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MargretTatchersParty t1_jebfu5b wrote

Make it known that she will be unwelcome in your state and not voted for again. Even if this doesn't pass.. they'll try to pass a similar bill later.


I have "I vote for America" but when it comes to rights it's "I blew off my legs so I can break your encryption" Duckworth.


ShawnyMcKnight t1_jebg2s5 wrote

But she is welcome, she is very welcome. Outside of the two big cities in NE she pretty much gets all the votes.


MargretTatchersParty t1_jebkeoc wrote

The only way to get your point across to these people is to get the people who they rely on for support to understand how bad it would be for them. Communicate that the effects of the Liconianians will have on their lives and the threats created under this bil to them.