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bytemage t1_j7pek73 wrote

It's not like this is unexpected. Just denied and ignored like every other aspect of the climate crisis.


wubbbalubbadubdub t1_j7plapd wrote

Also as an individual who is not a billionaire and not living in a location where this is happening... There is effectively nothing I can do about it.


Veasna1 t1_j7q8vf0 wrote

Are you still consuming animal products? Most of this is due to that.


Responsible-Laugh590 t1_j7s8rr9 wrote

Ya this is false, tons from corporations manufacturing and energy needs being meet worldwide.


Veasna1 t1_j89f0qu wrote

Sure and 80 billion landanimals and 1,42 trillion marine animals are all breatharians right. Because that are the numbers killed to sate everyones desire to eat animal products. Huge amounts of land and rainforest are cleared for that.


No-Sock7425 t1_j7pkrxj wrote

It’s also cute that they assume mankind won’t have cut every single tree down long before 2100 in the name of profit.


AadamAtomic t1_j7r67vr wrote

This is the worst Rube Goldberg machine ever made.


Kargaroc t1_j7pdl0j wrote

Many of the primary climate changes we see do set off domino effects like this


9273629397759992 OP t1_j7pejsh wrote

Plain language summary:

According to a new study from Yale University, climate change could lead to a decrease in the biomass of tropical forests, resulting in an increase in carbon emissions that could accelerate global warming. The research team used historical data and satellite maps to study above-ground biomass in the tropics of South America, Africa, and Asia. They found that if greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are higher, losses of stored carbon could nearly double by 2100. The researchers hope that these findings will help strengthen the case for current climate policy initiatives, such as the Paris Climate Agreement, that seek to limit global warming and preserve tropical forests.


bytemage t1_j7peqv8 wrote

It's cute that they still hope it will change anything.


Redbeardthe1st t1_j7q81bx wrote

This is awesome, I wish I didn't have to work for a living so I could sit back and enjoy watching the human race drive itself to extinction.


Justwant2watchitburn t1_j7q9lhv wrote

instead I have to watch it from my office


Haptoh t1_j7ue73r wrote

At least mine is air conditioned. Throwback to last summer when some people wanted to sleep at the office when it reaches frying pan level hotness in my city.


Ixneigh t1_j7r689n wrote

It’s not doing anything any other race race wouldn’t be doing. Life consumes, reproduces, consumes, and when the are no more resources to consume, it dies off.


bkconn t1_j7pnd17 wrote

"It's the cascade.." -Prax


TheAverageBiologist t1_j7q721g wrote

What could we do personally to decrease deforestation?


U_Sam t1_j7qi07p wrote

Avoid products that contain agriculture heavy products like palm oil and basically any plantation crop. Please do understand that unlike this sort of deforestation, logging for the most part is done in a sustainable way in the United States at least. In fact a lot of issues we’re having right now are due to loss of early successional habitat from the frantic tree planting done by the logging industries back in the day.


Vericeon t1_j7qr45v wrote

Any plantation crop? As in all plant agriculture?


U_Sam t1_j7qrccg wrote

I suppose I mean like things that heavily forested areas are typically cleared to grow. Soybeans, coffee beans, etc.. there are some more sustainable plants and stuff to pick from and some that are horrific in their land use


Vericeon t1_j7qrq3w wrote

From my reading, it seems that eating less meat, particularly red meat, is the best way to reduce your impact. So much of deforestation is to grow soy, corn, etc for animal feed. Not to mention space for those animals to graze.


U_Sam t1_j7qrylm wrote

Oh yeah I just assumed that was common knowledge at this point that’s my bad. If you’re gonna eat meat you should probably hunt your own


kittenTakeover t1_j7rf6l4 wrote

Palm oil gets a bad rap from what I can tell. Most of the crops that have the biggest impact, such as palm oil, do so because they're the most used. However, they're often the most used because they're the most efficient. Dropping palm oil may have consequences if you just shift your oil use to a less efficient crop. Now you need even more farm land!

In the end the best general answer to TheAverageBiologist is to consume less and get involved in politics.


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Chalkarts t1_j7slatv wrote

Fewer Human. More Trees. That’s the solution.


IcanDigglet t1_j7su4hq wrote

It’s loss to unfiltered and unchecked purposeful destruction for profit.