obvious point I made about crime prevention in the context of the post I was replying to. I voted for “Brandon”

Hit the bricks.


pcptornado11 t1_j6ddyej wrote

You made the same tired response that a particular crowd of people like to use anytime there's a violent crime committed. I voted for Brandon too, this isn't that serious.


fractalflatulence t1_j6de6zs wrote

Or i made a sarcastic comment in reply to a different tired ass response anytime there’s a crime…”Cops are useless!”

Ask yourself why my comment upset you so much you had to assume I’m a Republican.

Fucking Reddit, full of smooth brains


pcptornado11 t1_j6dew62 wrote

Right, but you can make a lot of assumptions about that tired comment. Sarcasm doesn't translate well in text.

It seems like only one of us is upset here and it certainly isn't me. I hope this doesn't ruin your day!


fractalflatulence t1_j6dfemm wrote

You can assume whatever you want as long as you’re willing to get called out for your wrong assumptions.

My day is far from ruined but thanks for your faux-concern, slick.

Don’t confuse me chiding you with name calling as me being upset, although I’m sure that’s an effective ego-protective mechanism for you.


pcptornado11 t1_j6dhoh5 wrote

It sure seems like you're upset. This isn't that serious. Have a better day!