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triggerpuller666 t1_ir8q2yn wrote

Rest in power sir. I remember watching the replays as a kid and being so inspired.

Inspired by his son not wanting to quit, inspired by him basically fighting through security to get to his son, inspired by them finishing the race together.

Rest well Mr. Redmond. The whole world saw what a good Dad you were.


Bucs-and-Bucks t1_ira1b5j wrote

He was trying to get his son to stop so he'd stop hurting himself, but then the son said he wanted to finish, so the dad said let's do it together. Love how dismissive he is of security. Altogether I think security handled it reasonably well.


astate85 t1_irbn8l3 wrote

man...reading about it..derek just couldn't catch a fucking break

"Derek Redmond was a sprinter for Great Britain, seeking to overcome the injuries that had plagued him — he'd had five surgeries, including one on his Achilles tendon with less than four months before the Games. His Olympic dreams had been dashed four years earlier at the 1988 Games in Seoul when he tore his Achilles an hour before the race."

and then this happened


Hotthoughtss t1_irbw5tb wrote

Achilles injuries are a mfer. I’m surprised he was able to come back after the first one


Mirmadook t1_ir8qfkx wrote

RIP Jim. I wish Derek and his family some peace in their time of loss.


unrulYk t1_ir8x81q wrote

Now that’s the way to dad. RIP Mr. Redmond.


dorkydragonite t1_ir8yike wrote

I’m not cutting onions, you’re cutting onions.

Derek Redmond was in fine form heading into the Barcelona Games and had posted the fastest time in his heat but tore his hamstring on the back straight.

Instead of seeking medical attention, he attempted to hobble to the finish line.

As he rounded the curve, he was joined by his father Jim who barged past track officials and waved them away, holding his inconsolable son and crossing the line together as the fans at the stadium gave them a standing ovation.

"Whatever happened, he had to finish and I was going to help him finish," Jim said to the BBC after the race.

"We started his career together and we were going to finish it together."


powerangerpink t1_ir932eb wrote

What an incredible and supporting father. I wish more kids got to have dads like that.


glipglopsfromthe3rdD t1_ir9zkfi wrote

At first I read this as “I wish MY kids got to have a dad like that.” And I was laughing uncontrollably.


powerangerpink t1_ircikbi wrote

I mean, yeah it’s hilarious if you assume everyone on Reddit is a guy.


evilabed24 t1_ir8y4g9 wrote

Well I just cried watching a 30yr old video.


Whaty0urname t1_ir9sq6d wrote

Same dude. I have a 5 week old son and imagining myself in this scene with my son is enough to make me ball my eyes out.


globaloffender t1_ira4d16 wrote

Congrats my dude. Things hit much different when you have your own. Good luck and get some sleep lol


rnzz t1_ir9uhgb wrote

Just thinking that this being 30 years ago, Derek is probably now around the same age as Jim was then.


Rolks999 t1_ircip71 wrote

Agreed. I remember watching that race at the time and crying then too. I also remember saying at the time that this was a true reflection of the Olympic spirit. That moment made me so happy and so sad at the same time.

Greatest dad ever.


jendet010 t1_irc74qh wrote

I remember when this happened, but if hits differently now that I’m a parent (of a runner)


IONTOP t1_ir9llhs wrote

I always get Seoul and Barcelona mixed up. I was about to correct you and say "that was actually '88."

I got LA in '84, Atlanta in '96, Sidney in 2000, and Greece in 2004 though. But Barcelona and Seoul always mess up my memories.


WyattTheOak t1_ir9nuby wrote

Go on.


IONTOP t1_ir9o43h wrote

Huge sports fan.

But Beijing, London, Rio, Tokyo? In the past

Paris in 2024 then LA in 2028?


BrandonSG13 t1_ir9omlj wrote

Very good sir. Then back down under for Brisbane 2032


IONTOP t1_ir9p3eq wrote


USA gets baseball... I'll be in LA for those games (only a 5 hour drive)

But I want to go to NZ for some of my favorite Sauvignon Blancs and watch a cricket test match. (Full disclosure I'm also a NZ Black Caps fan) Might go in 2032 from NZ to Brisbane to make it extra special.

