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encinoguy t1_itiiy2a wrote

I hope the Phillies win the World Series, mainly for the inevitable it’s always sunny episode based around it but also because fuck the Yankees and Astros


capitahood t1_itimi3w wrote

Padres fan and I completely agree with you


PM_ME_CHIPOTLE2 t1_itioiao wrote

Yankees fan here and I’m just going to jump on board too because there’s no way they’re making it to the WS.


4mSmtn t1_itio8vg wrote

Don’t really follow baseball as much as I used to. But Houston representing the AL and playing against NL teams in the World Series just doesn’t seem right.


StrngBrew t1_itlsvqj wrote

Well they’ve been doing it pretty regularly for the past 5 years… so maybe we’ve just gotten used to it now


4mSmtn t1_itmew01 wrote

Don’t follow baseball as much as I used to. Last game I actually payed attention to was the final innings of when the Cubs won. Other than that, whatever gets posted here.

When I think of Astros, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell and Nolan Ryan come to mind. Back when I cared about baseball.


comoespossible t1_itmqwap wrote

The Astros have now won 4 AL pennants and only 1 NL pennant.


4mSmtn t1_itmt3nj wrote

Wow, I guess the league-switch worked out great for them.


Override9636 t1_itl2uv3 wrote

Eagles are 6-0 now too. Could you imagine winning the World Series and a Superbowl in the same year? Fans would burn the city to the ground in celebration.


4mSmtn t1_itmtnq3 wrote

Hopefully the Sixers and Flyers pull through and it could be 1980 all over again!


StatmanIbrahimovic t1_itj7zi2 wrote

The show's been on so long they did an episode about their last World Series.


Deadeye_Donny t1_itikvxp wrote

For reference, Harper was one of the top prospects ever, and was signed from Washington Nats to the Phillies for a buttload of money. He is unreal but was yet to make a championship series let alone a world series, and he does this.


ernyc3777 t1_itiubyl wrote

Edit to add: Harper was so good as a prospect that he dropped out of high school and got a GED so he could go to Community College as a 16 year old. The competition in the state of Nevada high school wasn’t good enough and they wanted to show scouts that he was that good. Baseball players usually go drafted out of high school but his path was unheard of. He’s lived up to the hype other than his lack of a deep playoff run.

And the hurt he must have felt when Washington won in 2019.

Despite all the happiness he felt and expressed for his former teammates, you know it had to hurt that they won the year he left after coming up short of expectations a few times.


jrhooo t1_itj9xd0 wrote

It was especially ironic that earlier that year in a presser about coming to Philly he said he just wants to help bring Philly a championship, except he slipped up the line and said bring Washington a championship.

Lo and behold


jrhooo t1_itjaypf wrote

Also noteworthy for those who don’t know

Part of the story on “OMG How will the Nats ever recover from losing a talent like Harper???”

Was the idea that maybe just maybe the Nats thought they could make up for it with their new at the time elite young hitter (future 2019 Nats WS Champion, current SD Padre Juan Soto)

If you would have asked any ats fan between 2012 and 2018 what its going to take for a WS, most of them would have told you Harper and Strasburg to carry us there.

Reality Stras did his part, Harper was gone,

But 2019 will always be about

Soto, Scherzer, Rendon, and Turner, with some surprise heroics from Howie Kendrick, Parrashark, and Doo. Amazing that none literally none of those guys are still on the team.


ernyc3777 t1_itjcwq4 wrote

Can’t forget the error in the bottom of the 8th inning by Trent Grisham that allowed them to even get out of the Wild Card game. Milwaukee was up by 2 and the play allowed 3 to score. And sucked the life out of the Brewers.


jrhooo t1_itjedzm wrote

I will always cherish Howie's GS, almost as much as his WS clanger


AerusFlameweaver t1_itjce8q wrote

As a Cleveland fan, I really appreciate that Yan Gomes and Asdrubal Cabrera got rings there.


