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cosignal t1_j1ydvmp wrote

It’s all bullshit. The federal government can track and seize your every move with bitcoin, it’s no different than regular currency. There’s no argument to be made towards bitcoin other than the possibility of making money off its speculative value. At this point it’s just a meaningless volatile security with few real-world applications.


Pretend-Weird26 t1_j1yrg6o wrote

Have anyone else see the video were a privet firm uses the blockchain to track a guy's transactions? Seriously check it out. It is not just the Government that can track you. Anyone can track a bitcoin transaction. All I need is your wallet ID or a transaction I can tie to you, and I can get most of your deals. At least with traditional banking it takes the government to track. Facebook cannot look at your transactions.


CatProgrammer t1_j1zvt6l wrote

Hence the existence of things like Tornado Cash, which recently got in trouble for facilitating money laundering (though the actions taken against people related to the tool may have overstepped constitutional bounds).