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Meta_Archon t1_j263avg wrote

Go to a monastery, live in spirituality, mushrooms for breakfast and astral project into another dimension.


sideways t1_j273z94 wrote

Why wait for AI?


Meta_Archon t1_j274m17 wrote

The OP asked for a contingency, I would still like to participate and witness how it all plays out.


Mooblegum t1_j2741cb wrote

And then realizing that a life of doing nothing is missing a purpose


cy13erpunk t1_j27nctl wrote



Mooblegum t1_j27unso wrote

I love how people think that spirituality is an easy road where you just go to a monastry like in the movies. And some asian monk give you the Nirvana and some cool mushrooms, a cute girl to fuck and a quarter pound with medium fries.

Stop believing in fairy tales bro. If you want spirituality you can try now in our inperfect world, not in another virtual world.


cy13erpunk t1_j29urzn wrote

who do you think that you are typing to? XD

your cognitive dissonance is leaking

take your own advice =]


langolier27 t1_j264k5i wrote

Move my family back to my parents farm and create a self sustaining commune with my siblings


FamiliarDistance4525 t1_j265evd wrote

Yes, having a group to rely on will increase your chances of survival, it’s rare to find a loner who does it all. There are a few though!


zendonium t1_j260fgh wrote

Have you previously grown vegetables? Many people (me included) thought it would be easy. It's very hard work for little returns. To make sufficient food just to sustain your home you'll need a couple of acres and possibly chickens. Buying seeds / compost etc is much more expensive than just buying vegetables from the store. This will be even more the case when AI makes big farming more efficient.


Imnot_your_buddy_guy t1_j262v6d wrote

I haven’t thought that far ahead. I just think hydroponic freight farms are neat because they take up less space and need less water and grow rather quickly and can be grown year round. They don’t need compost just water, plant food fluid, and electricity. Hopefully, solar panels will be more efficient soon, so I wouldn’t need to depend on a grid.


piedamon t1_j2693n9 wrote

Is the plant food fluid something you can also make on your own? I don’t know what it is our where it comes from, but that seems like a potential hitch in the self-sustainability plan if it needs to be imported from a processing facility somewhere


Smellz_Of_Elderberry t1_j26r1im wrote

Plant food fluid? You would need to acquire that via the grid. It's far more self sustaining to plant in soil, in a nature mimicking garden. If you set it up properly it can be self fertilizing, with animals and insects revitalizing the soil.

Also, post singularity u can expect mini fusion reactors.


vt75r t1_j26zda0 wrote

Potatoes. They just grow and keep multiplying.


Mooblegum t1_j274abm wrote

You mean farming is actually a tough job, reaaallyyy


SgathTriallair t1_j267axq wrote

It depends on whether we get UBI or something similar where we can survive without a job.

If yes, I'd make video games for fun. If no, I guess revolution against the capitalist overlords.


Mooblegum t1_j274hgp wrote

Are you from the USA ? If yes, capitalism will continue whatever happen as it is rooted veryyyy deeply. Most other countries it would be the same, AI is not a magic wand yet, it is just a tool ready to be used to reinforce capitalism, lowering the price of workforce


SgathTriallair t1_j27emtu wrote

Yes. The premise is that the AI makes all jobs obsolete. So if that results in having no job and literally starving to death then yes, I'll go shoot up a mansion if the only other option is to die slowly. Theoretically it won't come to that


Nanaki_TV t1_j27ebfa wrote

Nah bro. He’s gonna bring in the Revolution. These socialists are insufferable.


Gohoyo t1_j27iv1l wrote

How is wanting benefits of powerful technology going to the masses insufferable?


Nanaki_TV t1_j2ai030 wrote

Then you want capitalism


Gohoyo t1_j2ak2tk wrote

Where the top 10% own something like 50% of the wealth? No, this system is trash and unsustainable. There will eventually be no need for it. If you think Capitalism is the final stage of humanity.. how sad.


Nanaki_TV t1_j2b9rwh wrote

I don’t care about the ratios. “How sad” isn’t an argument.


Gohoyo t1_j2bnijk wrote

Then you don't actually care about who benefits from our current system. Why would anyone care about your opinion?

