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ernyc3777 t1_itiubyl wrote

Edit to add: Harper was so good as a prospect that he dropped out of high school and got a GED so he could go to Community College as a 16 year old. The competition in the state of Nevada high school wasn’t good enough and they wanted to show scouts that he was that good. Baseball players usually go drafted out of high school but his path was unheard of. He’s lived up to the hype other than his lack of a deep playoff run.

And the hurt he must have felt when Washington won in 2019.

Despite all the happiness he felt and expressed for his former teammates, you know it had to hurt that they won the year he left after coming up short of expectations a few times.


jrhooo t1_itj9xd0 wrote

It was especially ironic that earlier that year in a presser about coming to Philly he said he just wants to help bring Philly a championship, except he slipped up the line and said bring Washington a championship.

Lo and behold


jrhooo t1_itjaypf wrote

Also noteworthy for those who don’t know

Part of the story on “OMG How will the Nats ever recover from losing a talent like Harper???”

Was the idea that maybe just maybe the Nats thought they could make up for it with their new at the time elite young hitter (future 2019 Nats WS Champion, current SD Padre Juan Soto)

If you would have asked any ats fan between 2012 and 2018 what its going to take for a WS, most of them would have told you Harper and Strasburg to carry us there.

Reality Stras did his part, Harper was gone,

But 2019 will always be about

Soto, Scherzer, Rendon, and Turner, with some surprise heroics from Howie Kendrick, Parrashark, and Doo. Amazing that none literally none of those guys are still on the team.


ernyc3777 t1_itjcwq4 wrote

Can’t forget the error in the bottom of the 8th inning by Trent Grisham that allowed them to even get out of the Wild Card game. Milwaukee was up by 2 and the play allowed 3 to score. And sucked the life out of the Brewers.


jrhooo t1_itjedzm wrote

I will always cherish Howie's GS, almost as much as his WS clanger


AerusFlameweaver t1_itjce8q wrote

As a Cleveland fan, I really appreciate that Yan Gomes and Asdrubal Cabrera got rings there.


StrngBrew t1_itlt69c wrote

It’s wild that the Nats had Harper, Soto & Strasburg and the only one they’re left with is what appears to be a totally broken down Strasburg


thisisredlitre t1_itjokfx wrote

After he showed up in a Vegas jersey during the Stanley Cup the city couldn't have been happier to win without him(sports grudge not real grudge)

And before anyone says "but he's from Vegas!" He'd lived in DC longer than the Knights* had existed at that point.


TheCrucial77 t1_itkwq9i wrote

Hahahha this still makes me mad thinking about it. Last night made me happy for him and was damn impressive. The pressure and tension in that inning and the crowd erupting was cool to see. I say this as having wished nothing but despair on all things Philly for all of my decades of fandom.


Upward_sloping_penis t1_itlbwqu wrote

You’re salty as fuck. Trash DC fans.


thisisredlitre t1_itlcauf wrote

It's a jokey sports grudge not a real one. Happy as a clam for his recent triumph. You're misreading the comment, friend.


loupr738 t1_itk2968 wrote

People seem to forget that he was also a catcher, he got switch to the outfield to avoid the typical catcher problems


Shubankari t1_itmmlfg wrote

I was born in Vegas, but grew up in SD where my best friend’s father was Bud Podbielan, former big league pitcher and also pitched for the PCL Padres at the end of his career in 1959.

My mother was born in Vegas in 1930 when there were 5,000 residents. Her father moved here…to play baseball. My sons & daughter were born in Vegas.

I didn’t know who to root for but the Phillies made that conundrum moot.

Bryce Harper was born in Vegas and hit dingers at AGE 7 on the same fields my boy played on. He had an SI cover at age 16. He’s Vegas Strong 💪 and will beat the Trashbros like he did the Padres and bring a championship to Philadelphia.

You’re welcome Philly fan!


sky_blu t1_itj0u3b wrote

Totally different but for those who follow esports reminds me of shroud. Left c9 and then watched his team going on the most incredible underdog run in Boston a year later


ElephantSlim t1_itj3wb8 wrote

Not the same. Leaving c9 was the best career decision.


sky_blu t1_itjcvmq wrote

He still had to watch his team win right after leaving


grittystitties t1_itkv365 wrote

From atop his mountain of money. Each players cut was probably under 100k. Shroud was pulling that home in two weeks of streaming.