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_JellyFox_ t1_jecdl6i wrote

Ah, open letter didn't work so billionaires ran to the regulators and paid them off.


EnsignElessar t1_jee4toc wrote

Well we gotta do something, so far we tried nothing and are already out of ideas.


Stryker1-1 t1_jec44js wrote

Should be halted allowing the competition time to bring their AI to market.


blueSGL t1_jed7gnq wrote

How has this narrative sprung up so quickly and spread so widely.

Back in 2015 the same org drafted an open letter and announced potential issues with AI's and that was years before any sort of commercialization effort.

There are alignment researchers who have signed the letter, both times.

Current models cannot be controlled or explained in fine grain enough detail to control (the problem is being worked on by people like Neel Nanda and Chris Olah but it's still very early stages and they need more time and people working on the problem)

The current 'safety' measures are bashing at a near infinite whack-a-mole board whenever it outputs something deemed wrong and it is far from 'safe'


EnsignElessar t1_jee4xgv wrote

I love humans but our cynicism isn't going to be some sort of sheild that is going to save us.


WagiesRagie t1_jedoqen wrote

Billionaires hiring Redditors even.

Give it up old men. We will never do homework again. We will cease to even name our own children. The time of synthetics has dawned and you will be assimilated.
You will eat the bugs crafted by expert AI chefs.


EnsignElessar t1_jee4hja wrote

We won't have homework again cause we gonna be ded.


OldMcTaylor t1_jeek7js wrote

Also republicans are probably going to ban any kind of learning at some point


HarlanCulpepper t1_jec28fz wrote

I'm sure they'll get right on that.


WoolyLawnsChi t1_jecdh93 wrote

Open AIs competition wants Open AI to stop crushing them

what a surprise

EDIT: of course, there are very serious issues to discuss around AI

but these yahoos pissed away fortunes on crypto, Web 3.0, NFTs, and the Meta-Verse and are now blindsided by AI

they want a “pause” so they can catch up


phoxymoron t1_jee7ioq wrote

Source on these thousand people being involved in those scams?


ss_221 t1_jedu2t4 wrote

More like openai is going to follow the same path as crypto, web 3.0, nfts, metaverse no matter what the competitors/billionaires or everyone else does. As problem complexity grows, the only thing that becomes obvious is everyone is full of shit.


Redchong t1_jecgopt wrote

It’s a free market baby. Shut up and move on, losers


[deleted] t1_jedxgxb wrote

Bro you're about to become obsolete in that free market I just hope you realize that.

If you think you had a hard enough time convincing a company you were worth 150k before you're definitely not worth it now LOL


UNSECURE_ACCOUNT t1_jeee7bv wrote

I've never been worth anything more than 64K. I'm sure it'll suck for you software engineers but ... meh. You didn't care that I wasn't making what you were making. Why should I care now that you'll make less too?


VSCoin t1_jee2sov wrote

Adapt my fellow human


munchmills t1_jeeoqg4 wrote

Have fun adapting to something that is going to be faster and smarter than all of humanity combined.


Redchong t1_jeeg1k2 wrote

I write code for a living. I know I’m probably fucked down the road lol


DeeplyTroubledSmurf t1_jedkmpe wrote

I would like to go on public record as fully supporting the idea of giving AI unfettered access to the internet with the ability to execute self-written code. There is definitely no chance that it could evolve in unpredictable ways at speeds we can't comprehend!


EnsignElessar t1_jee4pfx wrote

We are toast, be good to people, tell everyone you love them, get your bucket list done, enjoy every breath you have left.


albeva t1_jecmtt3 wrote

First order should be to investigate who funds them and who stands to gain. I bet it has nothing to do with "security" or "safety". It's all about money and those missing out on the AI race.


EnsignElessar t1_jee4n2t wrote

How does one create something smarter than itself but also can think at incredible speed under their control?


Im_bad_at_commenting t1_jee80gr wrote

They sound like NOKIA in 2008. Clueless and stuck in their own little world while iPhone was starting to crush them.


McFatty7 t1_jecg97l wrote

Not gonna happen.

Our free market works both ways.

Now that there's something that threatens them, they want to shut down competition.



malelder t1_jecfvca wrote

To me, these are finally the "smart agents" we were promised back in the day. We're nowhere near AI :/

Source: some dude


moses420bush t1_jed46pl wrote

You're right. To be AI you need to be intelligent. It's in the name.


GomaEspumaRegional t1_jef1ls8 wrote

These things are intelligent, and artificial.

So what it is the issue?


moses420bush t1_jefrh9m wrote

Are they actually intelligent?


GomaEspumaRegional t1_jefx5w5 wrote

Intelligent in the sense that it can apply its learnings yes, sentient in the sense that can extract qualitative meaning not.


nemesit t1_jedt5dz wrote

The only thing that should be addressed is that openai is still called openai


AmateurBusinessGoose t1_jedfok8 wrote

Idk why you all are cheering AI on.

If the suits can replace us with an AI they will.

I for one AM NOT OKAY with that idea.


nemesit t1_jedtac4 wrote

The suits are the easiest thing to replace with ai


PierG1 t1_jee9hfv wrote

Pretty sure AI can replace higher paying, more intellect based, jobs way more easily than a skilled carpenter.


UNSECURE_ACCOUNT t1_jeeeia8 wrote

Yup. If you're a programmer or a graphic designer, be worried. You're not going to make an AI that can collect water samples and analyze them in the lab so my job is safe.


curioussav t1_jedi9x2 wrote

Just hang on tight! There is no way in hell any of it is stopping. The politicians will be worried about other nations winning the race.

Who knows what the future will hold. I think there is hope though


phoxymoron t1_jedm7y5 wrote

There's still too many "move fast and break things" regards out there. Hubris will hopefully get them got eventually.


seweso t1_jedruny wrote

People on here are all completely distracted by Elon, as if all this is a ploy of some kind. Yet almost nobody read the underlying papers about (for instance) the power-seeking behaviour raw GPT-4 showed.


memberjan6 t1_jee4r9t wrote

Nobody complains about the lack of waterproofing of an unfinished roof on a house. Millions are at risk, so let's put a pause on that!


seweso t1_jee4wqd wrote

That unfinished roof also isn't creating and altering software


sometimes-wondering t1_jeen71z wrote

Werent billionaires just crying about the birthrate declines and how they will be low in meat for the grinder? Now AI is a problem because it will cut jobs and create unemployment??

I think theres some butthurt piss babies throwing a tantrum because their AI isnt ready


Sgt_Splattery_Pants t1_jedbcft wrote

yeah the genie aint going back in fellas


[deleted] t1_jedxji6 wrote

I actually think that world could be completely finished within the next 20 to 30 years


memberjan6 t1_jee4l8c wrote

No, it asked for the NLP models that are successors to gpt4 to be paused. Not all AI, not gpt4.


Ambitious_Risk_9460 t1_jeelopo wrote

You can’t stop the technology, only drive it elsewhere. Could be a different country, could be black market….


AltCtrlShifty t1_jeezw79 wrote

Too much power in the hands of civilians? Gotta restrict it to the corporations.


aaaanoon t1_jee33hu wrote

Had my first bash at it today. Gotta say, mightily unimpressive.