How sad wasn't supposed to be an argument, it was an insult.


TheDavidMichaels t1_j26sxzw wrote

"So, despite all the supposed benefits of the singularity, everything goes wrong? That doesn't make sense. A more likely scenario is that with unlimited cheap labor and access to information, people could rent a robot like Elon's for just $2,000 per year, or buy one outright for $25,000, and start building anything they can imagine. New car? Check. New house? Check. Fusion reactor? Check. Army of anime sex bots on your own faster-than-light ship? Check. Why bother with all the negativity when you can just build whatever you want?"


TheDavidMichaels t1_j26tasv wrote

construct large robot army to enslave all the hippies . clone army of hot celeb to re populate the earth in my images.


CesareGhisa t1_j25uc5p wrote

in my opinion only jobs in the digital domain will be affected (banking, office jobs, etc). jobs done entirely or almost entirely on a computer. all other physical jobs will be impacted by ai in the sense that they will use ai as an additional tool, but the job will still be performed by a man (electrician, plumber, builder, etc.). I dont think millions of walking robots will take over all physical jobs in the next decades.


Cryptizard t1_j25v16a wrote

Agree. It’s going to be a long time still before we have a robot that can navigate a persons house to find a problem with their plumbing and then successfully fix it without messing up a bunch of other stuff.


Ok_Homework9290 t1_j266ej0 wrote

I mean, if you believe that AGI and human-level robots are not a matter of if but when, most jobs will probably be disrupted/affected eventually, but in regards to "digital" jobs, I think they're further out from disruption than some people think. Knowledge work is a lot more than just crunching numbers, shuffling papers, etc. Anybody who works in a knowledge-based field (or is familiar with a knowledge-based field) knows this.

AI that's capable of fully replacing what a significant amount of knowledge workers do is still pretty far out, IMO, given how much human interaction, task variety/diversity, abstract thinking, precision, etc. is involved in much of knowledge work (not to mention legal hurdles, adoption, etc).

Knowledge work will undoubtedly change over the next 5-10 years and even more so after that, but I'm pretty confident we're a ways away from it being totally disrupted by AI.


CesareGhisa t1_j2697fv wrote

you write "AGI and human-level robots", but I think these are two different things. I see ai doing all great sort of things in the digital domain, inside a video monitor. But when it comes to the physical world is a totally different story. Over a very long timeframe also the physical world will be probably managed by highly advanced robots, but in my view that is very very far from our existing technology. About knowledge jobs, I am also skeptical ai won't pan out simply as a tool for human workers, but as a replacement of workers instead in the short/mid term.


Ok_Homework9290 t1_j26a5z4 wrote

No, I meant they're two different things.

>About knowledge jobs, I am also skeptical ai won't pan out simply as a tool for human workers, but as a replacement of workers instead in the short/mid term.

We'll see, I suppose.


Smellz_Of_Elderberry t1_j26r7ue wrote

I literally just got back from working on a farm warehouse which is being renovated into a robotics factory.. they plan to produce robot waiters, robot janitors, and robot construction worker aids..


YeetThePig t1_j26ui8g wrote

Yeah, it’s folly to think they’re not going to replace you in a “physical” job. ANI is a long way from AGI, but literally all of the things people say “robots can’t do that!” - maybe not right now, but they sure as shit are working on enabling them to handle the specific components of the job, or they’re creating systems that can be adapted to do so.

People just a few years ago were scoffing at the idea of AI artwork, and look how that’s turning out now.


Imnot_your_buddy_guy t1_j25uwdz wrote

It was a hypothetical. I’m sure we’d adapt to AI, but pretend that it took your livelihood, what alternative would you take?


CesareGhisa t1_j25vmfy wrote

if all jobs would be done by robots and we would live in an abundant physical (not digital!) world, I would pursue my passions all day long. Playing music, literature, sports...


SirFluffymuffin t1_j26j3k4 wrote

Until AI can replace first responders I think I’m fine


richterreactor t1_j275jnc wrote

You won’t be fine if the majority of the workforce doesn’t have a job.


