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Heres_your_sign t1_ixfv756 wrote

They invested in palaces. For the companies that planned better, remote working is a strategic advantage. Period.


Solo_Wookie t1_ixn5kdt wrote

Maybe building huge unnecessary office complexes in what amounts to the corporate equivalent of dick waving was not the smartest idea.


ikonoclasm t1_ixowzci wrote

Exactly. They have major tax breaks based on having those headquarters filled with employees that spend on local businesses to offset the tax breaks. Without people in the office, those tax breaks are going to get revoked and the giant useless buildings are going to become much more expensive.


WoollyMittens t1_ixgfjg2 wrote

Forcibly filling their campuses is a sunk cost fallacy.


nick0884 t1_ixgxfkk wrote

Social capital! BS. Try contacted office space that can't be offloaded: so we'll drag people in to fill it rather than pay for it to be empty.


018118055 t1_ixi3jmv wrote

It's probably still better to mothball the offices and work remote. This is just executive pride at work.


heckdditor t1_ixi6bhc wrote

They can also sell or rent the workplaces. There ks also an option to donate to charity.


Leiryn t1_ixjamm5 wrote

Only way they would ever consider charity is if it made money