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[deleted] t1_j24ungn wrote

I’ll be honest, I just automatically assumed they were collecting data the minute they started making smart toys.


NinjaBilly55 t1_j255ysh wrote

Yup, since Furbys..


DutchieTalking t1_j269itr wrote

Since when have furbies been smart?


thealthor t1_j26tr9h wrote

They weren't, it was an overaction to the supposed gimmick of the toy that could learn to talk by interacting with the user, but it was all preprogramed and not actually listening in any way.


jang859 t1_j26wdpf wrote

I had the feeling this is how it worked at the time. I knew the tech doesn't allow this even as a kid.


NinjaBilly55 t1_j26a1nl wrote

They were the first toys that I'm aware of that posed a security risk.. I was working at the Department of Energy during the Furby craze and they were banned from all Government buildings..


thealthor t1_j26rk5m wrote

It was rescinded because they did not pose a security risk. It was a gimmick that it could "listen and learn from you" but it was only preprogrammed to go from non-sensical to talking no matter what was said to it. It didn't listen at all.


dingosaurus t1_j26cr0m wrote

I remember that being all over the new when I was in high school. Blew my mind at the time.


pimpmcnasty t1_j27qhld wrote

Yep, and it's not going to change in America for a very long time if ever. The second we could be monetized instantly, privacy ended. The basic Internet started it, but the iPhone and smartphones moving forward poured rocket fuel on it.


dumbass_sweatpants t1_j25hh84 wrote

Idgaf at this point ngl.


[deleted] t1_j25pnhu wrote



CheeksMix t1_j25qdd5 wrote

Honest answer: I don’t think most people care about that. I think their concern is exactly as you stated. Personal identifiable information is being shared like it means nothing. Details specifically about you and your child. Your address and other info.

This can all be corroborated with other data from other data sets to make it uncomfortably real. And it happens all the time. Look at the number of spam emails you get with your information included. You didn’t give that info to them. So who did?

Edit: additionally it’s not that the company gathered just that data either. They’re also selling it or in some cases giving it out. I wouldn’t care if it were just that company but they sell that information to people who sell it to anyone. Now you’re getting phone calls from spam numbers from a company you didn’t want your details shared with.


canabus420 t1_j24vet0 wrote

Really imagine that… why is this data collection not illegal on all platforms is beyond me


SketchyDoritoz t1_j2542jf wrote

If a service is free, you are the product.


Lordnerble t1_j257rep wrote

if a service is not free, you're also still the product. Youre just paying to give it away now in return for something you need.


SketchyDoritoz t1_j257v7v wrote

We’re all a product of a currency


beebog t1_j25c0et wrote

not me i’m broke


Lordnerble t1_j25nazt wrote

Still a product, just not worth as much ;P


KingKie129 t1_j269wm4 wrote

Don’t know why you were downvoted, if the person is broke they’re absolutely not worth as much from a financial point of view. An example would include not getting good credit options if any at all therefore not much to be made from said person.


Nekrosse t1_j29bwd1 wrote

Its even worse, depending on your personal beliefs your data could be more valuable. Just to give one example: If a person is vegetarian his/her data is now worth more than someone let say that doesn't follow any specific diet.


Uncle_Burney t1_j24wvo9 wrote

This is what the platforms are for. Your needs and preferences are a distant quaternary concern.


simple_mech t1_j259f45 wrote

Tablet for kids w data collection: $49.99

Tablet for kids w/o data collection: $499.99


TigBiddiesMacDaddy t1_j25m72q wrote

Meanwhile the company that makes both: Laughs while collecting data on fellow rich people.


Playful-Natural-4626 t1_j26zm2n wrote

Free Chromebook- you can’t not exempt your student from from 3rd grade to Graduation…


WillDeletOneDay t1_j25tk9u wrote

Collecting data on minors under the age of 13 without explicit parental consent has been illegal for decades. Companies used to be so afraid of this shit that in the 2000s your parents would have to provide a credit card or government ID to let you sign up for an account on any site that accepted users under 13. Most just would not let anyone under 13 sign up. Nowadays companies don't give a shit.


ruinne t1_j2768hv wrote

Chances are the consequences of violating the law are so non-threatening, it's just "the cost of doing business", and by the time government decides to take action, the data is already in their hands anyway.


[deleted] t1_j24zc0l wrote

How do you think “free platforms” pay for themselves?


