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Marino4K t1_j6b3jcg wrote

What the fuck is going on recently? I feel like there’s been a huge uptick of robberies, break ins, etc going on.


FARTBOSS420 t1_j6bw8ku wrote

I wanna say economic downturns make crime go up. But as I'm looking at sources, they're saying that's bullshit. I guess that's just a myth? Will continue my research


JoeSabo t1_j6cndxj wrote

Wait what? That is definitely not bullshit what 'sources' do you mean?


juicybananas t1_j6d8ybp wrote

I saw a video a while ago about how banning abortion means more kids end up in government border houses and those environments tend to bred criminals because of how harsh they are. But I think the video also said that might also not necessarily be the case. The theory just seemed to fit well so… take it for what you will.


FEdart t1_j6dn986 wrote

The study by Levitt and Donahue that you’re referring to is far from settled fact and is pretty hotly debated by economists BTW.


juicybananas t1_j6jquh7 wrote

Absolutely just thought it was interesting and thought I had made myself clear about that but apparently not...


ManBMitt t1_j6d4lw8 wrote

It’s definitely not bullshit - but we also aren’t experiencing what most experts would call an economic downturn right now.


CantBan-TheSnowman t1_j6dg8ud wrote

We’ve been in a recession for months. You and your “experts” can try to rewrite the dictionary all you want, but we’re in a recession and everybody knows it.


ManBMitt t1_j6dmiwk wrote

Real GDP growth has been positive for the last two quarters - I don’t know of any definition that says we are currently in a recession.


AnnPoltergeist t1_j6eauu6 wrote

All of the official definitions of “recession” are blind to the daily reality of the working classes, and are provided by people whose entire professional life is dependent on unsustainable “growth at all costs” capitalism. GDP growth is largely irrelevant as a measure of a country’s economic health when the majority of economic gains are distributed to a tiny percentage of the population.


khuldrim t1_j6hwynr wrote

"I don't like the actual scientific and official definition or a recession so I'm going to substitute my non-expertise for generally accepted correctness for political reasons"


AnnPoltergeist t1_j6i2jot wrote

lmao here is some light reading for you, sweetie, from the Harvard Business Review, written by two lovely Indian economists with impeccable credentials. Hope this isn’t too casual for you. much love!


khuldrim t1_j6i3t0c wrote

We’re not talking about “human well being” sweetie. wee talking about the accepted definition of recession and how we’re not, by definition, in one.


AnnPoltergeist t1_j6i4qlv wrote

that’s not what my original comment was about. I am not arguing about what the accepted definition of a recession is, i am saying that the accepted definition misses the point. Kinda like how you missed the point of my original comment. Lmaooooo


Trepeld t1_j6lcddc wrote

Interesting how much this is being down voted… it would take a lot of squinting to see a recession from our economic numbers, which has absolutely nothing to do with the extreme inequality, dismantling of our social net, and unfettered capitalism that is depressing wages and mimicking all the negative aspects of a recession that people are experiencing


ITMORON t1_j6czczj wrote

I have a friend who knows the owner of one of a big name car dealerships in the area. He said that car theft is at an all time high in the area as well. High end cars are being stolen from dealer lots, homes etc. While I have not validated this information, considering the source I feel it is likely valid. Be vigilant, keep an eye on your surroundings.


GingerBawls t1_j6c1cbq wrote

Cops are worthless. This is what made you see that? Congratulation I guess


ZephyrInfernum t1_j6cqrkq wrote

Idk why you're downvoted. Cops are worthless. They show up after the fact. They're a clean up crew for crime


7SlotGrill t1_j6d8511 wrote

Exactly why I CCW, I can't fit a cop in my pocket.


bkemp1984Part2 t1_j6dft0a wrote

I doubt most down votes are for the first sentence they said, but for the fact that the next two are kind of dickish.


Chance-Ad4773 t1_j6i7wh5 wrote

So you're saying we need more cops on patrol then


ZephyrInfernum t1_j6iuwb4 wrote

Yes, I have argued for more cops to actually walk a beat. What they currently do is not what I would call patrolling. What's your point?

As they currently are, they're useless.


