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kfractal t1_j8nmwva wrote

opinion: downvote anything about elon in r/technology which suggests that elon knows anything about something.


vechey t1_j8nn1r8 wrote

Wish we could have a sub rule about posting Elon quotes


SuckItHiveMind t1_j8nr4ki wrote

I came here to write “downvote every post with musk’s name” and I wasn’t narrowing down to only technology !


ickarus99 t1_j8ogdok wrote

Unfortunately his view of AI is the only thing I agree with that’s come out of his mouth.


another-masked-hero t1_j8nyb2o wrote

His knowledge is not the problem, he knows about batteries, electric cars, rockets. The problem is his intention when speaking and that of those quoting him. Whether it be to boost his ego, manipulate the market, insult others, I never read a quote from him trying to share an insight.


n00bst4 t1_j8o6oxg wrote

Je doesn't know anything about all the topics you listed. Change my mind.


marcololol t1_j8p4gus wrote

He literally knows nothing about these things. He’s not an engineer, does not have a PhD, and has done very little actual work during his career. Change my mind


scienceAurora t1_j93xc1x wrote

No, you're right. It just pisses me off, though. You do not get to market yourself as the real-life Tony Stark and have no background in physics, yet people still see him as such.


dietcheese t1_j8pl7f9 wrote

He was accepted to a PhD program at Stanford. He dropped out to start Zip2, which he sold for $300 million.

There are plenty of reasons to hate on Elon, but he’s no idiot.


marcololol t1_j8pty4s wrote

This is nothing but a tech billionaire delusional story sold by the ethos of Silicon Valley and the opportunities presented by the early internet. You didn’t need exceptional talent, you merely needed the money and social capital and to literally be physically there. Musk was able to do this with the support of his mom


sodiumbigolli t1_j8sjcoa wrote

Give the guy a break, he came here originally with nothing but pockets full of emeralds from his daddy’s apartheid mine.


marcololol t1_j8ptrfx wrote

He was not. He would not be smart enough to achieve this. There is good reason to believe that he doesn't even have a physics degree.

I’m a software engineer now and I know for a fact that early internet startups required literally only basic talents in order to succeed. Elon isn’t Bezos who was actually intelligent and insightful, nor is he Gates who was actually in a high level program. He’s a fraudster who got lucky at owning shares in PayPal (after he was fired and it blew up he cashed in)


dietcheese t1_j8pwzu5 wrote

You're wrong.

"He applied and was admitted to Stanford’s graduate degree program in materials science and engineering."


marcololol t1_j8pxohj wrote

So if he was admitted to Stanford and dropped out why does he claim degrees from other institutions? And why are those other claims lies?


samyazaa t1_j8ogu1b wrote

Hey finally a cancellation I can get behind!


SpecialNose9325 t1_j8r7qsq wrote

Obviously he knows something about something, otherwise he wouldnt be able to tie his shoes


strange-brew t1_j8nikv2 wrote

And I thought that the rich hoarding all the worlds money was doing that.


647843267e t1_j8nncvo wrote

AI makes it easier for them to do that. The rich own the AI which will eventually replace millions of jobs.


BronyFrenZony t1_j8usabu wrote

It's a double edged sword, technology is inherently decentralizing.


tomz17 t1_j8q2a5m wrote

Well it is... disparity of wealth/resources always leads to social unrest and AI (as currently implemented) will help a few individuals at the tippity top concentrate that wealth far more efficiently than ever before in history.

There are only two paths we have as a civilization at this point.

  • A) a future where technological advance benefits all of humanity. The increase in productivity and automation leads to a better quality of life for everyone... so instead of plowing fields or doing data-entry all day or whatever else we can automate away, people can use that time to pursue pure scientific or humanistic endeavors (e.g. a Star Trek post-scarcity outcome)

  • B) a future where everyone is still working for the weekend and the AI killbots now guard the piles of cash the wealthy few have accumulated on the backs of everyone else.

IMHO, B is far far far far far more likely


marxcom t1_j8nowui wrote

Says the guy who paid 40bln just to have a his Twitter posts shown to everyone whether they like it or not. You can no longer mute or block space karen on Twitter


ChainsawRomance t1_j8o2uj8 wrote

I hope he gets less twitter engagement now. That would be delicious.


