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throwawaytrash6990 t1_jegtq4d wrote

As stated before I’m just a little stupid. Increasing speed isn’t an options. I also can’t live on Reddit.

I guess I got just go have some kids I’m not gonna take care of and become a father brb. This reason is honestly better than most peoples for having kids. I just wanna make people laugh.


Syrdon t1_jegxfcs wrote

Trust me, this isn’t about being smart or stupid. Dad jokes are just like any other skill - it’s entirely about practice. Dads just have the advantage of having frequent targets for their puns.


No-One-2177 t1_jeh4116 wrote

I respect your in-depth analysis and coaching for them on the subject. Dad jokes are a key ingredient in the complex ecosystem of reddit threads.


DelightfulAbsurdity t1_jegytxd wrote

Absentee fathers don’t make good dad jokes.

Nobody is around to hear them.


throwawaytrash6990 t1_jeh3kgv wrote

Only one way to see if you’re right. Two if you happen to know where my dads at nowadays.