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Materia99 t1_j8u5y05 wrote

I can see why. What was the point with Bad Batch or the Echo show. They could focus on quality.

Also Star Wars franchise are stuck in nostalgia. They should push franchise forward by focus on different eras than the ones we know about.


Worthyness t1_j8vnfuz wrote

Bad Batch is basically just a side continuation of Clone Wars. I'm mostly OK with that cause Clone Wars is fun to watch and the lore is really great (when it focuses on that). Echo is basically gonna be Daredevil Season 3.5 to facilitate "New" Daredevil into the MCU web.

That said, if we get more Andor type projects, I'm all for it- no one asked for that and it's arguably the best thing Disney+ has produced


JewishMaghreb t1_j8w430s wrote

I’m not even a Star Wars fan and I thought Andor was perfect


AffectionateBox8178 t1_j95m99y wrote

Andor was 15-20 mil/episode and had 12 episodes.

Way too expensive for the lowest live action viewership/engagement.


DisneyDreams7 t1_j8wenhh wrote

It’s not really a continuation of Clone Wars since it’s lower in quality and the writing is pretty bad compared to Clone Wars. It’s more of a continuation of Rebels


magvadis t1_j8x4rkc wrote

Clone Wars writing was like 60% terrible so idk how it can be that much worse.


DisneyDreams7 t1_j8ycygc wrote

Avatar the Last Airbender’s writing was like 60% terrible so idk how it can be that much worse.


SaltySAX t1_j8z237a wrote

What Rebels, that is the best thing in the entire franchise? That Rebels?


Parking_Onion_3846 t1_j8vb4fs wrote

Their problem is that making good content means putting as much love into it as the fans do, but their approach isn't to make something fans love so much as it is to sell as much of it as possible.

Because they make some great stuff sometimes, we tend to forget or ignore that Disney only sets out to sell franchises. It's not like direct sequels to Pocahontas or The Hunchback of Notre Dame should exist, but they do because Disney will keep churning something out until it stops being profitable. And even then, they'll just reboot it somewhere down the line to start over again.


jak_d_ripr t1_j8x0wz8 wrote

I've been saying it for almost a decade now, it's insane that all these years later Star Wars still hasn't moved past the Skywalker saga. Not one movie or TV show has even flirted with the idea of leaving that saga behind.

It baffles my mind.


magvadis t1_j8x4nqj wrote

Which sucks because half their problem is the built relationship fans have with the core saga.

If they moved on past it in the timeline the ability to undermine desire would be a lot less.


jak_d_ripr t1_j8x97wg wrote

And what confuses me even more, is that one of the most beloved modern Star Wars adaptations is KOTOR.


magvadis t1_j8xamun wrote

I haven't played it yet so can't comment but it seems like needlessly edgy and pseudo-deep from my outside view....which I get why a bunch of teens would think it's a masterpiece. I'll have to wait till I play it to weigh in.