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J_J_R t1_ja71op5 wrote

Care to sum up what you've done to see such improvement over the years? Just barely getting started with a homemade 114mm scope now. Has the major improvement been just in image quality or has the amount of detail you've seen with your eyes increased through better technique as well?


varrock_dark_wizard t1_ja7uow2 wrote

Also likely timing of when the planet is closer.


inlinefourpower t1_ja8w3kq wrote

Our whole earth orbit only swings the distance by ~2AU, it's at about ~5.1 AU. So we're looking at 4.1AU vs 6.1AU. I guess that is about 50% further away at the furthest, and technically both planets have non circular orbits so maybe it is a little closer than that even.

I started doing this math expecting to give OPs skills credit but maybe a lot of this is the orbit... Of course over two years we should see it get bigger and smaller. Tough to say. Either way love the pictures. I really oughta get a telescope...