Chance-Ad4773 t1_j6j3xg3 wrote

Well I thought I was posting a "gotcha" because I also think there should be more cops on patrol but I guess we actually just agree and now I look like an asshole


militantrubberducky t1_j6df8bq wrote

By your logic so is the rest of the citizenry.


ZephyrInfernum t1_j6dibji wrote

The rest of the citizens aren't police paid to "protect" or "serve". They have no constitutional duty to actually do their jobs so why have them at all.

Police do not prevent crime.


militantrubberducky t1_j6dm6qo wrote

Aside from your disingenuous overgeneralization, the rest of the citizens aren't investigating crimes, aren't processing evidence, and aren't making arrests.


fractalflatulence t1_j6dj4zz wrote

They don’t prevent ALL crime. But they absolutely prevent crimes from occurring

There’s nuance that people like you deliberately ignore when you make statements like “police don’t prevent crime”.

This is why intelligent people don’t take comments like that, and the people making them, seriously.

I’m sure there’s some social reinforcement at play here for people like you making ideological arguments based on far reaching generalizations and convenient platitudes lacking in nuance.

I wonder what happens when the dopamine hit from posting basic-ass takes on Reddit fades away…


applebeesinthetrap t1_j6dyt4d wrote

I think "intelligent" people understand the nuance of the statement and read it as "the effect the police have is dramatically overestimated". Why are u trying to make this so personal lol


fractalflatulence t1_j6ewg2m wrote

There is no nuance in the statement. That’s the point.

Edit to add: How you don't see the irony in you defending a drastic underestimation of the value of policing on the grounds of an alleged overestimation of the value of policing is beyond me....


applebeesinthetrap t1_j6ezt45 wrote

What? Yes there is.. you said so yourself.

>There’s nuance that people like you deliberately ignore when you make statements like “police don’t prevent crime”.


fractalflatulence t1_j6f1ghe wrote

Serious question, did you hit your head?

I'm replying to the comment " **Cops are worthless** "

that has zero nuance..


applebeesinthetrap t1_j6f9szq wrote

Yeah sorry I am a bit slow.. thank you for being patient with me. I think we might have a misunderstanding..

Could you tell what the word nuance means here? Not the definition of it (I looked that up already don't understand!). But what you are talking about when you say it?

From this statement of yours >There’s nuance that people like you deliberately ignore when you make statements like “police don’t prevent crime”.

Edit: A better way to phrase my question is "what is the nuance that people are deliberately ignoring?"


fractalflatulence t1_j6daegz wrote

If only there were some social workers in that alley at 2:45am on a Sunday morning this all could’ve been prevented!


pcptornado11 t1_j6dc5mu wrote

Right on brother, let's go Brandon or something


fractalflatulence t1_j6dcxsd wrote

Sounds like you’re assuming some shit about me so that it’s easier for you to stomach the obvious point I made about crime prevention in the context of the post I was replying to. I voted for “Brandon”

Hit the bricks.


pcptornado11 t1_j6ddyej wrote

You made the same tired response that a particular crowd of people like to use anytime there's a violent crime committed. I voted for Brandon too, this isn't that serious.


fractalflatulence t1_j6de6zs wrote

Or i made a sarcastic comment in reply to a different tired ass response anytime there’s a crime…”Cops are useless!”

Ask yourself why my comment upset you so much you had to assume I’m a Republican.

Fucking Reddit, full of smooth brains


pcptornado11 t1_j6dew62 wrote

Right, but you can make a lot of assumptions about that tired comment. Sarcasm doesn't translate well in text.

It seems like only one of us is upset here and it certainly isn't me. I hope this doesn't ruin your day!


fractalflatulence t1_j6dfemm wrote

You can assume whatever you want as long as you’re willing to get called out for your wrong assumptions.

My day is far from ruined but thanks for your faux-concern, slick.

Don’t confuse me chiding you with name calling as me being upset, although I’m sure that’s an effective ego-protective mechanism for you.


pcptornado11 t1_j6dhoh5 wrote

It sure seems like you're upset. This isn't that serious. Have a better day!


ZephyrInfernum t1_j6djxou wrote

You say that to me as if I've ever argued for that that. I haven't. It's a nice strawman, though.