SirFluffymuffin t1_j275s8l wrote

Genuinely curious how. As long as people are doing dumb people shit (and they will) first responders will always be needed until an AI can do it better than a person


richterreactor t1_j279c3i wrote

Imagine 30% of the workforce displaced. (Financial + service sector is closer to 40%). Unemployment of this size would cause society to collapse. Your skills would be needed but the money you are paid would be worthless.


vt75r t1_j26zhjh wrote

Who is the ai making stuff for and doing work for?


FelixTheEngine t1_j27547i wrote

The correct answer is start protesting for universal basic income and drastic changes to the social contract.


Mysterious_Ayytee t1_j27uyjr wrote

I will buy a farm and grow Marijuana. But with tegridy.


Desperate_Food7354 t1_j25wt5k wrote

I like how you say that as if you'd be able to own land.


MasterFubar t1_j263pei wrote

> as if you'd be able to own land.

Unless you live in a country ruled by a Marxist dictatorship, you are able to own land. All you need to do is work and save enough money to buy land from someone.


Desperate_Food7354 t1_j26io72 wrote

I am referencing a post AGI world where your labor is of little value.


MasterFubar t1_j26l63c wrote

> your labor is of little value.

The real question is if your money still has value. Assuming you had no hyperinflation, savings would still be money, independent of where the savings came from.

This is one of the main pillars of a free market, money has the same value that doesn't depend on its origin. You may have worked hard, you may have inherited it, or you may have earned it as interest on an investment. It doesn't matter, money is money.


little_lamb_chop t1_j26jzvp wrote

Just have fun, life is waiting anyway. I get Social Security because my autism keeps me out of the workforce along with severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD... It's sooo hard to get a job because there's so many stupid games you have to play with employers just to be considered. They complain about there not being enough workers but accommodations are too much for the corporate oligarchs


ElvinRath t1_j26qdje wrote

Honestly, I think that it is totally imposible to make some jobs obsolete in the next 5 years, so that won't happend overnight.

I mean, if tomorrow we get AGI, we might improve a lot in robotics, but we still would have to build those robots. Even for AGI/ASI, automating the world will probably take, at least, years.


So, everything with a computer would probably be automated very fast, but things like, care for the elder, would need a lot more time (And the most developed countries are getting very old) so we will have work to do.


So...My job could be automated, and if it does, my plan would be changing to another job, I guess..,


cy13erpunk t1_j27mvdi wrote

learn how to be self-sustainable

collect water , grow crops , build/fix stuff , etc

i read as much as i can every day , books/online/etc , then there are videos to watch , and music to listen to , maybe some games , always play with my dog , wife too ; then we enjoy tea/coffee/food together and that's basically a day

then enjoy the time that we have while we are alive , its an amazing thing to be conscious in this world

as AI becomes better than humans at basically any/all work-related tasks , ppl are going to have to start understanding/valuing themselves as more than just labor

i do like the idea of the shipping container converted into a self-contained hydroponics farm/garden ; you could also do rainwater collection from the roof as well


Ragondux t1_j262ztk wrote

I got into performance art a few years ago. It will not help me survive in a post apocalyptic world, unless I become the local lord's court jester, but in the pre apocalyptic world those jobs might last a bit longer.


FamiliarDistance4525 t1_j26583f wrote

Don’t discredit your abilities, acting is not just for the stage but for all of life, even in combat!


GoodAndBluts t1_j26noh1 wrote

I dont understand your answer - for two reasons

1- Why will AI contribute to soil depletion and supply chain breakages? I imagine those things would be much better and faster with AI

2- if you are obsolete, inventing some other task for yourself (gardening) is not going to help you escape obselesence - in fact there are already AI / automated farms

If you are saying you are going to grow stuff to create meaning in your life then that makes sense - I imagine we will all be doing the same (or be turned into soylent green)


Imnot_your_buddy_guy t1_j26s7co wrote

1- I was thinking climate change would cause those problems not AI

2-AI automated farms can’t compete with climate change if you are referring to traditional farming

3)I like growing plants and wouldn’t mind taking it to the next level in the future


Demosthenes-storming t1_j26nv3j wrote

"If my job was replaced by a black box, I would go to work making black boxes"....quoted but can't remember the book or author, was about actors on stage being replaced by robots and an actor who tried to resist the change. Anyone help with this or do I have to ask chatgpt?