StrngBrew t1_itlt69c wrote

It’s wild that the Nats had Harper, Soto & Strasburg and the only one they’re left with is what appears to be a totally broken down Strasburg


thisisredlitre t1_itjokfx wrote

After he showed up in a Vegas jersey during the Stanley Cup the city couldn't have been happier to win without him(sports grudge not real grudge)

And before anyone says "but he's from Vegas!" He'd lived in DC longer than the Knights* had existed at that point.


TheCrucial77 t1_itkwq9i wrote

Hahahha this still makes me mad thinking about it. Last night made me happy for him and was damn impressive. The pressure and tension in that inning and the crowd erupting was cool to see. I say this as having wished nothing but despair on all things Philly for all of my decades of fandom.


Upward_sloping_penis t1_itlbwqu wrote

You’re salty as fuck. Trash DC fans.


thisisredlitre t1_itlcauf wrote

It's a jokey sports grudge not a real one. Happy as a clam for his recent triumph. You're misreading the comment, friend.


loupr738 t1_itk2968 wrote

People seem to forget that he was also a catcher, he got switch to the outfield to avoid the typical catcher problems


Shubankari t1_itmmlfg wrote

I was born in Vegas, but grew up in SD where my best friend’s father was Bud Podbielan, former big league pitcher and also pitched for the PCL Padres at the end of his career in 1959.

My mother was born in Vegas in 1930 when there were 5,000 residents. Her father moved here…to play baseball. My sons & daughter were born in Vegas.

I didn’t know who to root for but the Phillies made that conundrum moot.

Bryce Harper was born in Vegas and hit dingers at AGE 7 on the same fields my boy played on. He had an SI cover at age 16. He’s Vegas Strong 💪 and will beat the Trashbros like he did the Padres and bring a championship to Philadelphia.

You’re welcome Philly fan!


sky_blu t1_itj0u3b wrote

Totally different but for those who follow esports reminds me of shroud. Left c9 and then watched his team going on the most incredible underdog run in Boston a year later


ElephantSlim t1_itj3wb8 wrote

Not the same. Leaving c9 was the best career decision.


sky_blu t1_itjcvmq wrote

He still had to watch his team win right after leaving


grittystitties t1_itkv365 wrote

From atop his mountain of money. Each players cut was probably under 100k. Shroud was pulling that home in two weeks of streaming.


BensenJensen t1_itjm7md wrote

I can't believe he is 30. I was reading this thinking, "Who in the hell doesn't know that," not even realizing it's been 13 years since that SI cover.


ReSpekMyAuthoriitaaa t1_itkiirz wrote

Yea I remember reading his original SI cover edition my senior year in HS andblook at us now


jrhooo t1_itjfxvq wrote

The crazy thing is, Harper lived up to his hype. If you just analyzed his stats, dudes production was wild.

Someone did a great pitch track analysis of the trends where they demonstrated down to the week, the moment when MLB pitcher realized, “ok we gotta pitch away from this guy”, and he was STILL hitting good production when pitchers starting throwing scared.

Its just that somehow he was the guy whose flashy hitting never quite got you the playoff runs you needed.

Meanwhile, good argument the slightly less sexy Rendon was that dude you need.

Very good on defense, and they called him Tony Two Bags for a reason. Homie could put up doubles damn near at will.


Tbagjimmy t1_itj59ns wrote

I remember hearing about him when he was 16, thinking could anyone be this good?


SmugglerHanSolo t1_itir1hi wrote

Philadelphia vs Houston World Series… Executives at Fox having a meltdown


cj6464 t1_itiy8mc wrote

Can you explain this for me


ineedglass t1_itiyf49 wrote

Both teams are not national draws like the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, etc.


ranger0293 t1_itizmpc wrote

Astros are national hate draws which is probably just as good.


