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Biosphere_Collapse OP t1_ja0326b wrote

Plain language summary:

The study found that Chinese people have a good understanding of climate change and its causes, and think it is important to take action to address it. They mainly view the government, especially the central government, as being responsible for doing this, and support policy measures like carbon taxes and cap and trade. Additionally, individuals are willing to take action themselves.


RedditFuckedHumanity t1_ja0ad21 wrote

All of the global super polluters have sold this idea that an individual can help save the planet

They've played you and people who believe such a claim are morons.


pittopottamus t1_ja0w15j wrote

Individuals can definitely help. But those efforts will be useless if meaningful policy change targeting the big dogs doesn’t also happen


Chii t1_ja1hzn8 wrote

> meaningful policy change targeting the big dogs doesn’t also happen

not disagree, but any policy that costs more (such as carbon capture) would mean the costs passed down to the eventual consumers.

So ultimately, individuals bear the cost. What is needed is for policy to ensure all externalities are accounted for and paid for, and this requires gov't intervention.


Twisted_Cabbage t1_ja16xka wrote

What is needed is degrowth.


Infinite-Review-9987 t1_ja20ynt wrote

No, what is needed is eliminating the profit motive. Degrowth is just another individual responsibility myth sold to you by corporations. Like recycling.


No-Level-346 t1_ja4a5s4 wrote

>No, what is needed is eliminating the profit motive.

Why? We have real life examples of non profit economic systems and they didn't particularly care about the environment.


Chalkarts t1_ja1uc4i wrote

Depopulation would be pretty awesome too.


LineOfInquiry t1_ja24rw8 wrote

Let’s not do ecofascism please


Chalkarts t1_ja3fppl wrote

But the ecosystem would love it. It’d be the biggest thing to happen to trees since the Amazon was set on fire to make room for farmland.


LineOfInquiry t1_ja4ixif wrote

The problem is not overpopulation. It’s how we use resources. We have the resources to safely support 10-12 billion people currently. The problem is that they aren’t spread out equally, and are wasted on frivolous or unnecessary things (eg single use plastics). I’m all for people having less kids, but forcing them to or killing people is not the answer. After all, we care about climate change first and for foremost for the negative impact it has on humans. We’re part of the environment, when the environment is hurt we are too.


eheisse87 t1_ja48h3i wrote

Cool. Maybe you should start with yourself?


Chalkarts t1_ja4h1of wrote

I’m child free. Same thing.


FwibbFwibb t1_ja94rla wrote

So only parents should start killing themselves? What?


Chalkarts t1_ja95gjm wrote

Who said anything about killing anyone? Just don’t have kids. If people were responsible and being childfree were normalized instead of shunned, We’d be down by a few billion in a generation. Making more modern societal consumers on purpose is selfish and irresponsible.

You don’t have to kill anyone to depopulate. Just stop breeding.


undothatbutton t1_ja2qzqj wrote

One individual is a drop in the bucket but like, believing consumers are powerless when we vote with our money everyday is pretty naïve...


RedditFuckedHumanity t1_ja46apq wrote

You're one of those morons.


undothatbutton t1_ja5hv80 wrote

Ah yes, consumers have no buying power. That’s why we are constantly marketed to. Because the companies spending millions upon millions upon millions on ads directed at us don’t want our money or buying power.


RedditFuckedHumanity t1_ja85v9k wrote

You're being sold false power. A false ability. The Chinese, Indian and Russian governments themselves can make actual change. Not individuals.


droi86 t1_ja3v1q5 wrote

Pretty sure you can say the same about most countries, it's a debate only for idiots at this point


Sentsuizan t1_ja04tgs wrote

This seems like a weird way to say Chinese people know the truth of climate change


CrossP t1_ja07q7y wrote

It includes extra data like which organizations should be working on it, accepting that money should go to climate conservation, and willingness to accept personal action.


dirtyuncleron69 t1_ja1hb4c wrote

wow weird, that in a less capitalist society than america, people listen to corporations less


bjran8888 t1_ja22fb8 wrote

Guess which country is the world leader in renewable energy?


dark_LUEshi t1_ja0cdvx wrote

more like they've fucked the ecosystem so badly, it's impossible to ignore it wasn't caused by local population and industries, everyone knows.


tornpentacle t1_ja0hu4m wrote

Nice racism, really great look. Meanwhile, the entire US is just as polluted and a large share of people don't believe climate change is caused by humans.

Also, carbon pollution ≠ chemical pollution, just so you're aware...


secret-squirrle t1_ja1efrx wrote

A red state that understands climate science! Let's keep it going, science, it works!


howard416 t1_ja1qqr7 wrote

In what context are you using “red state”?


LordBrandon t1_ja4nozt wrote

As in "red china" communist, vs red state in the US, one with a republican majority.


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LapisRS t1_ja39800 wrote

Nice, very nice

I wonder if they know which country is the biggest emitter of CO2?


SuperNovaEmber t1_ja5vsc2 wrote


> United States was the biggest emitter in history as of 2021, having released 422 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide (GtCO₂) into the atmosphere since the birth of the industrial revolution. This accounted for roughly a quarter of all historical CO₂ produced from fossil fuels and industry. China was the second-largest contributor to historical emissions, having released 250 GtCO₂.

> The leading carbon majors are all fossil fuel companies, with the top twenty polluters emitting almost 500 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in the past half a century. This is roughly 35 percent of the global total emissions produced during this period.

But they want you to blame cows and engage in idiotic arguments about their farts or burps or their feels.



SilentMobius t1_ja4x1zk wrote

Per capita, that would be Qatar, with the USA at #10 and China at #28

At over 4 times the population of the USA it makes very little sense to compare absolute number.


[deleted] t1_ja3tcte wrote



woolcoat t1_ja43p2l wrote

Even if you’re conspiracy minded, China leads the world in EVs and renewable energy. If nothing else, that’ll make the more pro-believing in climate change to further push their leads in those industries.


LordBrandon t1_ja4oqpw wrote

China leads the world in fossil fuel consumption. Including being the top producer and consumer of lignite, the dirtiest type of coal, and they are building new coal plants every year. China was the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions in 2021, accounting for nearly 31 percent of the global emissions. Don't fall for their greenwashig.


No-Level-346 t1_ja4az78 wrote

>China leads the world in EVs and renewable energy

So? They also lead in new coal powerplants.

They're a billion and a half people, they lead in many things, doesn't mean anything.