(We can't get American Football, so you don't get Aussie Rules, and I think Rugby is already an Olympic Sport)


BrandonSG13 t1_ir9sgfs wrote

There’s no point to Aussie Rules because it’s a foregone conclusion, much similar to American football. Australia would win gold with their eyes closed. Cricket, however? Yes. Could just be a quick 8/16 team knockout or something, but Olympic cricket would be great to watch. Not sure if rugby is in but they could easily do it because rugby is huge in Brisbane. Great host city


IONTOP t1_ir9u5b7 wrote

I could see ODI becoming an Olympic Sport as far as Cricket goes. Test would be a stretch.


kumquat999 t1_irbqlih wrote

20/20 maybe... I dont think there would be time for 50 over games


IONTOP t1_irbqxfy wrote

There are some games that start before the Opening Ceremonies. If they can do a Soccer/Football tournament, they can do a Cricket tournament.


BrandonSG13 t1_irdicba wrote

No chance tests would fit, no. It would need to be ODI or T20


IONTOP t1_irfu9m8 wrote

I mean, if they started now... We could get a Test Cricket in before 2032...


OneCowFarm t1_ir90lpq wrote

That guy deserves more attention for how he acted that day. It still strikes a chord every time I watch the video.


burko81 t1_ir93y7u wrote

I remember watching this live. Absolutely broke me.


CommonScold t1_ir9aa8c wrote

That was beautiful. I love how he swatted away the first official.

This is peak dadding. They should show this clip to all male partners mid-labor.


IronHaydon t1_ira2amu wrote

Yea its like on one hand you’re trying to give calm and comfort and with the other trying to swat away all the idiots who would only come make it worse. Dad stuff


belizeanheat t1_ir92nf3 wrote

The fuck was green jacket guy thinking


filbert13 t1_ira32fw wrote

To be fair we are watching this with 20 20 hindsight. He like almost anyone else watching at the time was wondering who this person was who ran on the track. Granted you can probably assume he is his dad but when someone runs onto a field up to an Olympic athlete you want to always be better safe than sorry. He doesn't know what he told the previous guys, and maybe this guy is one of the heads of security/organization for the field.

Plus we don't know what he was saying or thinking. Maybe Derek has said it since, but to give him benefit of the doubt. I wouldn't be surprised at that point if he is trying to usher him to an area with medical. It's easy to think back and be like "oh duh, he wanted to finish the race" but in the moment as an official you are seeing an hurt athlete who is struggling to walk and you're instinct is probably "Hey, you need to get to medical".


ClonedToKill420 t1_irbai3t wrote

Especially when the Olympics have been the target of terrorism not long before the 92 games


CommonScold t1_ir9axqp wrote

Green jacket wasn’t even that bad. It was the dude right before him where dad was like “we’re ok. WE’re OK GET AWAY.” And they just kept coming. Imagine what the race would have been like if Derek didn’t have his dad to protect him.


madztheline t1_ir8y5v6 wrote

What a beautiful moment and a loving father, I hope he rests peacefully.


quilting_with_will t1_ir9pr9s wrote

If there's a video that's guaranteed to make me cry everytime I watch it, it's the video of him helping his son around the track. Such an inspirational and beautiful moment. Rip ❤️


VoltronicEnergy t1_ir9czc3 wrote

I still remember watching that live as it aired all these years later. Hell of an Olympic moment.


Christian_In_MIami t1_irafqkj wrote

My father would do the same for me as I would do the same for my son.

There's nothing in this world that compares to the love you have for your child no matter how old they are.


Crakkerz79 t1_iraaoqr wrote



SurlyITJesus t1_iragj2b wrote

I see this clip and it still gets me misty...every time. It is what it means to be a Dad at it's most fundamental level.


gators8675 t1_ir9jrm0 wrote

That warms my dad heart. Helped his son finish what he started. Hell of a role model for dads. RIP


Law_Dog007 t1_ir9uvww wrote

Heroes Get Remembered, but Legends Never Die.



mindlessenthusiast t1_ira4lbx wrote

I remember watching this when it happened. It was absolutely incredible to see. The whole thing was so heartbreaking. Him and his father were and are an inspiration to a lot of people after that day. RIP a hero.


