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dman2316 t1_j4hig1v wrote

Cause he doesn't draw views. The ufc isn't a meritocracy anymore (if it ever was), it's a popularity competition now.


downonthesecond t1_j4hvyfo wrote

Makes sense, over 12.5 million bought PPVs to watch McGregor lose five out of nine fights. Two of those were in 2021 with no crowd but still had over 1.5 million PPV buys each.

UFC 260 and 270 with Ngannou as the main event maybe broke over 500K buys together.


jgiffin t1_j4huahn wrote

>Cause he doesn't draw views.

Gane draws even less. You’d have to think Jones vs. Miocic would bring in more views.


dman2316 t1_j4iy2vw wrote

But gane has shown he'll play the game. So dana would rather an obedient person who draws a bit less than someone like stipe who will call it like it is.