Impossible_Trade_245 t1_j8uuhi4 wrote

Untrue. I blocked him the week he took over Twitter. Never see his nonsense.

Rich spoiled brats shouting into megaphones digital or otherwise- no thanks.

There is still a lot of beautiful things to see and experience in this world and the ugliness and greed from these goons are atrocious by comparison.

Much happier muting the shit out of them.


Scapenator1 t1_j8niclw wrote

No Elon. YOU are a risk!


first__citizen t1_j8nol6a wrote

I think he is worried because his job as a shitposter on Twitter will be obsolete.


thebug50 t1_j8nq4ju wrote

"One of the biggest risks" leaves openings for other risks.


archimidesx t1_j8otcsn wrote

Billionaire fascists are a greater threat…


VendorBuyBankGuards t1_j8nnwxa wrote

Elon Musk is working with fascists. See the photos of him sitting with Rupert Murdoch (Fox News owner and responsible for Hannity and Tucker Carlson and really Trump/MAGA) and then at the World Cup with fascist and Trump family (Jared Kushner).

Anyone buying the illusion that this guy isn't supporting fascists, isn't paying attention. It's not a coincidence he shut off Ukraine's use of his Starlink on the eve a bigger uptick in Russian military activity.


DirtyBirdNJ t1_j8nobvw wrote

But but SpaceX satellite internet and electric cars! How can good man be bad if electric cars good? Dont you wanna go to Mars? /s

I fucking hate this timeline


marcololol t1_j8p4cni wrote

Elon didn’t help start this company, nor any of the others he invested money into


Elgoblino80 t1_j8ps681 wrote

Well, he objectively did.


marcololol t1_j8pthyw wrote

The point is this supposed tech genius is a complete fraud.

There is good reason to believe that he doesn't even have a physics degree.


Elgoblino80 t1_j8q8d3e wrote

I don't care? He saw better opportunities ahead of him. He got accepted into a PhD program at Harvard which is more than enough testament to his intelligence. And even if he wasn't intelligent in the field of science. His opportunistic intelligence to jump on the successful business ahead of time is more than enough to have take on the future of AI.

You can call someone evil and hate them but still admit that they are smart. It's not hard. Some nazis were so smart that the US created an entire mission to recruit them.


marcololol t1_j8qb4n8 wrote

Well I think you’re giving Musk a HUGE benefit of the doubt. Just because you admire the story someone tells about themselves doesn’t mean you shouldn’t investigate and question whether it’s actually truthful. One red flag is that people in this same post are saying Musk got accepted to Harvard, Stanford, and Penn (there’s also evidence that his degree from Penn is fake, he never graduated from Penn and may have never even gone there). So which is it? The root of all those conflicting stories is probably the fact that Musk has lied about his education multiple times across the years in many different news outlets. The second red flag is the “intelligent Nazi” argument.

Any society across history that has put significant state funds into science and mathematics has seen a number of individuals with an aptitude for science and mathematics emerge from that society. so the fact that there were Nazis capable in physics is a result of investments made before Nazis were even a political entity. Hungary is a good example of this also. Look up Count István Széchenyi. These societies were smart way before they became so arrogant and full of themselves that they believed they were a “superior race” and could win a global conflict based on their “races innate traits” alone. They weren’t very smart because they were behind both the Americans and Soviets in arms and technological development. The Americans then had the choice, allow enemy scientists to fall into communist hands and be killed - or, worse, joining to help the Soviet arms industry - or hire themselves themselves. The national socialists in Germany and Hungary were actually so ignorant that they lost a major conflict, and then were ruled by foreign powers for 1.5-2 generations. They weren’t smart.

I hate Nazis. I don’t hate Musk. I just think he’s a liar who’s full of shit, and it’s more obvious by the day.


