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Complex_Construction t1_iyzn992 wrote

Are we already at the point of no return or is there a possibility to reverse the damage?


HamTMan t1_iyzs5eo wrote

I suspect we are and I also suspect our leaders are fully aware of this fact, which is why you are seeing minimal effort being paid to addressing the climate catastrophe we are certain to face.


No-Satisfaction3455 t1_iz0ta7l wrote

yeah we crossed the threshold a bit ago. the scientists are waiting for us to look up and pay attention.

self immolation wasn't for nothing.


TinyBurbz t1_iz3o2dt wrote

>According to some of Bruce's friends and neighbors, he often had
difficulty making decisions as a result of his traumatic brain injury;
two described him to The Independent as "suggestible"

Bruce was not a climate scientist.


Hill_man_man t1_iz0wloe wrote

We are at the point of limit more damage. Just cuz our hand is in the fire, doesn't mean we should keep it there until it chars.


Tearakan t1_iz0x7uc wrote

Point of no return. Question is what kind of civilization will survive the coming horrible events.

I'm fully expecting the worst famine that humanity has ever encountered in the next decade.

We had issues with farming just this last year in most of the main food growing regions. And it was a tame year compared to what's coming.


Splenda t1_iz1pe3t wrote

Every day effectively brings a new point of no return, given that reversing ice loss will take centuries. All we can do is to stop making this mess worse.


pyrrhios t1_iz22g6g wrote

We passed that a while ago. We are now in mitigation phase. I'm sure reversal is possible eventually, but we're a ways away from that one.