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FamiliarNameMsng t1_j6g914s wrote

You'd get thrown eastwards at 1000mph and die


db720 t1_j6gg3mg wrote

Poor kid on the trampoline. Interesting for someone mid bungee jump.


FarlesBarkley1182 t1_j6gqfy7 wrote

This correct if the earth stopped suddenly, everything at crust level (including the crust) would get tossed at 1000 mph. Also there are many planets that don’t spin as they orbit their star. They are commonly referred to as eyeball planets. This is because the dark side is frozen and the side that faces their star is not. So it looks something like an eyeball. Additionally, Earths rotation is actually slowing and eventually it will stop and become tidally locked to the sun making it another eyeball planet.


danteheehaw t1_j6gtaec wrote

Will it's rotation stop before being gobbled by the Sun or The Terror of Unspeakable Evil, Howard.


ttys0 t1_j6ga27i wrote

Superman would fly around the planet really fast in order to get it spinning again. Afterwards everyone would stand back up from where they'd fallen down, and blankly stare skyward.


YankeeKuya t1_j6g8r4m wrote

I think the dark side would become a largely lifeless frozen tundra and the light side would become a largely lifeless desert hellscape with the possibility of some life surviving on the fringes where the sun is low in the sky. Humans would not survive the transition.


EarthSolar t1_j6gd4un wrote

That model’s out of date decades ago. Newer modelings find that with enough water, which Earth has, the dayside would be lush, and the substellar point would be really, really wet jungle as the ascending air dumps all its moisture down. You can read for more details in this blog.


traditional1963 t1_j6g8jwz wrote

Well if it stopped sudden I'd bet the earthquakes would be of huge magnitude, then you would have to deal with the oceans continuing in the motion that they were going, so tsunamis bigger than this civilization has never seen, even the winds by the equator would be a devastating speed, I think this would be a game changer


db720 t1_j6ggkts wrote

I guess where the force that stops it gets applied. Imagine the core halting so the crust momentum causes it to slide of the mantle. Massive quakes.

Dark side would definitely get cold once everything settled, below freezing for sure, and sunny side roasted worse than any desert.

Only dusk / dawn zones would be habitable


TegTowelie t1_j6gjh43 wrote

Time to start hoarding my gold so i can secure one of those twilight spots.


daikatana t1_j6ga5w0 wrote

If it stopped all at once then the entire planet would be destroyed (probably). That is a lot of inertia. But the bits of you that still existed for a brief period would be very warm, indeed.

If the Earth completely stopped rotating without any of the inertial consequences, it would have a day of about 1 year. There would be a ~6 month period of burning heat, and a ~6 month period of complete darkness and cold. The heat would be like nothing else experienced on the Earth that we know, a hot summer day that lasts 6 months with no respite. If it doesn't cook us then the droughts and wildfires will finish us off. It'll be too hot and dry to grow any of our crops. The cold side will be frozen solid and in darkness for 6 months, also little chance of survival.

If the Earth becomes tidally locked, which means the same side always faces the sun, there is hope. There will be a ring of twilight where temperatures may remain survivable, but the hot side and cold side will be even less survivable. However, the weather as air of vastly different temperature is exchanged between hot and cold sides would probably make it unlivable even if the temperature in the twilight zone is livable.


Skiringen2468 t1_j6g8o9t wrote

Mercury has very long days and experiences extreme temperatures. One side is freezing and the other would fry you. We would definitely be in an ice age on one side if it always faced away. But during a year it would at least be warm half the time.


Automatic-Battle9866 t1_j6glcud wrote

This would effect our magnetosphere and we’d all die from the suns radiation.


PandaEven3982 t1_j6gmyrz wrote

Welp. Is inertia still in effect? Is this a sudden stop or slows to a stop? A sudden stop will destroy all sorts of stuff probably including orbital stuff. Some of the things on top of the planet will rearrange itself....


wikideenu t1_j6gq12i wrote

After the catastrophic issues of the Earth's spin suddenly stopping have settled, then yes, one side would become desert hot and the other would be an ice age. Life would only survive between the two sides, to varying degrees, based off how far away you were from the border.

Think about summer and winter as it is now, the extremes of "seasons" that earth currently has is purely based off how far away you are from the equator during specific times of the year. The equator is always warm because it's exposed to the sun on average more than any other part of the world. The further north or south you go the temperature varies in magnitudes higher. All because the Earth's tilt let's you see less or more sunlight/heat radiation in a day.


kittens_go_boom t1_j6grntw wrote

You would be blown in excess of 1000 mph off your feet until you slammed into something splattering you all over the place. The reason for this is because even though we dont feel it, we are moving along with the planet. Gravity keeps us in place. If the earth stopped suddenly, we'd still be moving and thrown foward. There would be massive flooding and waves as the water is tossed about other items as well. Dont know what would happen next because every living thing would be dead.


DirkDiggler2424 t1_j6gssh0 wrote

Lmao some of you people take the cheese every single time


SpartanJack17 t1_j6gtypt wrote

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Jogaila2 t1_j6i66nl wrote

We pondered this question at the playground when i was about 9 years old. Concenus was that everything would fly off into space cuz the earth's rotation caused gravity. We believed this despite learning the power of centrifugal force on the merry-go-round... where the faster it turned the further we were hurled off it... into a steel fence.


414A44 t1_j6gc0aq wrote

We'd fall off, wouldn't we? Pretty sure we'd fall off.


db720 t1_j6gg8lc wrote

No, mass causes gravity, centrifugal force reduces are weight slightly, so once everything settled, everything would weigh more


414A44 t1_j6hvaxf wrote

Gotta realise a reference is to obscure when you come back to point that out and can't remember where it's from yourself.


tbodillia t1_j6gcnuc wrote

Tidally locked and not rotating are 2 different things. The Moon is tidally locked to the Earth so we only see one face. The Moon rotates once every 27 days and orbits us once every 27 days. Mercury is tidally locked to the Sun.

Pick up a ball and have it "orbit" a lightbulb at home. A solar day (noon to noon) should be a year.

"Dark side" of the moon is a misnomer. All sides receive the same amount of sunlight. It's just generally people automatically assume the far side is always dark, and movies don't help.


LacedVelcro t1_j6gds5v wrote

Technically, the side of the moon facing us gets less sun, because sometimes the shadow of the Earth falls on it, but the shadow of the Earth never falls on the far side.


pepesilviacometh t1_j6geipc wrote

Are you asking what the planet would eventually look like should it stop rotating over time, or are you asking what would happen if it suddenly stopped rotating?


Ruseriousmars t1_j6grjan wrote

Sorry no answer. I'm too busy worrying about asteroids or Rouge planets going kablooee over my head to think about something that can't happen. But good brain food. Enjoy.