DBDude t1_j8pdbxh wrote

Yes he did, one of six principle founders. He was also the founder of SpaceX. He didn’t found Tesla, but it was just three guys with an idea when he joined.


marcololol t1_j8pqy0p wrote

Not true. SpaceX was an existing technology and idea that needed investment, he simply bought into it with money he got from owning shares of PayPal after he was fired and after it blew up. Tesla was much more than “three guys with an idea,” you should actually look into the details. Musk joined Tesla after its founders had already been producing prototype, functional automobiles with their lithium ion battery tech. The actual founders of Tesla had built and sold a successful consumer electronics company that used its lithium battery tech to create a version of an e-reader. Musk bought in and was so toxic that the founders quit or were fired because of his massive ego and PayPal money. Musk owns no patents in Tesla except for additions to the doors and recharging plug(Musk patented a recharging plug to PREVENT other electric vehicle makers from using Tesla chargers). He’s actually a foolish man with very limited talent and no creativity. He is NOT responsible for Transformers nor LLM technological advancements.


QristopherQuixote t1_j8nj781 wrote

Elong Mush doesn’t understand the difference strong AI, which emulates a human mind and then some, and weak AI which is task focused and would never be considered “conscious.” Strong AI doesn’t exist yet. ChatGPT is weak AI on a large model.


Throwaway08080909070 t1_j8nmkng wrote

The list of what Musk doesn't understand is too long for the internet to contain it.


8instuntcock t1_j8nou64 wrote

dude is not a programmer just controversy machine.


QristopherQuixote t1_j8nuhs2 wrote

Yup. His flailing around with engineers at Twitter looked like a Dilbert cartoon with the pointy-haired boss trying to talk about code.

AI seems like magic until you look under the hood. There's an enormous amount of human intelligence and judgment that goes into tweaking AIs to perform well. My first neural network was a class project in grad school to find a nose on a human face. When I got done and had it working, I was happy and also disappointed to learn how they actually worked. It drove home for me the differences between weak and strong AI.


str8grizzlee t1_j8ozla8 wrote

AI doesn’t have to be sentient to cause massive social problems.


QristopherQuixote t1_j8p50g7 wrote

It already causes problems for credit approvals, fraud detection, etc. However, this is very different from a sentient AI trying to become our digital overlord.


gundam1945 t1_j8poopz wrote

This type of social problem is different with the one in elon's mind.


647843267e t1_j8nnirs wrote

Weak AI is good enough to replace a whole lot of workers. It's not like most workers really think hard at their jobs.


SidewaysFancyPrance t1_j8nvonl wrote

Weak AI is good enough to sorta replace workers, in areas where accuracy is not super important (customer-facing stuff, where people are already used to corporations providing minimal/poor service).

If you train your customers to accept less and less every year, then eventually replacing an underpaid, poorly-trained human with a weak AI is not going to change much except save money. AI is going to end up in places C-levels already didn't care about and were strangling.


QristopherQuixote t1_j8noa2w wrote

Very true. However, weak AI is more about task automation and less about replacing human minds. Large segments of transportation will be replaced by weak AI. I think task AI will replace many jobs and augment many others.


ethereal3xp OP t1_j8njvj4 wrote

Isn't Musk Tesla ... self driving cars considered a strong AI?


QristopherQuixote t1_j8nnvqi wrote

No. It is still just task based AI.


ethereal3xp OP t1_j8nokh1 wrote

If its not Task based AI... what other kind of AI will there be?

Task based AI cater to human needs. To make human daily living easier

Even made up droids from movies like Interstellar are task based mainly. It is not going to override a human command. Only suggest/per calculation


QristopherQuixote t1_j8nqhxa wrote

Strong AI implies consciousness and self-awareness. This has been the holy grail of AI since the 1970s. Neural networks are function emulators where input produces the desired output. Neural networks use classified or labeled training data and feedback to self correct (back propagation) until their functional output is acceptable. Deep learning and layered networks are leveraging models that were already trained to produce a more complex network. There are several different types of neural networks like convolutional, feed forward, etc. By using a multi model and filtering approaches, models can be combined so that more and more complex tasks can be accomplished. For example, driving involves several models working in concert like one that determines a road type, a few more for feature extraction, etc. Many statistical models such as clustering and regression are called “machine learning” and AI, even though they weren’t when I first learned them. Many of the original AI systems were rules based and were called “expert systems.” However, how these techniques produce outputs is dramatically different than a brain. Mimicking human behavior and capabilities is very different from possessing them like any creature with a brain.