SchAmToo t1_j25fqx4 wrote

No no, you’re not allowed to tell the Internet that free services cost money to run. They don’t like that. “I deserve this for free” “okay then we need to sell something to someone to run it” “no!”


Rpanich t1_j25pnf1 wrote

… are you under the impression these smart toys are given out for free?


SchAmToo t1_j25vbn4 wrote

You’re getting a more interactive toy that uses internet services constantly which costs server and development costs (on going) for cheaper. They need to offset that price. The price of the toy is likely significantly less than if they charged you a lifetime of service availability


Rpanich t1_j25wrhi wrote

So what you mean to say is:

“I deserve this for free because I paid for it” “okay then we need to sell something to someone to run it” “fine, just don’t steal my children’s data and sell that as extra profit” “no”


SchAmToo t1_j25x5z2 wrote

Okay so you’d rather pay a subscription! Great.


Rpanich t1_j25xkof wrote

No? I paid for the item. It’s the companies job to make sure it works.

Sell the toy at a higher price if they need to; don’t pretend to sell something for cheap when you’re secretly planning on stealing data for profit?


SchAmToo t1_j25yjg9 wrote

So then don’t buy it. If you’re getting something for extremely under what you think it’s worth, there’s only a few reasons why. But getting a smart toy that does smart things, it’s gotta talk to servers that need maintaining.

In that case it’s pay a subscription or sell data. It’s not overly private data (e.g Timmy that lives on this street loves Transformers? No, nothing like that, or it shouldn’t be), and especially when it comes to children that stuff is VERY red tape. If they’re breaking the law, then the law will catch up.

But the world has decided it deserves free or cheap things that need to be maintained and they also don’t want ads, and they also don’t want people to sell info, and they also don’t wanna pay a subscription. Maybe you’re taking this personally, but the Internet at large wants things for free and no string attached. The money to run this stuff has to come from somewhere, and most people don’t want to pay more (or at all).


Rpanich t1_j26090l wrote

> So then don’t buy it.

I won’t, but I also think other parents have the right to know what is being collected and stolen from their children?

I dont know how old you are, but you know those servers existed in the 90s right?

We played Warcraft 1 and 2, StarCraft 1, and Diablo 1 and 2 on online for a one time payment of 60 bucks.

Then suddenly world of Warcraft came out for free, but requires 5 dollars a month.

So you’re arguing that the thing that was clearly possible and functional for a decade can’t work because… companies today don’t find it profitable.

So I guess my question is: if it was possible in the past, and technology has only become cheaper and more powerful, why is it suddenly impossible now and also why does every company show record profits while everyone is complaining about how they’ve changed?


SchAmToo t1_j261e4e wrote

It wasn’t viable. That was why all those games used peer to peer to do their actual game playing. The lobbies were barely anything to handle but even then, it made it very costly. Blizzard also was losing money on that, and games back then didn’t have the numbers things do today. This is the difficulty that games have today and why DLC and what not is important. Server costs are extraordinary that most people don’t get. I am an engineer who works on keeping things alive over a decade of maintaining services. It’s not cheap!

I agree! parents should know what’s being sold about their children, AND it should be WAY more upfront than a 500 page ToS…but at the same time these types of things need money and when people get upset at what’s being done, but also don’t wanna do the alternatives… what does that leave us? That’s the hard question the next 5 years will be struggling to answer.


Rpanich t1_j262c9h wrote

So it was possible, but too expensive.

And they changed their business model to hide the fee to the users.

And then decided to completely hide it and steal from the users.

Exactly. So instead of accepting the shitty way, I am proposing a better way.

So why do you want to advocate for the shitty way? Are you profiting from this system, or do you just have no imagination for how it can be solved?


SchAmToo t1_j263g5s wrote

I’m not advocating the shitty way, I’m pointing out the hypocrisy of everyone (else) saying how dare they sell data when every other way constantly fails because everyone complains about it. Companies keep changing how they make things cheaper for users which I agree isn’t great. The problem is users have been hidden so much when they find out they’re paying for it in some other way they’re up at arms they’re paying anything for it.

That’s the crux of the problem for me. Many people are entitled now to free YouTube with no ads and also don’t sell my info! Okay, but how is YouTube gonna make money to not only host all of these videos but also let you view them? Internet, servers, etc, it’s all pricey. And I know the response is “well Google makes enough money” but they make it because every service has to pay for itself.