ReSpekMyAuthoriitaaa t1_itkio8h wrote

I'd say the same for both, everyone hates Philly (mostly the fans) because pretentious....but the Astros are still enemy #1 I have no idea who I want. Probably philly since it's fun to see the city burn


scrapsbypap t1_itjb4r9 wrote

I think Philly is a draw the same way the Cubs and Red Sox are


SmugglerHanSolo t1_itjbtwl wrote



scrapsbypap t1_itjc7a5 wrote

What? They're all historic franchises with the OH LOOK AT US WE'RE AN OLD SCHOOL TOUGH SPORTS TOWN WITH PASSIONATE CRAZY FANS AND A TEAM OF LOVEABLE LOSERS ON A RUN OF DESTINY angle. Media absolutely eats it up.


ineedglass t1_itjp43b wrote

I’ve watched baseball passively, usually playoffs and random games here and there, plus my Royals, for 30 years. I can’t name a single Phillies player in that time.

I can name dozens for every other franchise.


WillieNolson t1_itjtays wrote

Weird flex to tell us you don’t know baseball.


scrapsbypap t1_itjtw81 wrote

Pretty much. No way somebody who's watched the playoffs for 30 years doesn't know anybody from those late 2000s-early 10s Phillies teams.


scrapsbypap t1_itjsrg7 wrote

No John Kruk? Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams? From the 90's?

Scott Rolen? Jimmy Rollins? Chase Utley? Ryan Howard? Cole Hamels? Victorino, Werth? Those Phillies teams from like 2006-12 were scary and a big deal even though they only won the 1 WS. I find it hard to believe that you don't remember them from the playoffs.

I'm not calling the Phillies a super decorated, successful, prestigious ballclub; they're definitely a tier below the Giants in that regard who I'd say are on par with the Cubs or Red Sox (our subreddit and the Phillies' are comparable). But the idea that the East Coast media won't milk the fuck out of this Philadelphia team that also includes Bryce fucking Harper is ridiculous.


WillieNolson t1_itjttpi wrote

At one point they had a pitching staff with Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt. Even not being able to name a single player from that pitching staff is ridiculous, let alone anyone from the team over 30 years,


scrapsbypap t1_itjugzm wrote

A lot of the talk in Giants land is about how we swept that Tigers team in the 2012 WS, and it sure was dramatic, but man every now and then somebody will bring up how insane it was that we beat the 2010 Phillies in the NLCS.

They didn’t have Cliff Lee on that staff anymore, but we got him too in the WS with the Rangers.


StrngBrew t1_itj6vt7 wrote

It’s the #4 vs the #8 TV market. I’m sure they’re doing ok.


SmugglerHanSolo t1_itjc9ji wrote

Could it be worse? Sure. But it will be the least watched WS in the last 5 years at least. No west coast representation. Every hates the cheaters and no one really cares about the Phillies


StrngBrew t1_itjfgi2 wrote

Nah, Bryce Harper is one of the biggest stars of the sport. The Astros are the best team of the last 5 years.

It’s silly to think NY vs LA is the only “good” matchup.

San Diego is a small tv market compared to Philly or Houston. Not sure why you think them being there makes the entire west coast interested.


MayorCraplegs t1_itlb5oh wrote

You missed the asterisks on “best team”. You aren’t the best if you’re cheating the entire time.


StrngBrew t1_itlsomm wrote

Look I get it. But just like Bonds actually hit all those HRs, the Astros actually won all those games and that championship. Even well after their scandal they’re still an incredibly good team.


MayorCraplegs t1_itossxy wrote

Are you referring to this season, Or the 2017 & 2018 season as actually winning those games?


reyzak t1_itjcriu wrote

Harper is a compelling story though for what it’s worth


cherm27 t1_itlhplh wrote

West coast generally doesn’t matter. The most watched series of the last 10 years was Chicago/Cleveland. You just need markets that care about baseball, especially in the middle of football season. The best team to come out of the AL would have probably been Seattle considering the drought.


SmugglerHanSolo t1_itm22y6 wrote

Agreed. Houston is going to hurt the ratings. I know guys that flat out won’t watch that franchise even if it is the WS


sfitz0076 t1_itj684z wrote

Why should I give a fuck about TV executives?