QristopherQuixote t1_j8nw2c1 wrote

You shouldn't rely on science fiction to be your guide on how AI will evolve in the future. Skynet says it will be evil. In I, Robot it was insane. In Bicentennial man, it became fully human. In Star Wars it was benign and essentially slavish. The robots in Interstellar were essentially assistants who did not act independently. In Transcendence a human mind was "uploaded" creating a strong AI. In Chappy, AI happened by accident, resulting in strong AI formed in a robot and by creating a digital copy of a human mind.

Strong AI doesn't exist... yet.


ethereal3xp OP t1_j8ny7ty wrote

>You shouldn't rely on science fiction to be your guide on how AI will evolve in the future.

Why not?

They are ideas...good or bad

Contagion was a brilliant movie... and many parts true/did happen in terms of Covid (real life)

  • Self learning, consiousness, complex actions -... which is considered strong AI. 1st why are these things needed for humanity?

Eventually... it will mean "overriding" some of the human decisions

Is this notion better for humanity or not? Or pose as a danger?

And who will make this decision... a group of smart humans... or the so called strong AI they will create?


QristopherQuixote t1_j8ogjgs wrote

Do you need a history of all the things SciFi got wrong? Asimov, Heinlein, etc?

Contagion is based on actual science. Read books by Robin Cook if you want to see an actual scientist write science fiction. His book "vector" predicted the use of Anthrax as a terrorist weapon. However, folks like Michael Crichton have been spectacularly wrong even though he had an MD. Crichton was a science skeptic in some respects who questioned bans on DDT and wrote a book that made a mockery of environmental activism. He also wrote a book against AI called "Prey" which had a swarm intelligence using nanobots that was beyond silly.

We don't even know if strong AI is possible. It doesn't appear to be necessary for us to get value from task based AI. Artificial neural nets are everywhere including in cruise control in cars, smart thermostats, etc. Some smart phones like the Pixel have them. Components of AI are being used more and more.

We cannot confuse complexity with strong AI. Very complex AI systems can still be weak task based AI. Consciousness and independent action are not part of AI now. No existing AI system can be considered to be "thinking." This idea that an AI overlord will emerge to override human action is pure science fiction. The human brain has trillions of interconnections between billions of neurons with an incredible input system. No computer can match it yet.


Jake0024 t1_j8rx7du wrote

> what other kind of AI will there be?

General (not task based) AI


ethereal3xp OP t1_j8t2rub wrote

Ok but what?

Even self driving cars (automated).... is task based if you think about it

Its focus is to drive a car. And it wont be able to drive as well as a human....if factoring in traffic or accident situation.

General AI or strong AI as some of labelled it.... is almost like a human brain.

It can deep learn, make advance calculations and make this conscious decision without human approval. Its long ways away....


Jake0024 t1_j8tlta8 wrote

Correct, a self driving car is not general AI. And yes, it's a long way off. That's why Musk freaking out about ChatGPT is so hilarious.


ethereal3xp OP t1_j8tn6g5 wrote

Because he doesnt trust anybody else other than himself

General AI in theory would mean a easier/comfortable life for humans

But humans may end up becoming dumber. And in addition if the AI inventor was some kind of environmentalist.... he could set the AI to action based on "saving the planet"

Meaning shut off power, gas, factories (when not needed) etc.... even if it could mean some human suffering.

And a human couldnt override


notagrue t1_j8nnlfk wrote

Yeah, like Elon’s opinion is valid anymore…


digiorno t1_j8nqjbc wrote

AI could be one of the biggest boons to humanity, just like the internet…

What we need to do stop is using AI specifically to exacerbate inequality both in terms of economics and wellbeing. We essentially need to not let capitalism corrupt the AI space like it corrupts everything else.


ethereal3xp OP t1_j8nspc5 wrote

You know thats not going to happen...

People build advance factories for capitalism purpose

I applaud those that offer free artificial body parts... to help those in need

But outside of this. Not sure .. seen technology/AI benefit "everyone"


scienceAurora t1_j8ogdpq wrote

Okay can we not give Musk a platform? He's not an innovator, he's a conman with way too much money.


