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Zekava t1_ja7i4cc wrote

So you're telling me OP has been shooting at Jupiter for 2 years and all it's done is make it bigger? Damn, how hard is it to kill these space orbs?


Gil_Demoono t1_ja7zadv wrote

Shooting it one more time should reset it back to its original size if GTA is to be believed.


ijustdontgiveaf t1_ja9caiv wrote

I was standing in the park and was wondering why the frisbee was getting bigger and bigger… and then it hit me. Let’s hope Jupiter doesn’t come this close..


big_duo3674 t1_ja9wcmf wrote

The trick is to disrupt its orbit with something that has nearly as much mass, so far scientists have been unable to figure out how to get OPs mom into space though


its_justme t1_ja7va89 wrote

It’s getting angry, it keeps coming closer!


tje210 t1_ja97jxq wrote

How the hell can it be getting closer?!?!


its_justme t1_ja9gi0q wrote

We’re looking at the same picture! I’m scared!


JJ3qnkpK t1_jaa9yoz wrote

It's all actually one picture. It brought friends!


anticomet t1_ja7m01g wrote

Humans have been shooting at the Earth for centuries, but I fear our technology will only advance enough to kill 90% of life on the planet rather than the ball itself. We have no chance against a gas giant


smurficus103 t1_ja90hyr wrote

You just need enough explosives set in a straight line around earth and, dont detonate them all at once, but, detonate them such that the shockwave is additive with every subsequent explosive, you'll crack the earth in two


marcosdumay t1_ja93jat wrote

> you'll crack the earth in two

And watch it almost immediately merge back together.

Or, well, not actually watch it. I guess you will have larger problems to think about.


Thick_Pressure t1_jacjxls wrote

> Or, well, not actually watch it. I guess you will have larger problems to think about.

That would be a terrifying thing to see from orbit. My guess is that it would look pretty cool if you could get over the existential crisis that it probably just caused you.


best_of_badgers t1_ja91js4 wrote

The problem is that with enough energy, you’re eventually dealing with liquid and not solid Earth.


acocknamedPuff t1_ja87gxz wrote

That’s the thing you’re shooting at earth you’re supposed to be shooting into space using earths own mass that’s how you kill a ball