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ZephyrInfernum t1_j6djxou wrote

Reply to comment by fractalflatulence in Just a heads up by that-fn-guy

You say that to me as if I've ever argued for that that. I haven't. It's a nice strawman, though.

Do you know what I am in favor of for our city? Cops back on actual beats. They're being paid by our taxes to do a job. Arguably, right now they aren't doing that job. Traffic offenses left and right, pedestrians getting hit, a pervert creeper going around shouting he's the one doing it but police can't seem to apprehend, muggings in places that were previously safe...

Police, as they currently are by their design, are worthless. Cops sitting in cars at the back of lots waiting for calls (when the crime has already happened) do nothing to prevent crime by way of presence.


fractalflatulence t1_j6dkazh wrote

Definitely not a strawman. Sarcastic response to the implied meaning of the comment I replied to regarding cops and crime prevention

Next time articulate yourself intelligently and you won’t get a sarcastic reply.

Also, hard not to think you’re just backpedaling here since you posted elsewhere in the thread “why have them at all” and you appear to post in multiple anti-police subreddits

Imagine that…

But yes super funny that you’d double down that cops are worthless.

Kyle the college freshman, ladies and gentlemen.

Edit to add: how do you reconcile that the crime rate is down compared to when cops “walked the beat” so to speak?