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Uncle_Burney t1_j6672op wrote

Of course they wont, and the rightfully aggrieved will have little to no recourse.


GeniusDodo t1_j678crm wrote

They’re going to fine the company some small sum of money and you’ll get your “claim” of some measly small amount that won’t even add up to the irreversible damage that they occurred. “Apologies” will be made, their name will be stained for a few years, they’ll rebrand, and a few decades later everyone forgets. Companies have no incentive to stop selling peoples data other than bad PR for a while and the loss of a little less money than what they made from the data. Is there really anyway of remedying this?


uzlonewolf t1_j67g92q wrote

> a few decades later everyone forgets

*quarters. Consumers have the memory of a goldfish.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j67h9so wrote

Hey now, I was part of a massive lawsuit with Google that I didn't even know about and I'll have you know I got paid an entire dollar and some change. You should see the investments I've made since then, almost got a free coffee off it.


AnxiousArtichoke7981 t1_j69fi1d wrote

When will the consequences of a crime against hardworking people ever be worse than the benefits gained? That should be the standard of punishment for all corporations , directors and decision makers.


wdomon t1_j68y0du wrote

They’ll get a $14 check in 2 years though maybe!