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DonFrio t1_jefbmw0 wrote

Police think laws don’t apply to them. Far too often they’re right


Levainathan t1_jefdz1o wrote

Pun intended?


throwawaytrash6990 t1_jeg7q4l wrote

I swear to God every time I go into a thread to make a pun someone’s already done it. I’m starting to get angry. Do I need to become a father to make dad jokes faster or something?


Syrdon t1_jegta95 wrote

From your other comments, it sounds like you may have two issues that need handled separately.

First, it sounds like you feel like it takes you a while to come up with good puns (or at least applicable ones). You can speed that up by training your brain to think of them, which really just means practicing coming up with them. I recommend starting by just trying to slip them in to regular conversation as often as you can. You don’t necessarily need to actually use them, so long as you go through the process of thinking “how can i sneak a pun in to that sentence” fairly frequently - but you should, because the point is to enjoy the suffering of people who didn’t get to the pun first.

Second, you need to get to the reddit thread early. That’s best accomplished by sorting by new and then living on reddit. You should not do this. You should accept that there is someone more addicted to reddit and let them have the dubious honor of being first. Instead of beating them, let them win, read their comment, and take your time to think of what other puns they could have gone with.

Then you should respond to their comment with the better pun they didn’t take the time to think of. After all, the fun really is in the punishment of others.


throwawaytrash6990 t1_jegtq4d wrote

As stated before I’m just a little stupid. Increasing speed isn’t an options. I also can’t live on Reddit.

I guess I got just go have some kids I’m not gonna take care of and become a father brb. This reason is honestly better than most peoples for having kids. I just wanna make people laugh.


Syrdon t1_jegxfcs wrote

Trust me, this isn’t about being smart or stupid. Dad jokes are just like any other skill - it’s entirely about practice. Dads just have the advantage of having frequent targets for their puns.


No-One-2177 t1_jeh4116 wrote

I respect your in-depth analysis and coaching for them on the subject. Dad jokes are a key ingredient in the complex ecosystem of reddit threads.


DelightfulAbsurdity t1_jegytxd wrote

Absentee fathers don’t make good dad jokes.

Nobody is around to hear them.


throwawaytrash6990 t1_jeh3kgv wrote

Only one way to see if you’re right. Two if you happen to know where my dads at nowadays.


Levainathan t1_jegq6ob wrote

You need either a “father” achevement or “had a father” achievement and only then youll passively have a 70% of making dad jokes everyday


Mnemon-TORreport t1_jeg5d2p wrote

TL;DR version is the law required the NYPD to "disclose information about its current and future surveillance technologies and how it wants to use them."

The NYPD responded by filing reports that were "general and not detailed, leaving the [Office of the Inspector General for the NYPD] unable to conduct an audit and assess whether NYPD’s use of surveillance devices complies with its IUPs and report any suspected violations."


JD_5643 t1_jefxkb9 wrote

Shocker the largest gang in NY is refusing to follow the law.


memberjan6 t1_jefia80 wrote

And what does the DOJ do with people doing unlawful behavior these days? Test for who it is first? Kick the can down the road when it's the better sort of people doing unlawful behavior?


Objective_Internet1 t1_jegflc8 wrote

Go after their pensions.


ImmatureDev t1_jegq97l wrote

Who’s going to do that? Joe Biden?


SirFost t1_jegusjn wrote

Would any republican president do that? Even if they had the power to do so? No. They wouldn’t.


Admins_R_Cunts99 t1_jeh4myp wrote

Republicans always say they want to cut entitlements, can we start there?


spiritbx t1_jeh5m40 wrote

They are never going to cut anything that could in any way affect them though...


Lootcifer- t1_jefqrfz wrote

“Bro we enforce the law, not follow it” -Sergeant Pig


jh937hfiu3hrhv9 t1_jefgrov wrote

I am not an historian but I don't think the constitution includes cop shops as the fourth branch of government.


lodger238 t1_jefn7vg wrote

Upvote for "an" historian.


BandsOfCyttorak t1_jegeosh wrote

Because he used an correctly lol?


oasis9dev t1_jegfrax wrote

you do realise it's not incorrect to use "a historian" if you pronounce the h, like pretty much everyone in my country does? it sounds weird if you force an on a consonant and also if you force a on a vowel. it depends how you pronounce the word.

see also: sauce. turns out americans tend not to understand where "give me the sauce" comes from. it comes from the fact that many people pronounce "sauce" as "source". there's no difference between the two. seeing memes about how sauce and horse can't rhyme makes no sense to me or anyone around me. nobody here says "soss", bc then you can't say "what's the sauce?"