Bunnybowl t1_irbdzns wrote

I remember this so vividly!


tickingkitty t1_irbfb01 wrote

I remember this. If I had become an actress I would have used this moment to make me cry. I still can’t even think about it without tearing up.


sjbfujcfjm t1_irc5e8r wrote

Most obscure “sports” death ever?


LuckyAlbright t1_ir9orut wrote

I had just watched that video yesterday. RIP Jim, what a historic moment that was.


simjanes2k t1_ira2e8t wrote

Such an iconic moment in international sports.


Terrible-Pattern-124 t1_ira2zwp wrote

RIP Jim, You gave me inspiration to help other of the very first wholesome videos that made me tear whilst you helped your son.


thefunky01 t1_ira62jj wrote

Feels like the entire world could use a Jim Redmond right now. An amazing example of what helping others in times of need. RIP Jim Redmond.


KML167 t1_ira71cj wrote

RIP. Glad he lived a long life, he deserved it.


Pece17 t1_ira8tnd wrote

Just watched the video yesterday :(


Mr_T_fletcher t1_ira9p6t wrote

The picture alone gives me goosebumps.


Different_Mine_5632 t1_iraw47f wrote

I remember this…sorry to hear of Mr. Jim’s passing…but what an example he left behind. Rest well kind sir.


myboogerstastespicy t1_irayue1 wrote

Oh no. We all fell I love with him and his love for his son.

RIP Jim. You were a legend.


ekydfejj t1_irbjxoy wrote

Sad day to be reminded of such a wonderful memory. Rest In Peace!


TheSavageDonut t1_irbodds wrote

Mr. Redmond showed the world that the Olympic Spirit really does exist.

Our world was better with you in it Mr. Redmond!


Cpl_Dingus t1_irbttfz wrote

Love how nobody even gives a shit about who won the race.

Humanity W


Peakomegaflare t1_irbv1sk wrote

Don't need to have a kid to smile over a moment of pride in someone else and humanity. Fuck yeah, a god damn hero if there ever was one.


kedson87 t1_irbzxay wrote

I used to work with Derek's son Elliot. Elliot son of Derek and Sharron Davies (Olympic swimmer) had tremendous genes and once I managed to lock him in a cupboard.


chuck_bates t1_irc13lf wrote

RIP Dad. Could not hold it together while I watched that.


Easy-Progress8252 t1_irc6qi7 wrote

I’ve seen this before but just watched it again from the link and no lie I’m a bit teary.


algy100 t1_irc9pvn wrote

Derek Redmond went to my secondary school - and our sports hall was named after him. Our only claims to fame, but what a claim to have.


Fuzz_Fuzz_76 t1_ircavi7 wrote

Why is this more sad to me (no tears but…) than any celebrity death that I’ve ever heard of? RIP sir


Waderriffic t1_irczu03 wrote

As a father it must have been crushing to see all of your son’s hard work and sacrifice come to a very public end, literally in front of the world. I would want to be there for them in that moment too. RIP


apawst8 t1_irf96ed wrote

Technically speaking, he didn't help his son finish. He caused his son's DQ.


DozerDoza t1_irb9xac wrote

Unpopular opinion: Why not just hug your son, tell him there is no need to continue to avoid further injury and wait for a stretcher. I feel like the father took advantage of the situation and consequently taking the glory away from the son. I’m blabbing out of my ass.


TheSavageDonut t1_irbo1qx wrote

You aren't an Olympic Track athlete with the hopes of a nation on your shoulders, huh?


DozerDoza t1_irc34gn wrote

Nah, I get it. Might as well put on a show right…Olympics like that stuff, hopes and dreams. China gets to host one, it was the best right?


[deleted] t1_ir9ooqg wrote



l3orecl t1_irabe6p wrote

An assistive device goes on the contralateral side of the affected side. i.e if you have a ride knee injury, use cane on opposite side....left hip replacement....cane on right side. Then dad is helping him offload the affected right side by weight shifting towards the left during right stance phase of gait. -Doctor of PT


xander012 t1_irajciw wrote

I don't understand half of what you said but I trust physiotherapists and it matches my own experience so... yeah