Frustrating to see everyone shitting on services for trying to make costs make sense. Some companies do really well, and then we look at others and say “why can’t you just pay for it” when they’re already in the red. Look at Twitter. Losing all this money and yet one of the biggest companies in the world. Lot of tech services lose money.


Rpanich t1_j264ot2 wrote

So instead of saying “that’s how it has to be stop complaining!” Why don’t you advocate for government regulation?

> Many people are entitled now to free YouTube with no ads and also don’t sell my info!

Great straw man, but I pay for YouTube premium.

> Okay, but how is YouTube gonna make money to not only host all of these videos but also let you view them?

From the like 10 bucks I pay them a month.

> is “well Google makes enough money” but they make it because every service has to pay for itself.

What about the profit though? The extra money they make AFTER the costs? What excuse do you have for that? “They deserve it”?

> Frustrating to see everyone shitting on services for trying to make costs make sense

Oh yeah, that’s the reason right? That’s why people are mad? Or is it the WAY they’re trying to make up the costs? You think people are angry because companies are trying to make any profit? Not because they’re secretly stealing children’s data and selling it to predatory third parties?

> Look at Twitter. Losing all this money and yet one of the biggest companies in the world.

Look at Twitter in 6 months, and then look at all the new twitters pop up, and then look at the people be more careful about which “new Twitter” they chose after learning about this current Twitter.

So why do you think Twitter, and all these other massive companies, require you to defend them? Will the world end if they collapse? Will the world be worse if they collapse?


SchAmToo t1_j2691y8 wrote

I’m pointing out massive companies because it details if they’re struggling how are smaller companies doing? Also pretty bad. The big companies normally can operate at a loss but it’s a much bigger risk for smaller companies. More servers for more users can be $$ but if they under provision then it’s risk that if they blow up they lose their spot. It’s hard!

You keep bringing the argument to my own actions like I’m not doing any of the things you talk about. It’s not really good for debating this topic, it’s mildly ad hominem. I was trying to have a debate about the state of things, I’m not here to talk about my own actions and your assumptions of what I do and don’t do.


Rpanich t1_j269zhk wrote

> I was trying to have a debate about the state of things

No, you’re here to defend the current stage of things, while claiming you’re against it, despite the fact that you’re arguing against people who want to change it and telling them to accept it.

If you’re CLAIMING to say it’s bad, then doesn’t it make sense to use your energy to fix it rather than to tell people to accept it? It’s not an ad hominem, it’s an honest question. Unless of course you’re lying and actually just love this stupid system?


icefire555 t1_j253lpe wrote

There's the issue where platforms need to make money to run. And people want to pay as little as possible for a product. So the things that sell best are the things that are being sold for the cheapest, but the issue with that is that often. These are things that are abusing your privacy. And it becomes so uniform now that everything does it. And no one really bats an eye. It's hard thinking of way to stop this, living in a country where the people making the money are also making the rules.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j25ggwd wrote

Because the same profits that come from data collection pad politicians pockets. It's also the main business model of many websites and free services.


Gagarin1961 t1_j25sahj wrote

Because the simple fact is, most people don’t care if Amazon or Walmart knows they have a baby. They don’t feel like slaves to ads so the threat is nonexistent.


MoogleKing83 t1_j28j38x wrote

It is illegal, but they have to be held accountable for it to matter.

The government isn't equipped to handle the massive amount of data collecting going on, legal or not. There's just too much and they are so far behind the ball on tech related stuff it's laughable they even try to pass laws against it.

Even when they do try to step in, companies will end up paying someone off or already have someone important in their pocket so nothing happens anyway.


angrychestnutt t1_j24zoit wrote

If it’s “smart”, it’s collecting data. Full stop.


lynnwoodblack t1_j26gkm8 wrote

I'm old now and even I understand this. How does anyone under the age 40 not just assume this?


clickwir t1_j275yo6 wrote

Not only do they not know it, they also have no idea the extent of what's collected. On a constant basis. Then used to refine a profile about you.

They can also monitor things they don't use as features. Such as Bluetooth. They might not offer BT as a user feature, but may very well monitor other people that come to visit. Did your guests agree to be monitored and tracked by companies simply by coming over to visit? No.


lycheedorito t1_j28av18 wrote

Most people I've talked to breaching this topic will say something like "well I don't care if they have my data".