Furthur_slimeking t1_jegmakw wrote

In RP English it used to be viewed as "correct" to say "an historian", even though the "h" was always sounded. It's not the case anymore, but you'd hear newsreaders using that style up until late 90s/early 2000s.


Boo_Guy t1_jefqs0z wrote

So what's the penalty for not complying? Is there any? If so is anyone going to enforce it? Will they charge anybody?

I'm going to guess that there's no penalty and/or no enforcement so it's actually just a suggestion, not an actual law.


nbfs-chili t1_jeg187l wrote

I would think if they tried to use evidence obtained this way, it would be thrown out.


Telid t1_jegld6m wrote

It would be, but parallel construction remains legal. Aka. they can use facts obtained illegally to go find evidence they can justify by saying they could of found it in the first place, and then hide the fact they got the original evidence. If the court or the defense only know about the 2nd facts and not the first, they cannot challenge it.


TheinimitaableG t1_jefe7x6 wrote

The police acting as if they are above the law? Say it ain't so Joe.


Youvebeeneloned t1_jefqmbb wrote

Nothing new... NYPD is probably one of the WORST for following the law. They literally were running a illegal surveillance shop in NJ spying on Muslims after 9/11 which produced ZERO leads, and cost millions in both running the unit, and the settlements that followed when NJ state, NJ cities, Muslim groups, and others sued them.


Ground2ChairMissile t1_jefgp1g wrote

"Following the law? Buddy, we're law enforcement, we don't do that here."


fall3nmartyr t1_jefzxl6 wrote

Can we shoot/beat them while continuously demanding that they comply?

Eta: this is a total joke, please don’t Amadou Diallo me


gif_smuggler t1_jego6ca wrote

The old “ I’ll punch you and keep saying “stop resisting” even though you’re not resisting.


rumhee t1_jefwhgm wrote

The NYPD is a criminal gang.


jooce81 t1_jegder8 wrote

Go after their pensions. THAT will get their attention


Swarrlly t1_jegdhb3 wrote

Hmm. I wonder if there is a term for someone who knowingly violates the law??


2723brad2723 t1_jegzkt1 wrote

Police officer. The term you're looking for is police officer


DylanLars t1_jegajb0 wrote

Listen once you let them be the judge jury and executioner without trials why in hell would they bother listening to any other laws?

If extrajudicial killings are given the thumbs up tech laws most certainly can get fucked too.


KursedBeyond t1_jegtpca wrote

So what happens to an employee who refuses to follow the law at work while performing their job duties…say in banking, accounting, finance…etc?

Why are these “employees” of NYC and the State of NY any different?

And people wonder why many are skeptical about our justice system .


JubalHarshaw23 t1_jefs2ac wrote

Police that don't take orders from their legal civilian bosses. Just waiting for the MAGA Messiah to regain power.


aussiegreenie t1_jegf69a wrote

The NYPD breaking laws...who wud of thunk it


futurespacecadet t1_jegjwl0 wrote

who polices the police? honestly though, it seems more and more like they are a rogue outfit.


Narf234 t1_jegynns wrote

“Rules for thee but not for me.”

  • the NYPD probably

Silent_but-deadly t1_jeh19rc wrote

Nice to have a cop as the mayor now. Gives me confidence this will totally be solved in the right way. :/


bugbeared69 t1_jeg4h9y wrote

Remember the law only implies to the poor, those with enough wealth or power tell you how to live, you don't tell them.


shavobugstrangiato t1_jegea4n wrote

Surprise the police not accountable, only in a perfect world could police held to the same standard as civilians. But they just falsely imprison and kill innocents no wonder parents tell their kids to behave or the police will take them they’re the living boogeymen.


Delmarvablacksmith t1_jegijkl wrote

Cops who don’t follow the law?



How could that ever exist?


cosmernaut420 t1_jeglj70 wrote

>NYPD refuses to follow the law

Now why isn't that surprising.


Loki-L t1_jegbuvq wrote

Arrest them all....

Oh wait, I see the problem with that.


eveningsand t1_jegt0cz wrote

Anyone have a better link? All I saw (on mobile) was a never ending wall of advertisments.