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Neurogence OP t1_j9gzrti wrote

Yup. All they had to do was remove that part at the bottom.

But---I do think an email addressing fatalities requires more human touch.


MarginCalled1 t1_j9hp5hw wrote

I use ChatGPT to write all of my emails that require more than a line or two, then I go through and make edits as necessary.

We live in strange times, this is like someone in the late 80s writing an E-MAIL to address fatalities, they couldn't even write a normal letter and send it in the mail like everyone else??!

In a couple years we'll look back and nod at how dumb this is.


saleemkarim t1_j9hspjp wrote

Yeah, reminds me of a late Seinfeld episode about whether or not it's impolite to make an important phone call on a cellphone.


hijirah t1_j9i1ugg wrote

If they would've removed the citation, then they'd be on the hook for plagiarism. It's like they can't win for losing.


End3rWi99in t1_j9iisv2 wrote

> requires more human touch

As a counter argument, I believe a human touch can include anything all over the map. I don't blame someone looking to get more of an unbiased or more reserved iteration before submitting anything important, especially if you conclude it does a better job than you of conveying meaning. I sometimes struggle at getting to the core of what I mean through words. It's one of the reasons emoji's were created.