[deleted] t1_j8nl80k wrote

Elon saying this sure is a pot meet the kettle situation


zembriski t1_j8rswhk wrote

Wait... did OpenAI's valuation just drop by 40% when the rest of the world figured out that Musk was attached to it?


LocoCoyote t1_j8nr9nk wrote

Elon is kind of a risk to civilization…


chopinrocks t1_j8obdzz wrote

The reason AI is a risk, though, is not because of what he believes.

The reason AI is a true risk, is because people are going to rely on it too much and AI will always make mistakes, many of which are extremely hard to detect, and because it will be used maliciously by a large subet of people.


ethereal3xp OP t1_j8obr9i wrote

I dont get this part...

How would a group of malicious intent people....capitalize on AI mistakes/defects? 🤔


archimedeancrystal t1_j8oiu8m wrote

>The reason AI is a true risk, is because people are going to rely on it too much and AI will always make mistakes, many of which are extremely hard to detect, and because it will be used maliciously by a large subet of people.

Interesting point. But aren't mistakes and malicious misuse the same risks we've always had with information provided by people long before AI was a figment of anyone's imagination?


Cranky0ldguy t1_j8pearu wrote

Honestly, does anyone take him seriously anymore? It seems like he's made one really bad decision after another. He's certainly not the "big thinker" he (apparently) thinks himself to be.


M-A-S-C t1_j8q121n wrote

And why should anyone care about the opinion of some dumb ass billionaire?


Chaseism t1_j8psanl wrote

Yeah, I’m just at the point where I don’t really care what Elon Musk thinks. Twitter or not, he’s shown us who he is.


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_j8pxqc4 wrote

Really, Elon? Because from where I stand billionaires who suck all of the wealth out of our nation seem like a far bigger threat than AI.


ajax6677 t1_j8q21kr wrote

At this point anything is better than the dipshits running this planet into the ground.


opticd t1_j8qaujd wrote

He didn’t really have any material impact on ChatGPT. Misleading headline.


Ergs_AND_Terst t1_j8qqp7f wrote

I just don't believe this person is smart anymore. My man is big stupid now.


james_otter t1_j8qtwyg wrote

People like him are a much bigger danger


Wolfman01a t1_j8qyi60 wrote

I would counter argue that Elon Musk is one of the biggest risks of civilization.


audiofx330 t1_j8rb5r3 wrote

F what this douche "thinks"...


rushmc1 t1_j8ru5yg wrote

Ironic, coming from one of the biggest risks to civilization.


Gargenville t1_j8nph2t wrote

Sociopath billionaires are the biggest risk to civilization.


jtmarshiii t1_j8o0kc6 wrote

Not as much as billionaires.


pbankey t1_j8o211d wrote

Remember when Reddit was absolutely gushing for this guy when anything UBI came up?


aidanpryde98 t1_j8o21cb wrote

Does he mean all AI? Or just his competitors?

Though it seems he may have divested.


psychedoutcasts t1_j8od976 wrote

AI is a big risk to Capitalism is what he is referring too.


voodoovan t1_j8ou32g wrote

More accurately, the US state is the biggest threat to civilization.


RufussSewell t1_j8owz6b wrote

I think Elon thinks AI is a threat to the billionaire power structure.


teddytwelvetoes t1_j8p98ua wrote

"co-founded" lol I'm guessing he bought another person's work and called himself a founder again?


frontbuttt t1_j8q3opi wrote

Elon is an idiot, and if he’s right about this it’s purely by coincidence.


Bot1980 t1_j8qytwx wrote

Yeah we or the majority of us are screwed tbh. So what will we be all doing when AIs are running the show? Streaming 😅


dumineitor t1_j8rayxc wrote

Yeah, soon his job and all corporate jobs will be automated by AI


Shavethatmonkey t1_j8rq9yn wrote

Musk is also antivax, so he's just a moron no one should listen to or care what he says. He's just another rich asshole.


Tarcash t1_j8nvk44 wrote

Elon Musk is a moron. Ignore anything and everything that imbecile says.


Varkasi t1_j8oc8mj wrote

Just because he "co-founded" it doesnt actually mean he knows anything technical about it. He just helped fund the project. He's just a dude with money, a very loud dude with money....


