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Syrdon t1_jegta95 wrote

From your other comments, it sounds like you may have two issues that need handled separately.

First, it sounds like you feel like it takes you a while to come up with good puns (or at least applicable ones). You can speed that up by training your brain to think of them, which really just means practicing coming up with them. I recommend starting by just trying to slip them in to regular conversation as often as you can. You don’t necessarily need to actually use them, so long as you go through the process of thinking “how can i sneak a pun in to that sentence” fairly frequently - but you should, because the point is to enjoy the suffering of people who didn’t get to the pun first.

Second, you need to get to the reddit thread early. That’s best accomplished by sorting by new and then living on reddit. You should not do this. You should accept that there is someone more addicted to reddit and let them have the dubious honor of being first. Instead of beating them, let them win, read their comment, and take your time to think of what other puns they could have gone with.

Then you should respond to their comment with the better pun they didn’t take the time to think of. After all, the fun really is in the punishment of others.


throwawaytrash6990 t1_jegtq4d wrote

As stated before I’m just a little stupid. Increasing speed isn’t an options. I also can’t live on Reddit.

I guess I got just go have some kids I’m not gonna take care of and become a father brb. This reason is honestly better than most peoples for having kids. I just wanna make people laugh.


Syrdon t1_jegxfcs wrote

Trust me, this isn’t about being smart or stupid. Dad jokes are just like any other skill - it’s entirely about practice. Dads just have the advantage of having frequent targets for their puns.


No-One-2177 t1_jeh4116 wrote

I respect your in-depth analysis and coaching for them on the subject. Dad jokes are a key ingredient in the complex ecosystem of reddit threads.


DelightfulAbsurdity t1_jegytxd wrote

Absentee fathers don’t make good dad jokes.

Nobody is around to hear them.


throwawaytrash6990 t1_jeh3kgv wrote

Only one way to see if you’re right. Two if you happen to know where my dads at nowadays.