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dorkydragonite t1_ir8yike wrote

I’m not cutting onions, you’re cutting onions.

Derek Redmond was in fine form heading into the Barcelona Games and had posted the fastest time in his heat but tore his hamstring on the back straight.

Instead of seeking medical attention, he attempted to hobble to the finish line.

As he rounded the curve, he was joined by his father Jim who barged past track officials and waved them away, holding his inconsolable son and crossing the line together as the fans at the stadium gave them a standing ovation.

"Whatever happened, he had to finish and I was going to help him finish," Jim said to the BBC after the race.

"We started his career together and we were going to finish it together."


powerangerpink t1_ir932eb wrote

What an incredible and supporting father. I wish more kids got to have dads like that.


glipglopsfromthe3rdD t1_ir9zkfi wrote

At first I read this as “I wish MY kids got to have a dad like that.” And I was laughing uncontrollably.


powerangerpink t1_ircikbi wrote

I mean, yeah it’s hilarious if you assume everyone on Reddit is a guy.