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Bucs-and-Bucks t1_ira1b5j wrote

He was trying to get his son to stop so he'd stop hurting himself, but then the son said he wanted to finish, so the dad said let's do it together. Love how dismissive he is of security. Altogether I think security handled it reasonably well.


astate85 t1_irbn8l3 wrote

man...reading about it..derek just couldn't catch a fucking break

"Derek Redmond was a sprinter for Great Britain, seeking to overcome the injuries that had plagued him ā€” he'd had five surgeries, including one on his Achilles tendon with less than four months before the Games. His Olympic dreams had been dashed four years earlier at the 1988 Games in Seoul when he tore his Achilles an hour before the race."

and then this happened


Hotthoughtss t1_irbw5tb wrote

Achilles injuries are a mfer. Iā€™m surprised he was able to come back after the first one