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eldonhughes t1_j52v373 wrote

I could find someone to put you into space for 500K. Did you want to come back? That's gonna cost more.


Royalwithswiss t1_j52ykcc wrote

I'll find someone who's willing to bring him back... for some money of course.


enkrypt3d t1_j5399zv wrote

I like money though.... It seems like we have a lot in common


spinmyspaceship t1_j538zhg wrote

I don’t think the getting him back part is hard, I think it’s getting him back when you plan to at a reasonable speed. The gravity well is no joke.


derickrecyles t1_j53chls wrote

I can do it for half that amount with a 20 percent chance of coming back.


UmbralRaptor t1_j52rt0r wrote

If anything, Blue Origin seems to be doing rather more flights:


SmoKKe9 OP t1_j52rzsk wrote

Looks welcoming, so 500k enough?


lets_bang_blue t1_j52sl13 wrote

Why don't you, and this is going to sound crazy here, go to the link that person posted, fill out the form and this is where it really gets crazy, ask blue origin how much it costs?


name_cool4897 t1_j52z4az wrote

But how else would they remind us that they have 500k to go to space?


justduett t1_j53lurh wrote

That’s very trusting and honorable of you to think they have that money.


PixelizedPlayer t1_j52xc3c wrote

>Why don't you, and this is going to sound crazy here, go to the link that person posted, fill out the form and this is where it really gets crazy, ask blue origin how much it costs?

Instructions not clear, a part of me which i will not disclose, has become stuck in the car exhaust - send help.


ShelZuuz t1_j52wx9x wrote

Currently the going rate on Blue Origin is around 1.2m. They plan to bring it down to 200k eventually.


SociallyAwkardRacoon t1_j53xj1c wrote

Just remember, it's only going to get cheaper. In ten years maybe you could get an orbital flight or even go around the moon for the same money, so unless you're planning on this becoming a recurring purchase it could even be wise to hold on to that a little longer


MoarTacos t1_j52vzoy wrote

Sure, but I wouldn’t carry it in twenties. That’s a lot of bills taking up space.

Might be better to just buy a really expensive diamond or something. much more spatially efficient.


Rob_Drinkovich t1_j5353j3 wrote

How will he make change for the alien space highway tolls though? I heard they only accept paper money.


Bryllant t1_j52sdp0 wrote

For 500k you could buy a house or live off the interest. If you can afford it, go ahead. Me, I’d pay off my house and spend a week in Vegas.


Ray_Pingeau t1_j52t8b1 wrote

I think someone willing to throw away half a million for twelve minutes in space isn’t paying a mortgage


ThatGuyGetsIt t1_j52ukcx wrote

I think that you're inferring that a person willing to drop 500k on a space trip is so wealthy that they would just own their home outright.

I may have misinterpreted, though. But if that's what you meant, then a glimpse at OPs post history suggests that they don't have a mortgage because they're a kid.


Ray_Pingeau t1_j52utww wrote

Then either they are full of shit or a rich kid. I don’t know. I never look through peoples profiles.


ThatGuyGetsIt t1_j52vo5c wrote

I guess trust fund baby is a real possibility judging by their inability to help themselves and just screaming for others to help them 🤷‍♂️


Bryllant t1_j52wc6m wrote

So we caught ourselves a young dreamer.


[deleted] t1_j52u6gu wrote



SmoKKe9 OP t1_j52umxh wrote

Find more excuse to not be a billionare. I better not last 90 seconds than scrape floors for the rest of ym life


lonewulf66 t1_j52ugjw wrote

There's no way you live off the interest of 500k lmao. Assuming a very generous interest rate of 5% (Highest I've seen so far is 3.3%) that's 25k a year.


Bryllant t1_j52w43c wrote

It supplements my social security very well, it will also be growing as you wait to retire. Your math is exactly right. 25k a year is a great help, but can’t be the only thing.


sintos-compa t1_j53nhbw wrote

So the answer is no. You cannot live off the interest of 50k


Bryllant t1_j56wllf wrote

500k, invested in dividend paying stocks.


andrewdok t1_j52wdg8 wrote

Yep, and if you are actually spending the interest instead of letting it compound, inflation is going to make that 25k worth less and less as time goes on.


VEXtheMEX t1_j530qky wrote

I can do it for you but I'm going to need 300k up front. You'll be put on a list for a while so you'll just have to be patient. Don't contact me, I'll contact you.


46dad t1_j52w5lq wrote

I don’t think so. $20 million or so seemed to be the going rate a bit ago.


gentoofoo t1_j533vwn wrote

I think recently the price to LEO has dropped to 4k per kg, so for an 80kg person would be $320,000. You're probably not an inert hunk of material so probably much more expensive than that


[deleted] t1_j539y41 wrote

Op, I would need 300k upfront for rocket costs. I will need a lot of foil and match heads.


andy_sims t1_j53hjr5 wrote

There’s no place to spend that kind of money in space!


SpartanJack17 t1_j53wvoc wrote

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HogwartsKate t1_j53dqlm wrote

You could join spaceforce military…commit to 20 yrs?


Interesting-Space966 t1_j53i2j6 wrote

If you got 500k to spend on a 10min trip, i wanna be your friend…


Rick-D-99 t1_j53uvac wrote

You know, you could fill that hole in your life quite a bit cheaper by dedicating that time and effort to other life. Your sense of self needs to expand or you'll continue to waste away.