ThatDoesNotRefute t1_j2e05vj wrote

And those people are entitled to get fucked by that opinion when it really counts.

Why does everyone think bribing/blackmailing politicians are so common place now ?


lapqmzlapqmzala t1_j294od3 wrote

People don't care about their own privacy anymore, unfortunately.


professorDissociate t1_j2bza7b wrote

Does smart inherently mean networking hardware/software was installed? Genuinely asking because I did not know as much.


lynnwoodblack t1_j2c3i9g wrote

Basically, yes. If it's smart it almost always has to connect to another piece of hardware and since your wifi is already there. Why not piggyback on it?

There used to be some "smart" devices that you could program to work off a clock that was built into the device or hardwire to a separate sensor or something like that but I think they're all gone now. Wireless is just too convenient and the data that can be taken from you is just too valuable to pass up.


ggtsu_00 t1_j27lix0 wrote

If it connects to the internet, either directly or indirectly via app, its collecting telemetry data.


LigerXT5 t1_j24t3df wrote

If it connects to the network or wifi, and the kid can freely play with it, at least the younger children don't need it. Where the parent draws the line is up to them.

I'm hoping we can wait till our little one is at least 8yo before they even get a locked down, simple, smart phone. Maybe 6 for a locked down tablet.


fardough t1_j24zmvq wrote

Wow, keeps getting younger and younger. My sister is waiting till they turn teens to get a phone, but they did get tablets rather early (one is almost required for school these days).


LigerXT5 t1_j2519b2 wrote

I'd rather wait till she's a preteen, but with it being a small town, it's not hard to bump into questionable people.

As an IT support and hobbyist guy, I'd like to start her on the basics of do's and don'ts of electronics and online. Basically said, starting early on online street smarts.

Trying to avoid the whole helicopter parenting aspect, but, at least with smart home stuff, I can tell when she's home, and if loyalty becomes an issue, I can tell where she's at and been in the event questions come up. On the other hand, if we are playing the same games together, say Pokemon Go, having their own phone would make things so much easier.


TheRedViper89 t1_j24wyhu wrote

Honestly, the way technology is progressing, I’m sure that will be 4yo. Many, many elementary schools/pre-schools are giving kids tablets. 100% locked down, of course, but they’ve realized that kids will be like “OH COOL!!” And they can play educational games and take lessons on it.


LigerXT5 t1_j251gxg wrote

School use, I don't mind. It's when they are done with school, and need pulled away to reduce screen time. That's hard for me to say, as a guy who's almost in front of a computer, either that's work (I do IT support and management) or at home at least half the time.


OneEyedPetey t1_j25uqb4 wrote

In fairness, not much different then going to the computer lab in elementary school. Different devices and stuff now, but similar concept.


lynnwoodblack t1_j26hcnc wrote

"Locked down". Sure, I believe you, teacher who doesn't have the skills to really know what that even means. Even if you did know, when would you have the time to verify it? You're over worked to the point of burnout before you hit 30. Can you imagine what it takes to burnout someone in their 20s?


neph4 t1_j252t6f wrote

Toniebox is a thing – it’s a little speaker that plays music based on figurines (Disney, Sesame Street, etc). Connects to wi-fi to download files, but doesn’t have a screen. You do need to make an account though.


LigerXT5 t1_j2541uc wrote

I'll look into that. Basic concept sounds promising. If it has some kind of input that identifies the user in any way, say a microphone, then I'd draw the line. But if all it does is play sounds/clips/etc., and updates with new audio from time to time, almost to harm. Best I can think it tracks is which audio clips are played the most.

If it's trustworthy, I think you helped me find a birthday gift, lol.


neph4 t1_j255bb7 wrote

Just got a Toniebox for my kid, and was curious, so looked up a tear down of one:

No microphone on it, which is great.


LigerXT5 t1_j256b4x wrote

I was reading through their site. Other than the app on the phone, and needing to setup an account to use the app and box, the box only needs wifi when you update/change things on it.

Other than the app and account, doesn't appear to be any concerning telemetry sent back.


my_lewd_alt t1_j26jyra wrote

Plug a speaker in backwards and it's a microphone. A terrible one, but it works.


lynnwoodblack t1_j26gtlp wrote

I'm predicting that schools will require all students to carry cell phones in the next couple of years. Even the elementary schools and kindergartens.


joey0live t1_j26u11r wrote

Would not doubt it. My 6 and 8yo niece currently has a phone.. and an iPad. My 2 5yo nephews has iPads.