Rockonious t1_j8od5x6 wrote

I said it before and I'll say it again. Musk is a tosser..


littleMAS t1_j8ogasi wrote

He will prove himself right by incorporating AI into Tesla cars and Twitter feeds.


homothebrave t1_j8ojyv4 wrote

He's basing it on the kill ratio of the Tesla AI autopilot.


phonegears t1_j8phea4 wrote

Writing few lines of crab could risk the life :) They just want to make stories and make their product goes viral before everyone could realized it was just another twitter overhaul


redvelvetcake42 t1_j8pn93k wrote

Let's just have Elon buy it. That way it will crater since he knows fuck all about software.


badwolf42 t1_j8qdd7i wrote

I don’t believe he thinks that. I think he’s really sold on Roko’s Basilisk and wants to be the favorite pet.


markskull t1_j8rsfsu wrote

This is the weirdest fucking comment section I've seen in a while.

This entire subreddit has been a collective circle jerk about how great AI is in terms of art, writing, and coding since all of those fields are over-paid (sure, buddy, artists are making millions living in their mom's basement). Then there's been another circle jerk about Elon Musk being brilliant as well.

Now, apparently, Elon Musk saying the technology they love is something he hates results in not only a barrage of angry down-votes, but also no one really knowing how to feel.

A.I. does pose a risk to civilization, and Elon Musk is still a massive asshole. Two things can be true at the same time. Sadly the bots haven't learned that one yet.


DPBH t1_j8rxd75 wrote

Yet the combination of Starlink, Tesla Robot and The Boring Company’s Flamethrower aren’t the elements needed to create a Terminator?


PC_AddictTX t1_j8s18iw wrote

Somebody's been watching Terminator and The Forbin Project too many times.


bam_uk1981 t1_j8s30tz wrote

He’s setting himself up for the biggest I told you so in history. Where are you captain hindsight! We need you!


cyberdeath666 t1_j8sduh9 wrote

Elon Musk is one of the biggest risks to civilization


bugbeared69 t1_j8suzs0 wrote

Ceo's and greed of the 1% is biggest risk to civilization.

Let not pretend a half ass ai or alien, war, inflation, are the biggest issue, fix the 1 % and the world will be better.

Or we can keep letting them do whatever they want, hmmm yea, that probably the one that happening....


IMTrick t1_j8uasnk wrote

#2, right behind egotistical billionaires.


PresentSalt3032 t1_j8vf8e8 wrote

does he feel the same about Tesla Autopilot?


Ayyleid t1_j8vvyuy wrote

I mean it is, but if Elon's name was still on it, he'd back spin it so.


venti_cocaine_latte t1_j8x86n0 wrote

With all due disrespect, he can put a wooden fence around giga factories and use the butthole as a mallet


MrEpicMustache t1_j8nz5ye wrote

Lol another Elon thing that is going to divide the world. This guy slaps at controversial tech.


Deep_Stick8786 t1_j8o6xt3 wrote

I mean is he wrong tho? See: skynet


ethereal3xp OP t1_j8o7gal wrote

That will be the worst thing invented.... if it happens

I think its kind of a fantasy for the Robots wanting to have their own "lives"

So that is far fetches

But AI nuclear weapon exchanges... in order to fight back/protect .... will be undoing of the planet


remembamlilf t1_j8p1vnm wrote

Hey guys… Elon bad guy hehehehhe


tactlesswonder t1_j8nuhil wrote

Ya know technology is capital intensive. I don't know why so many here are so anti Elon. Or anti billionaires.


ultron5555 t1_j8o2ki1 wrote

People need to hate someone. Especially someone who is known, but not recognized by the majority of the public as evil, like Hitler, because it would be uninteresting. People want to hate those who act under the guise of a good guy, but not obvious hypocrites (like prominent politicians), but those who seem to be really closer to the good side.

The idea is similar to conspiracy theories - a person gets the feeling that he does not allow himself to be deceived and this elevates him above others


kraken_enrager t1_j8ol98n wrote

People on this thread r acting like their opinions matter, and they are celebrity analysts or sm and not randos commenting from their couch.

Like it or not, elons opinion still matters, outside the Reddit cyclejerk.


upyoars t1_j8nk8hi wrote

I mean it’s true, not shocking. AI is capable of anything. Literally anything.