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nixxie1108 t1_j4hf3z8 wrote

Why does Stipe keep getting screwed on a title shot? Dude has the most hw title defenses in ufc history and should have been first in line, rematch or not


dman2316 t1_j4hig1v wrote

Cause he doesn't draw views. The ufc isn't a meritocracy anymore (if it ever was), it's a popularity competition now.


downonthesecond t1_j4hvyfo wrote

Makes sense, over 12.5 million bought PPVs to watch McGregor lose five out of nine fights. Two of those were in 2021 with no crowd but still had over 1.5 million PPV buys each.

UFC 260 and 270 with Ngannou as the main event maybe broke over 500K buys together.


jgiffin t1_j4huahn wrote

>Cause he doesn't draw views.

Gane draws even less. You’d have to think Jones vs. Miocic would bring in more views.


dman2316 t1_j4iy2vw wrote

But gane has shown he'll play the game. So dana would rather an obedient person who draws a bit less than someone like stipe who will call it like it is.


-Nordico- t1_j4hy78s wrote

I think he quietly retired without announcing anything.


wpascarelli t1_j4hvtmg wrote

Stipe was approached to fight Jones for the vacant title before Gane, and they weren’t able to get Stipe to agree to it. So they went to Gane next.


klviking t1_j4iqem2 wrote

"he didn't want it lol", more like Gane took less money than Stipe. Stipe knows his worth and is happy to family and firefight rather than lose more braincells.


wpascarelli t1_j4jb11o wrote

I don’t think that was the case. I think he was offered and either wasn’t ready or was injured or whatever. I think he will accept the financial offer to fight the winner at a time when he is ready to go.


-Nordico- t1_j4jiveo wrote

Funny enough Stipe posted an hour after my comment calling for the winner of Jones vs. Gane.