If these smart toys not taking data from there, they’ll get it in these popular games… like Minecraft and Roblox.


morbidchiaseeds t1_j25mnyb wrote

I dunno, I like my kid's iPad. I originally bought it for myself but ended up using for him when he's sick or out of preschool for a different reason. There is good content you can download and then turn off the wifi.

Do your kids watch TV at all? Just curious. That's rare in this new iPad generation!


LigerXT5 t1_j26net3 wrote

My 2.5 yo does, but it's off and on if she's paying attention. Depending on the day, I'd say half the time she's watching. Otherwise it's white noise to her or something else is on the TV that doesn't interest her. At least no TV in her room, lol.

I think we made it a year and a half without using the TV to entertain her while we're taking care of other things or need a break.

In a perfect world, wouldn't be relying on the TV. We'd also be able to afford a regular babysitter instead of splitting the day in half, wife working evenings and I work during the day.


morbidchiaseeds t1_j2712nr wrote

I hear that. An affordable babysitter would be life changing.

I also watched a ton of TV growing up. I found a 6th grade journal that was simply a list of the shows I watched at the time. Lol! My parents didn't get the kind of shaming we do now.


elgarduque t1_j25qb08 wrote

8yo got a Verizon Gizmo watch for Christmas this year. We can call and text her, she can call and text predefined messages to predefined contacts. It has some games and other shit on it. No camera. Some of her friends have the same thing. Solves the "I want to text and call my friends" without going down the phone rabbit hole, which isn't happening for a few more years.


maggienetism t1_j25sk4e wrote

Man, it's hard to believe I didn't have a phone until high school. And I shared that phone with my sister! She had it most of the time, I had it whenever I had band practice after school so I could coordinate a ride home.


anti-torque t1_j24v95u wrote

Dad: Whatcha doin' in the box, Junior?

kid: It's my cubicle, and I'm currently shopping on etsy, while the boss is out. She'll never find out.

dad: Famous last words.


PhAiLMeRrY t1_j24ycq6 wrote

In other news, no fucking shit.


pembquist t1_j24yqzg wrote

COULD be???????


nicuramar t1_j288uwh wrote

Yeah, so… like most people, they don’t know :p


matthalfhill t1_j25cf4n wrote

My gen grew up on Lincoln Logs, Lego, and NES - I think “dumb toys” worked out just fine for us 🤷‍♂️


joey0live t1_j26ualm wrote

Now a days, a lot of Legos requires internet access to make their robots.

Times changed.


nicuramar t1_j288wgp wrote

Yes… and your granddad also didn’t need a computer and so on.


TreeEleben t1_j252ibr wrote

If it connects to the internet, it's collecting data to be sold. Doesn't matter if it's a phone, thermostat, or teddy bear.


Landocal1 t1_j24zomv wrote

Better grab a book


joey0live t1_j26uetr wrote

We sure those don’t have microphones or something?


RedNeck1895 t1_j251rz7 wrote

It's the whole point of smart technology. If people didn't know this already it's because they don't care! It's a sad state of affairs.


daveime t1_j257ucm wrote

"Experts" make blatantly obvious "no shit Sherlock" determination using weasel words just in case they get sued.



Come on guys, you're the experts ... commit for fucks sake !!!


Glittering-Tiger-311 t1_j28f9nv wrote

Well considering most parents these days use tablets and phones to appease their children, I’d say their data is already being willingly collected. People should stop being surprised that anything is tracking them anymore. Digital privacy is a myth, and someone is always watching.


XJDenton t1_j28k1ek wrote

Tech Enthusiasts: Everything in my house is wired to the Internet of Things! I control it all from my smartphone! My smart-house is bluetooth enabled and I can give it voice commands via alexa! I love the future!

Programmers / Engineers: The most recent piece of technology I own is a printer from 2004 and I keep a loaded gun ready to shoot it if it ever makes an unexpected noise.

Security/Infosec Guy: *Sighs heavily, and reaches for another bottle of whiskey*


Caraes_Naur t1_j24yz8o wrote

Warn? Could?

Many toys have discovered doing this in recent years.


