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Busy-Pen4796 t1_ja5dzc6 wrote

Awesome pic! I keep telling myself I'm going to get a telescope so I can look at the planets. But I still haven't gotten around to doing it yet, so shame on me.


stayh1gh361 t1_ja6y22z wrote

As long you use your Lifetime for other things, its all good. Producing>consuming.


pipinngreppin t1_ja8a4l9 wrote

There was once a time where I would choose between pooping and drinking coffee. Today, I can report that I am typing this message while pooping and drinking my coffee. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.


zakabog t1_ja99iuz wrote

For me when I make the decision to drink my morning espresso I'm really just asking myself if I feel comfortable pooping wherever I will be that morning.


farmallnoobies t1_ja7zjly wrote

One trick I learned the other day is that my local high school has a couple that can be checked out by anyone within the school district. I'm so glad they have this. I wish more places like libraries would do this too

If I ever finally work up the motivation to get more serious than my binoculars, I'm going to try out their 8" dob to see if I like it before buying.