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memberjan6 t1_jefia80 wrote

And what does the DOJ do with people doing unlawful behavior these days? Test for who it is first? Kick the can down the road when it's the better sort of people doing unlawful behavior?


Objective_Internet1 t1_jegflc8 wrote

Go after their pensions.


ImmatureDev t1_jegq97l wrote

Who’s going to do that? Joe Biden?


SirFost t1_jegusjn wrote

Would any republican president do that? Even if they had the power to do so? No. They wouldn’t.


Admins_R_Cunts99 t1_jeh4myp wrote

Republicans always say they want to cut entitlements, can we start there?


spiritbx t1_jeh5m40 wrote

They are never going to cut anything that could in any way affect them though...