SmugglerHanSolo t1_itjc1uz wrote

Because I think it’s funny they pay a billion dollars to broadcast the WS where the entire west cost isn’t represented and no NY or Boston team. They will not generate NEARLY the ad revenue they thought they would


sfitz0076 t1_itksws3 wrote

Again, why should I give a fuck?


SmugglerHanSolo t1_itlafka wrote

Not asking you too my guy. Just laughing out loud and inviting strangers on the internet to do the same if they feel so inclined. Settle down


4mSmtn t1_itmvqyw wrote

So much for “National Pastime” when networks don’t want “lesser teams” in the World Series because of ratings and attention. Meanwhile a Super Bowl whether it’s the Cowboys-Steelers or Jaguars-Cardinals will still draw the same amount.


sfitz0076 t1_itnwjig wrote

That's basically every sport except NFL.


pazkal t1_itipjxw wrote

How come nobody's talking about the custom daps he got for each team member haha

Great team!


Rexdahuman t1_itixz49 wrote

There’s a lot, not sure how he remembers them all


Ascian5 t1_itiyqem wrote

It was a lot! But 162 games over 6 months... You got some time on your hands.


Jrupt t1_itivxws wrote

What is a dap?


m00ndr0pp3d t1_itli6pl wrote

When someone tickles your balls after a home run


musicman2018 t1_itm5f1r wrote

It’s like a high-five and hand shake combined. But more like middle-five as you don’t put your hands up high


PC_user22 t1_itk0n27 wrote

Watching this gave me goosebumps. The intensity, seeing the fans faces behind him right after cracks that ball out.... so good.


mountjo t1_itlcjdw wrote

Watched this at a sports bar in South Philly. There was a moment of dead quiet where no one was sure if it was a foul or home run based on him not running and then someone just whispered a quiet "No...." followed by pandemonium.


blaccsnow9229 t1_itjwy3u wrote

Do I recall at the start of the playoffs, I heard commentators on TV saying he was injured a year or two ago and hasn't quite been the same since?

Is this a bit of a comeback story for him?


Jc9829 t1_itl1fi0 wrote

He was injured for a large portion of this season but he won MVP last year


Cronenburg_jerry t1_itl1oxo wrote

He’s probably still hurt. He broke his throwing hand thumb really bad and came back surprisingly quick. Still not playing in the field because he can’t throw it 100%


StrngBrew t1_itm00tf wrote

He’s actually not playing in the field because of a previous elbow injury. He didn’t play the field at all this year because of that.

It’s separate from the broken hand he got this year


nsw11D3 t1_itm0baq wrote

As a braves fan- I hope they win.

NL EAST is the Best division.


djhatrick12 t1_itla3dx wrote

Hate Bryce for some reason. Nats fan. Don’t like that he left I guess


[deleted] t1_itjknxi wrote



mouse1093 t1_itkfiiq wrote

Dunno why you're downvotes lol he absolutely is. He's picked many of fights, hardly hustles, injury prone. Anyone remember him throwing his helmet and making sure to flip his hair before charging the mound?

But then again, even after an injury he puts up mvp numbers so who am I to criticize?

Sincerely, a Mets fan who wishes he was in a different division


Lets_get_this_head t1_itit392 wrote

I feel bad for the Padres. They’ve never won the World Series and have only been there twice.

Edit: I was very wrong about Phillies stats.


Youngbraz t1_itiu4i9 wrote

Phillies have been to 8 World Series and won 2


Lets_get_this_head t1_itiuj9m wrote

There’s no faster way to get correct information than posting something wrong. My bad


ALC_PG t1_itizzjg wrote

Whatever you said originally, the comparative futility of the two franchises is not that far apart when you consider how long each has been around and how many teams they were competing with.


doncastiglionejr t1_itjwp7m wrote

Too bad the Astros are gonna crush the Harper PTA and the Phillies dreams when they sweep em. That team is nothing to effin play with


lowrysalt t1_itkz8j4 wrote

did you really just censor yourself.... LAME