Do you know what I am in favor of for our city? Cops back on actual beats. They're being paid by our taxes to do a job. Arguably, right now they aren't doing that job. Traffic offenses left and right, pedestrians getting hit, a pervert creeper going around shouting he's the one doing it but police can't seem to apprehend, muggings in places that were previously safe...

Police, as they currently are by their design, are worthless. Cops sitting in cars at the back of lots waiting for calls (when the crime has already happened) do nothing to prevent crime by way of presence.


fractalflatulence t1_j6dkazh wrote

Definitely not a strawman. Sarcastic response to the implied meaning of the comment I replied to regarding cops and crime prevention

Next time articulate yourself intelligently and you won’t get a sarcastic reply.

Also, hard not to think you’re just backpedaling here since you posted elsewhere in the thread “why have them at all” and you appear to post in multiple anti-police subreddits

Imagine that…

But yes super funny that you’d double down that cops are worthless.

Kyle the college freshman, ladies and gentlemen.

Edit to add: how do you reconcile that the crime rate is down compared to when cops “walked the beat” so to speak?


xDocFearx t1_j6bsdpy wrote

Why are they able to describe the man behind them way better than the one who originally walked up?


SirAsksALatte t1_j6cu5zh wrote

Maybe because the original guy had a hood on. But also the original guy had 2 descriptors, the other man had 3 descriptors. That’s not really “way better” lol.


FARTBOSS420 t1_j6bwn60 wrote

Maybe the behind guy had a more striking look. Said tall and "gaunt" which I googled, means thin or emaciated. So I guess it was just some not so notable 5'6" guy, then a tall "gaunt" Slenderman with a more striking appearance?


xDocFearx t1_j6g4pjn wrote

Lol imagine reading your description in the paper and it’s “slenderman appearance”. Dude would off himself


GingerBawls t1_j6c0gmc wrote

You're dumb


Hayek66 t1_j6bnc7l wrote

Violent crime can’t be tolerated. Table stakes of a stable place to live is safety


RicTicTocs t1_j6dgeu2 wrote

Nothing good ever happens after midnight.


123takeapissonme t1_j6dwoav wrote

I had quite a good things happen after midnight. Usually about 6 hours after midnight when I get myself a greasy biscuit to cure a hangover


fractalflatulence t1_j6d7ip0 wrote

They were probably at city beach getting hyped before. Place attracts a bunch of nonsense on the weekend.


According-Couple2744 t1_j6f7nun wrote

Thank you for sharing this information. I hope your friend and her coworkers are ok.


Quirky-Intention7959 t1_j6ib5pu wrote

Time for responsible people to conceal and defend themselves. Be responsible for yourself and the people you love. Please always have a sober person out with you. It’s ok not to get intoxicated on weekends. Most street robberies in my neighborhood happen to intoxicated people. Please get off your phone when you’re walking alone late at night. Please take off your headphones when you’re alone. Be aware of your surroundings! It’s only getting worse and always assume the worst in strangers you see on the road. Be aware and stand up for your brothers and sisters if you witness anything. Peace be upon all of you 🙏🏻


PimmentoChode t1_j6c7m8l wrote

RPD has a dump in their pants


Five9sFine t1_j6e0ajx wrote

Defund the police!...also why is crime all over the place? IDK, the gubbermint should do a study.


j3ngy t1_j6f2pmf wrote

These people are just trying to get by probably... they didn't do any harm!


Alextits3 t1_j6cztht wrote

I wish these descriptions were better plus did they take the iPhone? You can track your iPhone and or air pods case; That’s how we found my coworkers car that was stolen. But I’m glad no one was hurt so sorry this happened to you. From and living in Richmond it’s almost normal this happens very very sad. Needless to say I won’t be living here much longer!


dontwontcarequeend65 t1_j6d1bne wrote

Where will you live that has no crime? Especially property crime.