PassengerSad9918 t1_j276tse wrote

Sorry, we only had to make one black box, which made another like itself, and so on and so forth.

You can apply for UBI depending on your region and social credit points.

Alternatively, maybe it's time to think about our asssisted Deepsleep®, it's free and also the best you can do for the enviroment!


_felagund t1_j26q40a wrote

Gaming, let’s kill the time as we like


Smellz_Of_Elderberry t1_j26q8g0 wrote

I would get a job in the only place where jobs would still exist. The virtual world.

We will create artificial scarcity in these game worlds, and people will have to "work" to achieve status inside of them. Ai workers will be banned inside.


Imnot_your_buddy_guy t1_j26sgqx wrote

I had a dream once I bought real estate…in a virtual world. I could also change the size of my boobs. Lol


TiPirate t1_j26qhz6 wrote

I’m a technician, so until we get to full nanotechnology I’m safe


[deleted] OP t1_j26rhfn wrote



TiPirate t1_j26rsxy wrote

I’m a mechanical technician and machinist. There’s a whole world outside the internet that needs maintaining.


Ortus12 t1_j26s06a wrote

Jail. Free food, Free room and board. Free friends because they have to hang out with me, no where to go haha.

A small crime, not a long sentence. So I'll see if there's UBI yet by the time I get out. If not, then I commit another small crime and wait a little longer.

UBI is inevitable eventually, unless we completely fail at the Ai Alignment problem. With exponential progress, robots making robots. There will eventually be billions of robots per person, that's more food and houses than any one could need. The entire earth will be converted into resources for us (houses, food, robots, server farms).

Currently the percentage of earth in human form is way less than one percent. All that extra matter, will be resources for us and the sun will power it.


MasterFruit3455 t1_j279nyv wrote

Why have a contingency plan for an unfounded fantasy? If I'm lucky enough to get another day, I assume it will be filled with the same labors as today and yesterday.

If that changes unexpectedly, I'll wing it as per usual.


OkAdvice2329 t1_j279p5a wrote

Same thing I’m already planning on doing. I’m leaving.


End3rWi99in t1_j27f2u5 wrote

I'd say I would travel, hike, get into gardening like all these other wonderful people but I'd probably just play a lot of video games, spend even more time on youtube and reddit.


Em0tionisdead t1_j27fuz2 wrote

If AI took over jobs overnight, we are all fucked. Like royally, devestatingly fucked.


sheerun t1_j27lba6 wrote

Do random stuff to please The Great Gradient Descent

By the way, this sub is going to shit recently


bachuna t1_j27s0md wrote

Live off of my savings and hope to god for a government response. If there isn't one, well, I guess I starve.

This is probably what most people would end up doing. People up in here talking about living in a monastery and starting a comune, 1) you aren't going to be the only one with that idea 2) there already people living living there, coursing conflict 3) let's be real for a moment, most people don't know and some physicaly can't farm, or set up some kind of a hippie sustainable farm in butfuck nowhere. Good luck just showing up some plot of land that someone probably already loves/farms on, with a bunch of other refugees, trying to start a farm with little to no previous experience. You are legitimately better off staying in the city and relying on yourself, and or your friends and family if you have them to get by for a few months, untill the gov gets its shit together and does something. The city will also be where most of the relief efforts start and where it's going to be the strongest. So yea, just tough it out IG.


Crow-Rogue t1_j27ugd3 wrote

Get a sailboat, live aboard, sail the world scuba diving and fishing. Make sure the boat is as self sufficient as possible.


Nmanga90 t1_j280vwk wrote

Bullet to my brain


Darkhorseman81 t1_j26bdnu wrote

I'd dedicate my life to curing Narcissism and Psychopathy among the politicial elite.

If we become obsolete for work, the Narcissists and Psychopaths who rule over us have no empathy or morality; If we aren't creating wealth for them, they'll find an inauspicious way to slowly do away with us.

Unless we cure them, first.