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StopSendingSteamKeys t1_ja9hzkl wrote

So a 300$ telescope + 170$ astro camera + 125$ barlow lens + 80$ AI denoiser + 20$/month photoshop

Still much cheaper than a telescope with a startracker.


ILoveShitRats t1_ja9imxz wrote

Which is nothing by astrophotography standards. Super expensive hobby. Not unusual at all for amateurs to have $5K - $10K setups.


StopSendingSteamKeys t1_ja9iuty wrote

I know, this is actually super cheap. Just to make sure no one is confused about the 300$ number. You're not gonna get pictures like that with your phone.


Jumbodrl t1_ja9m7yl wrote

I have always been interested with the idea of getting into this hobby… thank you for breaking it down for me. Future me will be glad I read this today.


YOU_SMELL t1_ja9ml7u wrote

Don't forget the 460 dollar equatorial platform made of birch wood for the final