OasissisaO t1_j252fq7 wrote

Who needed experts for this?


stocksnhoops t1_j256jyt wrote

There isn’t anything these companies don’t know about us already. We give it to them daily in all the apps and our phone


Vader19695 t1_j257zgh wrote

In a shocking twist experts say water is wet.


kobold-kicker t1_j258ocq wrote

Whaaaaat?! No waaay!

In other news: fire hot. No touch.


citizenjones t1_j25akz0 wrote

No shit. Sure, the extra tech makes it seem cool but let's be real..They make smart toys to gather the data.


FluffyProphet t1_j25brhr wrote

The children of US government employees get a 35% discount!


nyafff t1_j25dlkl wrote

Yeah no shit


Bubbaganewsh t1_j25e0j7 wrote

File this in the no shit category.


ShaiHulud1111 t1_j25f9zf wrote

I’m shocked, I tell you. Outrageous. /s


chris_thepotato t1_j25fpq4 wrote

I remember watching a video about these tablets made for kids that would gather any info it could as well as recordings and pictures along with the parent/guardian email address, then some guy was able to breach and see absolutely all of said info.

Edit: It was this video


OlderNerd t1_j25hb43 wrote

And this is news? I thought it was obvious


Trenaty t1_j25ipuy wrote

If you have any kind of smart devices and are still shocked and or upset about this than it’s your own fault. Privacy isn’t really a thing any more. The best you can do is lead a shameless life. Meaning don’t do the things you would be ashamed of and you’ll be fine.


savage_slurpie t1_j25j6rk wrote

That’s why my children play with sticks and squirrels like God intended.


AdOne9266 t1_j25j9iv wrote

Please tell me we’re getting smart dildos and flesh lights. Oh the sweet sweet data on those.


Cool_Ranch_Dodrio t1_j25nq7g wrote

Might be sold, or held pending a data breach and then sold.


Surturiel t1_j25oity wrote

"Smart toy" is Lego.


buws3t t1_j25pb0t wrote

ohh noo wts this world coming to. Hey Google what can I do to protect me from data collections from toys?


Frank_Zahon t1_j25qns7 wrote

Remember when we used to just ride our bikes as kids and the only data collection was from the different kind of bugs we found…jeez the good ole days


Patpottery t1_j25rid1 wrote

‘Could be’ and ‘might’ no ambiguity there, right?


YouDontKnowMyLlFE t1_j25sobo wrote

How is it not illegal to collect data on children?


Mission-Editor-4297 t1_j25w4tn wrote

Might be? How about almost certainly is.

Not that it matters, most of you with children in public school use Google Classroom. They have way more information than these toys ever have.

It should scare you how much info Google has on you and your children.


Testicular_Wonder t1_j25wj9h wrote

Ever since Playtronics promised to be “the future of toys” in the early 90s I’ve been worried


originalbL1X t1_j25ywfb wrote

Why can’t WE sell OUR own user data? Why are corporations allowed to steal and sell our data? If it’s so valuable, we should be selling it. Want to know what I bought at Walmart last week? Pay me for it.


binford2k t1_j265bq4 wrote

> "You assume they're looking out for your child's best needs."

Why would you assume that?


DNA2020 t1_j268n9c wrote

Experts are smart.


dhb44 t1_j268su3 wrote

Any and all data collected is to be sold. Fuck a “might be sold”


thedummyman t1_j26b8nb wrote

This is not new or news!


Pazoll t1_j26g0fq wrote

So? What difference does this make? Wtf is this data for?


Disastrous-Yam7 t1_j26hl4b wrote

Does anyone know how this doesn’t violate COPPA ?


_A_Pancake_ t1_j26huc0 wrote

Breaking news: the sky is blue


cornmacabre t1_j26ie5y wrote

Speaking as someone who works in the advertising industry, I was pretty skeptical about this point:

("Experts warn") "[RJ Cross of PIRG] said that data, although anonymized, is sold to advertisers to create profiles of children, just like companies can for adults."

I couldn't find any evidence between the referenced articles that this was the case that data was being monetized. It appears to be simply her asserting her opinion with as much research and critical thinking as "ehh yeah probably, idk."

Putting aside the "of course they're selling data!," default assumptions for folks who arent in the industry -- COPPA is very serious about restricting the data collection, purchasing, and targeting of kids. Major no-no, massive fines. It is a massive legal liability to mess around with this legislation, and for really negligible gain.

