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Lexa_Stanton t1_itx3rhf wrote

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...liftoff! My answer is liftoff so 0.


therealsix t1_itx6rp5 wrote


I have such a desperate feeling whenever I see the JW images, I want to see those sights in real life and I get sad when I think of what amazing things that will be discovered long after I'm gone.


DotPractical8247 t1_itx4h5j wrote

i wish i could understand more, 10.

(i'll go ahead and guess its the same for most people here, well except the professionals)


SysAdminShow t1_itx9lvw wrote

I’m a 10 on space, but also a 10 on exploration in general. Under the oceans, in caves, mountains, forests, etc. I love it all, but space definitely feels like the most unexplored even though there is a lot we don’t know about our planet in general.


xastrobyte t1_itxw72o wrote

i am a 10 for sure. i am so fascinated with the things we dont have an explanation for. i love theorizing about what we dont know about. i could go on for HOURS about where i think the future is headed. i really want to contribute to it too but i am not knowledgeable enough about physics and mathematics to contribute meaningfully