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Throwawaycuzawkward t1_j1kzs4d wrote

We don't wake up, thinking "Today is the day I go to the Total Perspective Vortex", but today is that day.


eleven-fu t1_j1l2y68 wrote

Mind melting from overwhelming sense of insignificance


hugehand t1_j1mx3jw wrote

I will treat myself to a slice of fairy cake


uqde t1_j1ld12g wrote

This is one of the most insane posts Iโ€™ve seen on this subreddit. I wish I could articulate how cool I think this is combined with how existentially zoinked itโ€™s making my brain


Bascna t1_j1l4m2e wrote

Happy Holidays?!?

So now even space has joined the War Against Christmas? ๐Ÿ˜‚


Wholesale100Acc t1_j1ljyqu wrote

ive honestly been unable to tell if the people who think there is a war on christmas are ironic, happy holidays is an incredibly old saying from around the 1900โ€™s


Bascna t1_j1m5s7u wrote

Some people clearly know it's ridiculous, but push it for political and financial purposes. Most of the rest seem to really believe it.

Before I added the emoji, I think I was getting downvoted because people thought I was seriously complaining about the 'war on Christmas.' It's really sad that we've gotten to the point that we can't assume such statements are sarcastic.


mochi_donut t1_j1mwj8j wrote

Anyone know the name of the nebula that makes up the โ€œOโ€ in โ€œholidaysโ€?


poor-doge t1_j1myt5z wrote

I was about to ask why they didn't order the galaxies so they are closer to their map locations, but then I realized it spells "happy holidays" ๐Ÿ˜„


nickeypants t1_j1leyt2 wrote

It's Sector Y from Starfox64! Save Falco and fly through all the arches.


MelancholicShark t1_j1n807c wrote

Wait, are you telling me there are galaxies out there shaped like LETTERS??