More specifically, as advertisers -- you simply cannot target or purchase this type of data targeting kids, it doesn't exist. No advertising platform has a "wink wink, its kid toy data!!" available to target or purchase, nor is any agency brief including "target young childrens intent profile digitally" as a specific profile or target. So even if this company was selling it (sell it to who? Sketchy affiliate marketers? And what even is the value of smart toy sourced data?) -- there would be virtually no reach or monetizable scale from professional standpoint, oh and it's blatantly in breach of long established legislation that invites massive financial and legal risk. The FTC would love to pounce on a fuckup like that. Yuck, no!

I doubt most folks would be convinced that not every smart device is "selling data to advertisers", but as someone in the dirty trade of marketing and data activation -- it's exceptionally unlikely that child sourced data collected is being sold or activated on by anyone professionally. We don't want to touch it with a ten foot pole, and none of the major buy platforms would sell it.

My interpretation was simply "the T&C for these toy companies are clumsy and allow voice transcripts where they probably shouldn't." That's different than monetizing or selling data. Lol, cool.

Tl;Dr -- from a professionals boring reality POV, it's extremely unlikely they're selling kids data. But also, I totally get that this is just assumed by most folks at this point, haha.


Wadka t1_j26q125 wrote

LOL "might be".


RiseFromUrGrave t1_j26scgy wrote

When are we going to start getting some privacy laws??


kovji t1_j26tg2t wrote

Could be? How about have been for the past 10-15 years! Quit sugar coating sh*t and tell it like it is.


Dstar1978 t1_j26u7c5 wrote

Could, might. Yeah, right…


sb_747 t1_j26wxre wrote

Common tactic in the cyberpunk Shadowrun RPG is hacking kids smart toys/drones to spy on people, disable security systems, and opening doors.


sodiumbicarbonade t1_j26y5rh wrote

Problem is many parents don’t mind or thinks it is alright that their kids data gets tracked and sold is what enable marketing companies exploit the system


Playful-Natural-4626 t1_j26zd9f wrote

PSSSSST! GOOGLE CHROME BOOKS as our entire school system, and you can’t exempt your kids out of them.


pzoxciqhwj t1_j27305i wrote

Now days, you can do almost anything on Linux without being spied on. That should be the norm for schools.


Ronbergs t1_j27aa42 wrote

Creeping on children huh. Lawmakers are so spineless.


UltraShadowArbiter t1_j27c9jt wrote

Replace "could be" with "are" and "might" with "will" for a more accurate headline.


Trax852 t1_j27d5tr wrote

facebook doesn't care your age. zuck get caught, and he will blame it on an error.


Robobvious t1_j27dof0 wrote

What’s an example of a smart toy for children? I can’t imagine a sit n spin collecting user data…


Mahnizl t1_j27gfxx wrote



artmobboss t1_j27je44 wrote

Yeahhhhh company’s have always been shady..


werdmouf t1_j27mb3h wrote

Experts say companies are collecting data. WAAAAATt???


esleydobemos t1_j27mlay wrote

*will You spelled will incorrectly.


vanhalenbr t1_j27qmln wrote

Need to go to r/privacy too


nicuramar t1_j288p2n wrote

Could.. might.. great!


El_Sjakie t1_j28dmdg wrote

smart means scummy these days, got it!


AldoLagana t1_j28peqx wrote

...and the sheep could care less.


OccasinalMovieGuy t1_j28prl2 wrote

Collection of data is essential for developers to improve their products, real world data is essential. It's just like restaurants asking for feedback on how was your meal and stay so they can improve, other venues to collect data on footfall, items sold etc.


InGordWeTrust t1_j28vyhf wrote

Make some laws against it. It's like selling a grinder without the guard.


Krivthedestroyer t1_j28zktn wrote

They ARE collecting user days that IS being sold


B5-Banna t1_j29ge7b wrote

Could? I think we are lost could lmao


abtei t1_j29s52d wrote

> [...] could [...] might [...]

Oh my sweet summer child.


RobbieQuarantino t1_j24z84q wrote

Smart toys, stupid parents


RedNeck1895 t1_j252don wrote

Yes. Its sad hearing about kids in my son's kindergarten class playing with iPads! No need for technology at that age I take my son outside and we play and build or we use our imaginations with toys we have! Technology for kids is so parents don't have to put the time in with their children and let a screen occupy them!


Elfere t1_j25dm3f wrote