Alextits3 t1_j6d1lrv wrote

I didnt say no crime. I obviously meant less crime. Smart ass


VirginiaTex t1_j6dazp3 wrote

Why does RVA have what seems like more homeless/panhandling people Everywhere in Richmond? Not really a thing as much in DC or Norfolk.


smarshall561 t1_j6cq29w wrote

I wish people didn't assume everyone knows the name and location of everything in Richmond. Give a cross street next time (I know OP didn't write the screenshot)


Ditovontease t1_j6cqu9a wrote

Robinson and Main in the Fan

also we can tell who's new and who isn't based on this lol


OMGEntitlement t1_j6ct7iv wrote

I've lived here since 1991 and my partner has lived here even longer. I just asked him, "Do you know where the Capital Market across from Helen's is?" and he looked at me like I'd grown a second nose and said, "What? No....."

So uhhh, no. You can tell who's an asshole from your reply, though.


mikeq232 t1_j6cvv6e wrote

If you've lived here since 91 and you don't know Helens you need to get out more.


Ditovontease t1_j6cvzbl wrote

ex Black Swan books


OMGEntitlement t1_j6cwel5 wrote

I understood that reference.


Ditovontease t1_j6cwoxw wrote

yeah after it was revealed that the owner is butt buddies with Steve Bannon it closed and I guess a convenience store replaced it


OMGEntitlement t1_j6hpw9g wrote

All of the people downvoting me can meet me at the intersection where Thalheimer's, Price Club, and Best Products used to be, about half a mile as the crow flies from Parker Field, and we can discuss it.


Standard_Bat_8833 t1_j6e37wv wrote

Lol I moved here 3 years ago and knew that one prob after the first few months. You guys must not get out much


smarshall561 t1_j6d5twc wrote

So because I don't go where you go I'm new? Fuck off gatekeeper


Ditovontease t1_j6dcok9 wrote

Sounds like you should use google and be less mad that people know where popular Richmond establishments are lmao


YardieLobo t1_j6c47oj wrote

Just a heads up don’t be in dimly lit parking lot in an alley at 2:45am.


JoeSabo t1_j6cntuu wrote

So "dont have any late shift job ever" cool got it. This really isnt possible.


alyssarva t1_j6c5f61 wrote

Yup scrolled through the comments waiting for this. Some people are just leaving work/getting home at that time.


Waste-Reading7080 t1_j6bd11o wrote

And that folks is why we move out of Richmond. Also it’s my 21st birthday and thinking about getting robbed by someone that is 5’6” is fucking hilarious


SmileyRylieBMX t1_j6bla0n wrote

If someone is pointing a gun at you, do you really care how tall they are?


Arviay t1_j6blikx wrote

It’s their birthday, so it’s funny.


Waste-Reading7080 t1_j6bljb0 wrote

Obviously not I was just joking clearly not a good joke though my apologies sick gaming setup though.


ThatChildNextDoor t1_j6blla3 wrote

What an asshole response.


Waste-Reading7080 t1_j6bly78 wrote

My apologies to everyone in this subreddit. I made a joke that was clearly not funny to the crowd in here. I drank 6 margaritas my first time drinking I’m clearly not the brightest stick in the field


tornadogenesis t1_j6dcbm1 wrote

You are too young to know how naive, arrogant, and foolish you sound.


jacksonwarg t1_j6bs3xo wrote

It honestly is unnerving how dangerous it has gotten. My one friend moved into his new house and found people squatting inside. He called the police but they said "too bad," and the squatters keep eating his cereal and looking at him. I also have ten friends that were robbed and murdered at VMFA- believe it or not- all separate occasions. At the last funeral the grieving family stole my catalytic convertor. I've just about had enough. /s


dalhectar t1_j6cg6nc wrote

And someone attempted to steal your girlfriend at southern railway...crime is crazy out here.


Waste-Reading7080 t1_j6bs7qj wrote

Richmond police are as much as cops as I was playing cops and robbers at age 11


JoeSabo t1_j6cnnoz wrote

Nah, they kill innocent people sometimes.


jacksonwarg t1_j6c02ob wrote

That was satire I was disagreeing with you about this being reason to leave richmond, although it is a shitty situation. But you aren't wrong about the cops.


_R_A_ t1_j6dl37n wrote

Funerals ain't cheap. Gotta grab that sweet sweet cattie money while you can!

Next time paint it pink, everyone knows thieves don't steal things that are pink.

More /s